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Posted by 3D-Seth | 02-06-2008 @ 06:41 AM | 15,084 Views
Heres my 2nd version of my monowing design. This one is milled, and I am hoping to have this one 4.25 oz or less. Just finished milling the plane. Hopefully will have it done by this Saturday night, so I can maiden her at the dome. Heres a pic . . .


Airframe finished, weight as she sits is 1.65 oz. Old one was 2.15 oz at this point. Total loss of 1/2 oz by milling and using smaller carbon on the tail.

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Posted by 3D-Seth | 01-03-2008 @ 07:16 PM | 15,650 Views
Some of you may have seen the video I posted yesterday of my new F3P plane, if not, here is a link to the video and my setup.

Eflite Park 250
Castle Creations Phoenix 10 ESC
Spektrum Nanolite Rx
Thunder Power 2 Cell 350 mah batteries
JR 185 for Ailerons
GWS Pico for Elevator
Eflite S60 for Rudder (will be changed to GWS Pico when I get more)

Pull-Pull on rudder/elevator.

AUW W/Battery is 4.7 oz

There are a good bit of things I could do to reduce it more, and could probably get it to 4.5 oz or less with the battery and nonmilled. Milled, I could get it to around 4.0-4.2 oz RTF.

Going flying Saturday at the dome possibly, and gonna try some more little "gadgets and gizmos" to help it fly a little better as well as changing the shape of parts of the airplane (mainly rudder to reduce the little roll coupling it has).

Flies really well and will hopefully fly better with the changes I am making.


Pics and Video:

Posted by 3D-Seth | 12-07-2007 @ 06:32 PM | 15,173 Views
Flew my third prototype of my design today. Didnt get to fly it indoors, but will hopefully be able to tomorrow night at the golf dome in Columbus (I think the fly-in is tomorrow night - correct me if I'm wrong).

Was light winds 1-2 mph and everything went well. This one weighs in at 5.75 oz with the battery (a little disappointing, but weight could've been saved more in certain places). This one had its CG further back than the others as well.

Flew super slow and had some small coupling. Rolls are crisp and stop when you want them too. Snaps are snappy (faster than a normal F3P bipe like the Vrolet) which is good for my liking. Counterbalances on the inner part of the ailerons create a good bit of drag, so when deflected they slow the plane down a good bit.

After five flights with my 2 cell 350 packs, I added my drag plates and put 3 more flights on it with me 2 cell 480s. SSSSUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERRRRR SSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW now! Absolutely the slowest flying plane that I've flown! I could do 1 1/2 rolls on a downline at around a gym ceiling height, and have a line on either side of the roll .

4th Prototype will have:

-1" Longer fuse
-Try to fix the coupling problem (either fuse area or rudder changes)
-pull-pull on rudder/elevator
-smaller carbon bracing in wings (.030" in wings, .020" on tail - IF I CAN FIND SOME - Any place to get this?)
-counter balance on tip of ailerons (more aileron authority when flying slow)

Any tips on fixing the coupling?

Posted by 3D-Seth | 11-12-2007 @ 10:00 AM | 14,859 Views
Hey guys,
I have the airframe finished, and motor, ESC, aileron servo and rudder servo installed of my third prototype of my own design. First design was a little large for my liking, so I scaled it down to a smaller version, with a few little tweaks such as larger ailerons (to scale). That one seemed a bit small, and the wings somehow got warped. The small one was a tad heavier than what I really wanted too.

Needless to say, I am on my third version which has an inch bigger wingspan, 1 1/2" longer fuse, wing chord is same, as well as distance between the wings. Also used carbon in the wings of this instead of thread.

Finished airframe weight is 2.15 oz. With motor, ESC, aileron and rudder servo installed it weighs 3.65 oz. Threw a heavy Eflite S75 (actual servo will be almost half the weight), and battery, prop, o-ring for prop saver on the scale as well and the scale reads 4.75 oz. I am figuring I will be at 5 ounces after I add all of the pushrods and control horns. Real happy with the estimated weight considering my smaller version weighed 5.3 oz, and this one is bigger.

Will post pics as soon as I get home from work after school.


Posted by 3D-Seth | 10-27-2007 @ 07:49 PM | 14,566 Views
Many may have seen my "My First Design" blog post, and see that I came in overweight and over sized for my design. Plans have changed as for electronic set-up for that one (See "My First Design . . . Updates 3).

My "Second" Design is just a scaled down version of my First.


28" Span
30" Fuse
Thread for strutting in wings rather than Carbon.

