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Posted by mflander | 07-11-2008 @ 03:41 PM | 4,921 Views
Well I have a full schedule of events coming up... Fun Scale tomorrow. Twin Cities Imac the weekend after. Brazil Summer IMAC the weekend after that. Should be lots of fun! If any of you are out there in MN come on down to AC/RC tomorrow for the fun scale. I'm using it as kind of a warm up for the heavy IMAC schedule I have at the end of the season.

On another note, finally got the DA 85 purring like a kitten. Low speed needle at 7/8 of a turn, high at 1 1/2. Got the idle speed adjusted too so it finally idles down. It's like a whole new airplane. If I don't do good in IMAC in the next couple competitions, I don't think I can blame it on the airplane!
Posted by mflander | 03-19-2008 @ 08:41 AM | 4,826 Views
Well, finished fixing the pull-pull cables on my 3D Hobby shop 55" extra last night. Brought it with to work today and plan on putting a couple flights in at lunch time.

Time to start practicing for my first IMAC event.

This week and weekend my primary focus will be on plane set-up. I need to get this plane dialed in as it will be my primary practice plane during the week when it is just not feasible to get the 96" extra out. Some CG adjustments need to be made, and I believe I need to add some tip weight on the right side, the left wing is dropping when pulling from a down-line.

I am also still trying to decide if I am going to change the physical side thrust on the motor or if I am going to use a rudder mix. I think I will try a 14" prop first to see if that tames down the torquing fo the motor at all.

More to come...