Posted by Carlton | 09-11-2020 @ 08:06 PM | 4,488 Views
Looking for a good battery charger 4 ports would be nice. But 2 ports would be sufficient. Looking to charge Li-Po. Lithium ion life batt.
Posted by skinney | 09-06-2020 @ 09:10 PM | 4,432 Views
50cc Dietrich extra 260 wings Team Wicked

I am searching for wings for this airplane. I have the fuselage, but no wings. Does any have a set of plans for this plane. Would consider building. Looking for suggestions, thanks for the help .
Posted by Carlton | 09-06-2020 @ 07:16 PM | 4,516 Views
Can some one direct me to a good charger that will charge these battery packs ? Lithium ion 5200 mah , Finding the ion cube is impossible, I was using a durelite charger. But for some reason I cant seem to get to the 8.4 volts that the these batteries Are calling for. Really appreciate it, any info will be appreciated
Posted by NickyRick26 | 09-03-2020 @ 02:09 AM | 4,796 Views
Hello there, I'm Nick and I'm not very familiar with this but I recently came into a old mans collection of airplane parts. Motors, batteries, remote controls and broken missile tubes. I want to get rid of the items and I have no knowledge of what I have. I had a friend that use to be big in the sport for Circus Circus here in Las Vegas NV. He said I had a couple of motors that are worth something and others are just a common motor. I looked on ebay to compare but found very little like items.
I have: Atwood Fury .049
Radio -Spektrum DX8 fair to good condition
Cox .049: .020: 05.10 if that is anything
This is just what he was able to tell me what I had on the surface. Just wondering if someone with the knowledge of this stuff, I would love to pick your brain about all I have. It's not too much but I need money for rent and I've been lagging on getting this stuff out of my hair.
I would appreciate anyone's help on this subject. I'm going to attach a few pics of what I took pictures of so far.

Thank you Nick Telfer
928-919-6755 if easier to text me and I can shot a bunch of pictures or talk via zoom or facetime.
Posted by rmasek | 08-25-2020 @ 12:35 PM | 9,731 Views
DA120 with hitec 7950's all around hand painted prop. and spinner
Posted by Joser65 | 08-25-2020 @ 09:08 AM | 7,697 Views
Finished and flew my 1/4 scale Nieuport 28. Has RCGf 30T, covered with overall and dope, hand painted with Lowes latex then sprayed with flat polyurethane. Callie graphics.
Posted by Flyimad | 08-21-2020 @ 03:26 PM | 6,864 Views
Hi, I have ca model 34% Pitts stinker but I lost the manual. Does any one still have the manual ...I need to knows the recommended center of gravity for this plane. Thanks
Posted by MalParsons | 08-07-2020 @ 10:32 AM | 8,551 Views
Dremel table saw.
Posted by Dejesusleh | 08-05-2020 @ 06:31 PM | 6,231 Views
I'm waiting for my new plane,a valiant 30cc,I hear a lots of good things
About this kit,,can't wait.
Posted by Dynam RC Detrum | 07-31-2020 @ 03:37 AM | 8,264 Views
3.7mm or 4.2mm hub/axle hole through the wheel can be choose
5.5 in(140mm) dia.
Works well on grass & paved runways
add metal Metal fittings
The wall thickness is consistent throughout the wheel giving you a balanced tire

DYNAM RC 5.5" Diameter Smooth Surface Rubber Tire & Wheel for RC Airplane Replacement Parts(2-Pack) (0 min 13 sec)

Posted by RedwingRC | 07-24-2020 @ 02:52 PM | 10,073 Views
Check out the new stuff at RedwingRC. We received a shipment with Gliders, Boats, Trainers, Balsa Kits, SpotON RC and Miracle items re-stocked. We are still adding some of the new products to the website but feel free to take an early look.
Posted by Dynam RC Detrum | 07-22-2020 @ 02:39 AM | 9,407 Views
Detrum Z3 nitro version is a flight controller for fix wing airplanes, It connects to the receiver on the airplane to provide the flight control.

Z3 supports 5 flying modes: 1. Return Home Mode: once actuated, the airplane flies back to the location where it takes off regardless of the airplane flight attitude; 2. Normal Stabilization Mode: provide basic gyro function to the airplane; 3. Safe Mode: control the airplane with pre-set parameters including altitude and direction; 4. 3D Lock Mode: hold the position when actuated and 5. Autopilot Off Mode: pilot takes full control of the airplane.

When the transmitter signal is lost due to out of range or the airplane is out of position due to pilot mistake, the autopilot functions and takes control to fly the airplane automatically back, which gains precious time for the pilot to react!

Z3 has an innovative and simple way to actuate the horizontal calibration, in the way that a computer or power reset are not needed.

Z3 is compatible with ALL of major 2.4 G systems in the market and it supports DSM, S.BUS, PWM receivers. Pairing with a Detrum program card, the parameters can be easily programmed.

