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A masterpiece of power and precision that you would only expect to find in an Extreme balsa design. This is the fifth installment in my series of videos on the new Veloxity. More on Youtube if you would be so kind as to check out my channel and subscribe... I greatly appreciate you all

VELOXITY FIVE (2 min 32 sec)

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Maybe not the best place to post this but, I just got this radio yesterday would like to have a printed manual for it if somebody happens to have one they would be willing to let go I would like to purchase for a reasonable price .... Yes I know it is online and if I cannot find one I will just print myself a copy .
Thanks for looking at my blog .....

Merril "motorhead540"
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Here's a video from last Friday - taking a "1st timer" for an aeros ride in a Pitts. He's wearing my headset / headcam setup in the front seat. All preflight checks OK we launch and climb to 3500' just North of the airfield. Final pre aerobatic check is to roll inverted and check oil pressure / fuel systems and no loose objects.

It did not go to plan ..............

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so i have been using ion batteries since the last 12 years and have had great luck with them , but recently one of my model buddies told me i should start using A123, i ve seen these batteries in the past, but never really paid much attrention to them, but now im being told the 123 are far superior than the ion, just wanted to hear from some of the giants fan, what are u guys running, any imput would be appreciated, im mainly flying 40% planes
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I need your help
how remove needle bearing on the crankshaft DA 60 ?
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Pics of the inside and landing gear
Posted by prophecypilot | 02-04-2016 @ 08:57 PM | 3,956 Views
Regulators and stuff
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I've been trying to improve my flick roll technique of late. Every so often I hit a good one - but it's not consistent. Soooo, I've made a little film to help reinforce what it should look like to help me remember.

The current "recipe" is

-Set full power and climb 45 deg to drop airspeed to 85mph
-Level off and allow to accelerate to 100mph
-Rapid tug of up elevator to give about 2.5g,
-At the exact moment the G peaks bang in about 70% left rudder
-When the aeroplane "breaks" Unload to 80% fwd stick / 70% left aileron
-Keep the rudder in until 3/4 complete (I often fail here !)
-Change feet, then , a little more fwd stick (like a mini punch) then back to neutral to stop

This is what it looks like. (still slightly over rotated and a slight L/H heading change - but at least there's a fair "snap" to the rotation)

Flickroll Analysis (0 min 42 sec)

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A friend of a friend has been working on this film:
Rotor DR1 - Official Movie Trailer (1 min 49 sec)

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I hope to put some of my aircraft here and whatever I am working on.

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The collection
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125” Extreme Flight Extra 300 Build

Built by Gene Lavine: www.rcairplanestands.com on our deluxe model stand.

Specs for this airplane are as follows:
Wingspan: 125 inches
Length: 122 inches
Wing Area: 2830 sq. in.
Weight: 40 - 44 lbs
Power: 150cc - 200 cc Gas

Day 1:

A lot of people often ask "how large of an airframe can fit on your stands?" so I thought what better way to show it off than do a build thread on one of the very best airframes on the RC Market.

The plane of choice is the Extreme Flight 125” Extra 300 and is in my opinion the very top of the line when it comes to large scale radio controlled ARF’s. Owners Chris and Melissa Hinson at Extreme Flight are extremely pleasant and very professional to deal with providing quality customer service matched only by the quality of their products. As this is an advanced RC model it does not come with an instruction manual however one can be found on their website at: http://extremeflightrc.com/assets/im...xtramanual.pdf should you need one.

This will be my third build of an Extreme Flight Extra build, the second of the 125 inch version so there are a few things I do a little out of order from the manual and a few modifications I like to make along the way however these are my personal preferences and are not required. If you follow the instructional you will have a top notch model you will be very proud of as is. I will try to post as many photos as I can along the way and explain the modifications I do to my preference as I go.
I have left out the photos of the original boxing but can confirm the plane comes packed up in a double lined box packaged up to withstand the roughest of handling.

I prefer to start with just the fuselage, so I leave the wings, stabs and rudder in their original packaging until I am ready to begin work on them. The parts I have unpacked come out in perfect condition with no dings or flaws whatsoever, all thanks to the great packaging provided. The kit comes complete with all the hardware required including turnbuckles, high quality phenolic control horns, quality wheels, axels, carbon tubes all around, instrument panel and a very nice pilot head figure. Each part is conveniently marked and packaged in their own separate baggie so you will know what each goes with. Covering on the plane is UltraCote and is in excellent condition, bright and shiny right out of the box. The clarity of the canopy is excellent with no flaws or dull spots, usually pretty hard to get on a canopy of this size but like everything else in this kit it is top notch. All you are going to need is your choice of radio equipment, servos, wiring, batteries and engine.

In my case, I have yet to choose my servos but as everyone that knows me, knows I am a 3W guy so this airframe will be getting a 3W 157 Competition engine from Aircraft International http://www.aircraftinternational.com/ running on Pro-Flow rear dump cans from Plane Bender products (Dave Sullivan): http://www.planebenderproducts.com/ . I will also be running my usual PowerBox Competition power management system powered by lithium Ion batteries. The engine will be turning a 32/11 Falcon Prop for my flying style of half IMAC and half 3D. Last bit of bling of bling up front will be a 5” Carbon Spinner by SMJ Spinners. Other hardware will be mentioned along the way once I make my final decision. One really nice feature of the Extreme Flight Extra is that they actually check all the incidences of all the surfaces and prove the incidence check list with the model. As you can see in the picture attached, this model is extremely well rigged and should need very little trim once assembled. Just as note, the first 125” I built for my Dad required 1 click of down elevator for perfect level flight at half throttle settings. I am confident this one will be that close as well even though this one will be set up just slightly more tail heavy than his was.

Day two to follow:
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Tyler Perry's new toy
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I have an OS 15gt that I have had to replace the kill swiitch module twice. Can I convert this engine to a ggt15 that uses a glow plug and elimate the ignition system?
Posted by mitchnauta | 01-07-2016 @ 10:42 PM | 16,645 Views
It's all finished now
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Hi guys.

Exra 330 GB-models build (5 min 48 sec)

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bandsaw magic (2 min 10 sec)

Posted by pittsartist | 01-04-2016 @ 12:59 PM | 13,181 Views

Actually, Not. (The photo's upside down)

Quite a good optical illusion though methinks
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