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Posted by andyjuice22 | 04-27-2013 @ 11:32 PM | 11,977 Views
Got the maiden of the slick done! The engine runs flawless. No burps, perfect temp and RPM, no sputtering and no tuning! And the plane didnt need any trimming, and flew like it was on rails!
3DHS 104" AJ Slick 540 Maiden Flight (11 min 39 sec)

Posted by andyjuice22 | 04-24-2013 @ 09:21 AM | 11,994 Views
Hi! I am looking for a 1.3GHz FPV System. I am going to need to get it by this weekend for my new job! I had already checked Ready Made RC but they were out of stock on everything. I was wondering of anyone knows any other sites that I can trust.

What I am looking for is something with a 1-2 mile range, it can transmit and receive a 720p video quality, and it wont break up too bad when I fly around trees.

I am getting the FatShark Attitude SD Video Goggles.

If anyone can help me with finding a website or even recommending a transmitter, receiver, and antenna that would be great!

Thanks in advance!
Posted by andyjuice22 | 04-15-2013 @ 11:39 AM | 10,974 Views
I went out to Wakeman airport yesterday with a few buddies! it was a great day to fly, the winds didn't go over 7mph, it was a little cloudy and sunny, and the weather is warming up. I got to remaiden the Extra and it flew great! it is nose heavy though so I might switch it to from pull-pull to push-pull.
Posted by andyjuice22 | 04-09-2013 @ 10:31 PM | 12,682 Views
This was my first year going to ETOC. I heard a lot of things about it but did not know what to expect. This was a amazing show from the flying to the demos to the E X Games! I was blown away at the skill in all the pilots and i had a good laugh and a lot of fun during the demos, raffles, and E X Games! I want to congratulate RJ Gritter on being the 2013 ETOC champion, and Gernot Bruckmann and Christophe Lausberg for making it into the top three! Also great job to all the other pilots they all have an amazing talent! I learned a lot from this and hopefully by next year i will have formed this amazing talent. Well if you missed the great show on saturday it took a long movie of the top 3 unknown sequences and other random sequences, then at the end is the E X Games which should give you a good laugh! ENJOY!!!

2013 RC Groups ETOC Finals (42 min 40 sec)

Posted by andyjuice22 | 04-07-2013 @ 09:37 AM | 13,533 Views
I had a great day! The Toledo Show overwhelmed me and ETOC amazed me! Congrats RJ Gritter! 2013 ETOC Champion!!!
Posted by andyjuice22 | 04-06-2013 @ 07:27 AM | 14,147 Views
Headed out to the Toledo Weak Signals Show now. It should be a great day! Also im going to watch ETOC after. Cant Wait!!!!