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Posted by bbrown2828 | 01-27-2013 @ 09:27 AM | 12,783 Views
Well I got the trailer done this week I can hold three 100cc planes and a few electrics in it... I also got to go out to the field and fly yesterday got to put in 3 flights on my 104 slick and 6 on my 42 inch slick and man is that little plane fun
Posted by bbrown2828 | 01-20-2013 @ 08:16 PM | 11,611 Views
Well I have never done the Blog thing but I think I am going to start doing a Weekly Blog...

This week I traded my 103 inch magic hand yak that i had started covering that wasnt finshed. I had the fuse covered but the wings where not covered i traded it for a 42 inch Slick to match my 104 inch slick

Today I went to the local field and and flew the mini slick for the First time.. wasnt the best conditions for a little plane wind was about 8 mph out of the NE

also i have been working on remodeling my Trailer the last few weeks. all i have left to do to it is put the vinyl Checkard floor in it this week and it will be done will post pics after its finshed