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Posted by Pecanpatch | 02-04-2019 @ 07:24 AM | 10,842 Views
My wife got this great shot Of Nergal's Sopwith at the Hilltop RC Chili fly in Loganville GA
Posted by Pecanpatch | 07-05-2018 @ 10:22 AM | 8,657 Views
My Buddy Mike Stout had a hard time getting to the needles on his DLE 170CC twin.
He suggested this muffler mod and I made it happen!
I also made the exit pipes the same length... Then re-media blasted both pipes to match.
Later I made him a custom long screw driver to reach through from outside the cowl.

Now Mike is Happy....

Be like Mike
Posted by Pecanpatch | 06-24-2016 @ 06:38 AM | 13,849 Views
First time in months. Flying Giants isn't blocked at work!

Woo Hoo!
Posted by Pecanpatch | 06-09-2015 @ 10:18 AM | 13,228 Views
Here is my latest FPV plane. I picked it up for $10 at the Perry Swap Meet.
I am elated at how good it does... I feel like I am flying around in a Cessna Bird Dog
Turd dog Video (5 min 52 sec)

Posted by Pecanpatch | 04-29-2015 @ 06:25 AM | 13,190 Views
NTSB Report - Canadair CL 415 crash at SEFF deemed radio blackout.
Pilot D.O.A.
Posted by Pecanpatch | 04-16-2015 @ 10:19 PM | 14,331 Views
Tiggers Big Day

TiggerBats big show (Not a Drone or UFO) (7 min 47 sec)