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Posted by andyjuice22 | 02-11-2013 @ 07:24 PM | 12,310 Views
On Saturday February 9th 2013 I made my first solo flight I was pretty nervous but as soon as the wheels lifted off the ground i felt fine... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18ZRr...3OijKg&index=1
Posted by andyjuice22 | 02-09-2013 @ 07:57 AM | 11,970 Views
Today i'm doing my first solo flight... I'm a little nervous but more excited!
Posted by andyjuice22 | 02-07-2013 @ 09:46 PM | 10,525 Views
Took the Cub on vacation with me to the Outer Banks. Im flying in Corolla, it was a very beautiful and peaceful flight, flying on summer vacation also it attracted a crowd of over 40 people haha


Posted by andyjuice22 | 02-01-2013 @ 04:38 PM | 11,649 Views
This is a video of me flying last fall. i had this plane about a year and ive been doing a few loops and rolls but then i went to the ohio huckfest and i was inspired to try 3D flying so i started with low passes but sadly this same day i was landing and i hit a dead spot of air and the plane fell 8 feet and was destroyed. this year i will have 3 new well built 3D planes and ive been practing maneuvers on the sim and it feels like im a born natural at 3D flying. enjoy! and when the weather gets good ill post some more vids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP9gY...OijKg&index=15
Posted by andyjuice22 | 01-28-2013 @ 02:44 PM | 10,088 Views
Got a lot of winter projects to do... I really want to get them done and spring to come faster so i can go flying!
Posted by andyjuice22 | 01-23-2013 @ 08:20 PM | 8,693 Views
List of things to do before Joe Nall :
  1. Order all the parts i need for winter building.
  2. Finish putting together the MX2
  3. Buy a trailer
  4. Customize the inside of the traiter to fit model aircraft
  5. Find a place to keep the trailer
  6. prepare for joe nall
  7. Make reservations for rentals for Joe Nall
  8. Figure out whos going to Joe Nall and for how long
  9. Think about what we are taking to Joe Nall
  10. Build slick
  11. Maiden planes and break them in
  12. Get all the supplies we need for Joe Nall
  13. Get aurora lights for extra 330sc
  14. customize glider
  15. Pack for Joe Nall
  16. And Head Down to Joe Nall

Posted by andyjuice22 | 01-23-2013 @ 07:51 PM | 8,495 Views
Nighthawks club Huckfest video
Huckfest 2012 Aerial View (7 min 58 sec)

Posted by andyjuice22 | 01-23-2013 @ 07:50 PM | 7,648 Views
Joe Smith at the wingnuts fly-in. crazy flying! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUFgx...eature=mh_lolz
Posted by andyjuice22 | 01-23-2013 @ 07:48 PM | 7,027 Views
Build video of my 3DHS Extra 330sc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWCiihT9cjI