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Posted by jdracing3 | 05-22-2013 @ 11:20 AM | 20,685 Views
I can't believe Joe Nall has come and gone soo quickly. It was nice to see the friends we have whom we only see once a year. ...including the ones we see often as well ...it seems we always continue right where we left off. The weather here in Michigan has let winter hang on so the South Carolina sun was a welcome change.

Here is a video my wife shot of Jase flying Thursday night on the 3D line with his Extreme Flight 104" Extra 300. This was the first full flight on the extra at night AND the first time shooting video at night with the new camera. With that being said, we were still trying to figure out the correct camera settings. So needless to say it's not the best quality. ...the next one will be better.

Joe Nall 2013 - Jase Dussia Night Fly on the 3D Line (9 min 50 sec)