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Posted by billyshaw | 04-11-2014 @ 09:47 AM | 13,421 Views
I've been preparing to do a article on a project for a good while now, but i could not
decide what topic i should use. Well after being at the toledo show this year i ran into by
good buddy John Boyko and he always gets me thinking, so i decided i would choose his
plane for my topic. John, myself, along with Mike Barbee and many other accomplished
pilots have been attending a event every year in Louisville Kentucky for some time now,
this show is called the wings for kids. It is a great event that raises money for children in
need of medical benefits proceeds go to Kosair charities. Now if you know John, then
you probably already know that he has a disability, however it does not stop him from
living a normal life as a expert modeler and pilot of some of the best aircraft i personally
have ever seen. But back to my point here, John has been telling me all about this plane
that he has been building and working on for the past few years now. The plane is a
Cessna 337, 44lbs. and 120" wing span, it has two Moki 50vt four stroke engines. If you
know the plane, and know the engine, then you know this is a very cool sounding airplane.

The radio gear John is using is the Futaba 14MZ, along with 16 servos powered by A123
batteries. John has spent the course of six years working on the model, and let me tell you
it shows! One of the features that caught my eye as i looked over the plane was most
definitely the overall finish of the model. John used PPG base coat clear cote, and i would
say it came out flawless. Another thing that caught my attention is i notices the cut outs in
the bottom of the plane for the retracts. John also has true scale retracts that actually
"dangle back" like the full scale. The plane is also equipped with navigation lights and a
scale dash panel. The model is all wood construction and there are no shortcuts taking
when building this beautiful model. One of the quality products that John used to hold the
plane together with is, none other than ZAP Adhesives and epoxy resins. Overall i would
have to say that John has a beautiful airplane, and you need to check this plane out when
you get a chance. Thank you for reading and a special thanks to John Boyko for the time
and information! Happy flying to all!

-Billy Shaw-