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Posted by RCgirl | 03-31-2012 @ 03:53 PM | 17,302 Views
I'm finished with the airframe of my ultra micro ParkZone Extra 300. She's 1/3 scale of the pkz extra. I put the 3DHS Slick's color scheme on her, I used permanent marker that actually worked pretty well. The silver streak and the white star on the wings are colored duct tape. Now I'm working on putting the electronics in her, I stole them from my old pkz UM mustang p-51. The receiver is a kinda broken... I was trying to make this project as cheap as possible but I guess with RC that kinda impossible :P Now I need to go to the local hobbyshop and grab a new receiver and another micro servo for the duel ailerons (the micro p-51 used one servo but I need two). Hope to get her finished soon...
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