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Posted by SuperDave | 09-27-2007 @ 02:23 PM | 6,322 Views
This is it. Crunch time before the Shootout. Spent last night getting the Dalton cleaned up and checking every screw and linkage. Then I topped off the batteries and will deliver it over to my buddy ralph lang's house tonight so he cantake it to Tucson tomorrow with his plane. I'll be leaving Sunday with Twizlair... or "TWIZZY" as Max calls him... in the MAN VAN!

I was putting together a spare parts kit and managed to find out I have enough parts (minus engine) to setup another plane! So after the shootout, another build thread is ON!

Lastly, I'm bringing the famed Giants Foamie and my QQ Byp Yak wit the DX7 for parking lot and hotel hyjinx.

Hope my wife doesn't mind me swiping a knife, cutting board and frying pan for me to use in my culinary humiliation of madmax at the BLT cookoff Friday afternoon. I just spoke to him and we agreed the loser has to wear a pink t-shirt with a stinging phrase on it for the rest of Friday. We were going to shave the head of the loser, but we decided against it. A. because it would make it a non-contest...The crowd would want max bald and B. Out of respect, he is starting a new job and it's not good to show up to work at a NEW job with no hair. I think the plan is to cook a butt-load of BLT's and hand them out afterwards.

Anyway, after the plane is dropped off tonight, it's time to clean the house, mow the lawn and get some Q time with the family unit. I'm really going to miss them.

Anyway, back to work!

Latah FOOLS!!!

The Super One
Posted by SuperDave | 09-27-2007 @ 02:07 PM | 7,793 Views
Dang it. At work, at the store... I can't get away from sick people. I'm trying very hard to avoid virus' this week. I just know I'll get it and be sick for the whole Shootout. Or, worse yet, get sick and give it to my wife or two month old son BEFORE I leave. Then they will be sick without help all week. That will fly like a lead balloon.

so, I'm drinking and Emergen-C everyday, washing my hands every 20 minutes and not touching doorknobs or key pads without pulling my sleeve down over my finger. ACK!

This madness never ends! One of my troops just came into my office sneezing and coughing. MADNESS!!!!!!!

I'll go wash my hands then cross my fingers.