Set-up for it is what my origional plans were for my design:

Hacker A10 9L
Castle Creations Phoenix 10 ESC
Dymond D47s on Rudder/Elevator
Futaba 3154 on ailerons
JR 610UL (Cant wait until I switch to Spektrum, and the new 2g rx is out!)
Thunder Power 2 Cell 350 mah batteries.

Airframe is finished (minus motor mount).

Weight . . . . . . . . Drum Roll Please! (You know why if you've seen my other blogs)

2.1 oz

Very pleased with that weight as of now. No milling (would be around 1.5-1.75 if I did - will happen later - want to test design first)

Looking at around 5.5 RTF Weight

Going to lighten servos, and anything possible to get the weight down . . .

Pics to come!

Posted by 3D-Seth | 10-27-2007 @ 07:40 PM | 14,434 Views
Change of plans for motor/servos ect.

Going with:

Axi 2204/54
Jeti 8 Amp ESC
FMA Direct M5 Rx
GWS Pico Servos on Rudder/Elevator Pull-Pull
Eflite S75 on Ailerons
Thunder Power 2 Cell 480mah Batteries

As of now, I have motor installed, ESC installed, all 3 servos installed (minus aileron servo arm), receiver installed. Weight as of now is 6 oz flat without battery, pull-pull linkages, carbon connectors for ailerons, and control horns in surfaces.

Looking at around 7 oz for all up weight. Beginning to think it isnt that bad for 450-475 square inches of wing area.

I am also building another plane for the JR Indoor Festival as well. (Hint: See My Second Design in my blog).

Posted by 3D-Seth | 10-23-2007 @ 06:26 PM | 14,745 Views
More updates,
Pretty unhappy with the final airframe weight of 3.25 oz. Going to make some changes already. Going to reduce the wingspan and fuse length by 5" so wingspan would be 28" with a fuse length of 30". Also reducing chord of main wings to 8 1/2". Stab will stay the same. Distance between wings will be reduced by 2". Also, next version should be machine cut to help prevent me screwing stuff up. LOL

What glue are you guys using to buid these F3P planes? I used regular CA, but wasnt sure if there was something a little lighter maybe? I only tacked parts together, to save weight on glue, so I'm not sure where all of the weight came from.

Will still fly it, probably at the JR Fest if I can get my electronics and motor by then . . .

Posted by 3D-Seth | 10-22-2007 @ 08:51 PM | 14,431 Views
Okay guys,
Here are some updates to my design. Got the vertical fuse/horizontal fuse cut and glued. Stab is also glued on. Drag plate holes are cut, along with the "twist" braces for the fuse. Going to glue wings to fuse tomorrow, and hopefully start adding my carbon fiber to the plane tomorrow night. We shall see . . .

Posted by 3D-Seth | 10-19-2007 @ 01:30 PM | 14,575 Views
My first foamy design. Made for F3P/Freestyle contests (such as the ETOC). I have the first parts cut out:

1 Wing
2 SFG/Wing Struts
4 Aileron SFG thingamajiggers (whatever they are called
Horizontal Stab
2 Drag Plates minus the holes being cut (you can see the circles where the holes will be cut in the pic
2 Wheel Pants/Landing Skids

Whats left to cut out:
1 Wing
Vertical Fuse/Rudder
Horizontal Fuse
2 Tail flex prevention pieces
and I think that is it.

Have to wait for more foam/carbon fiber to show up sometime this week before it can be finished . . .

Setup will be:
Motor - Hacker A10 9L
ESC - Castle Creations Pheonix 10
Servos - Dymond D47 on Rudder/Elevator 1 Futaba 3154 on ailerons
RX - JR 610 UL on one, FMA Direct 5 Ch on another one
Batts - TP 350 mah and 480 mah 2s1p

Posted by 3D-Seth | 09-27-2007 @ 08:29 PM | 14,482 Views
Headed to school tomorrow, then after school I'm drivin to Danny and Brendan's. Gonna leave Saturday morning from the airport down there in Kentucky! CANT WAIT!!!!! Tomorrow is gonna take forever though . . . .

Will be practicing Saturday, Sunday, Monday and possibly Tuesday depending on the crowds. I will be flying my Gen 3 102" QQ Yak if you want to say hey! May get the old Generation 1 QQ Yak out to do a little 3D as well . . .

Cant wait!

Posted by 3D-Seth | 09-10-2007 @ 09:30 PM | 14,589 Views
Me and Brendan (Wrongway) Jones doing a little hucking . . . .