Detrum Z3 ( Nitro version) according to the characteristics of Nitro & Gas Airplanes with large vibration, we have optimized the filtering algorithm to eliminate the impact of engine vibration on flight control, so that Flight control can be applicated on methanol aircraft and gasoline aircraft. And according to the throttle control mode of the gasoline-powered aircraft, the adjustment of the throttle stop and the adjustment of the idle speed are added, so that the aircraft does not have the risk of stalling or the throttle servo being damaged when returning from self-driving.

Return Home

Adding path control based on the auto-recovery mode, it allows the airplane to automatically plan the path, lead the airplane back to the starting point. Height is controllable during the return flight. You can exit the return mode at any time by waving the return switch, supporting one-button return and signal loss return.

Main Control IC

32-bit high-performance ARM core processor, 6-axis MEMS gyro chipset

Control Algorithm

Original airplane attitude stabilization algorithm and control algorithm. Support normal wing, fly wing, V-tail airplanes, and 3D planes.

Flight Mode

Four flight modes: Gyro off, Normal, Aerobatic, and Auto-Recovery (Auto Balance). You can switch between different modes by the toggle switch.

Adjusting the Gain

Set the gain and other programmable items with 3in1 program card.


Support PPM, S.BUS, S.UBS2, DSM2 and DSMX receivers



Hi All , Could you please recommend good youtube reviewers for this ? Thank you !
Posted by modifiedmustang | 07-09-2020 @ 01:16 PM | 9,788 Views
The RC hobby has definitely been a big crutch used to escape all the tension from the craziness going on in the world right now.

I enjoy building as much as flying, and fortunately I've been lucky to do both without missing a beat. While I admit that I'm an addicted tinkerer making "homebody" a welcome nickname, I can't imagine pushing through a world void of sports, cinema, nightclubs and other entertainment venues without a hobby like this.

That got me thinking...

I can help others maintain a little bit of normalcy, find entertainment, and keep this hobby alive. I quickly collected my stash of trainers, RTF planes, unused remotes, dusted them off, got them air-worthy, and found some friends, family, and co-workers with children that might have interest and handed them over. So far, I've gotten three new families into flying, and it's become a family affair for all of them.

If you've got some old equipment that could be used to get someone up in the air, there's no better time than right now give it a shot! You won't get a more captive audience than right now!
Posted by Montyw | 07-08-2020 @ 05:53 PM | 9,611 Views
I am new to this site...

I have yellow P-38 with 2 Ralph Cunningham modified engines. Before the magnetic pick-up wiring broke both engines ran great. Now I need to get into the front of the engine to replace the pick-up. I have NO IDEA on how to remove the prop drive off the engine. There is a place to put a wrench on the crank shaft, however there is no resistance when I turn it. There has to be someway of stopping the movement of the crank to loosen the drive. Are there any engine gurus out there that have any idea how to take off this drive assembly... I am waiting with baited breath for an answer.. I have attached a pic of said engine.

Please call me at 707-3658878 (cell) if you can help me.. My name is Monty THANX
Posted by rarmintrout | 07-07-2020 @ 01:32 PM | 9,932 Views
Welcome, I am Bob and I am new to the Flying Giants site! (07/07/20)

Today I want to begin a story that I find pretty interesting. Let me recap a bit and then I can get on with the rest of the story.

Well today has been a blast, as I am sure any expecting RC pilot will confess. It is that day that we find ourselves watching for some indication that the special RC items we ordered are due to arrive. I am nearly like a kid with his nose pressed against the window, shaking with anticipation. Of course, now the shaking is as much from old hands as it is excitement.

Today I received the most important and anticipated gift to myself ever! The HANGER9 Carbon Crafter FX3 Cub with the mighty DLE222 for its power plant. It sports 165 of wing and is 115 long. This is extremely exciting.

The items came by a trucking carrier that provided curbside delivery. My driveway is not real long but long enough to make getting these boxes up to the house a bit of a chore.

So, what did it all look like as it came off the truck you ask? WOW is this thing big! The Cub combo ships in three boxes. There is a big one, a bigger one, and of course the really big one! It became intuitively obvious that this thing will never see the inside of my house and workshop! The smallest of the boxes was a 27 x 20 x 15 box that was the lightest, I think. I knew immediately that this was going inside. It had to be that big beautiful DLE 4 cylinder, 222cc, shiny new engine! It did not disappoint, but more on that in a while. The second largest of the shipment was the wing set. This baby was a bit heftier and was 80 x 29 x 8. Eighty inches! What on earth was I thinking! Finally, the biggest box was labeled as the fuselage. It was truly frighteningly huge! It measured in at 95 x 26 x 16 and was heaviest of the shipment. Ninety-Five inches long! I knew that I had stepped over some line that should have been equipped with flashing lights and warning signs. Without even opening the boxes it was obvious that I would need to build a transport container to safely move this airplane between home and the field(s).

For context I guess I should tell you a little bit about me and my experiences in the RC hobby. My first exposure to RC aircraft was in my early teen years, probably 45 years ago. My buddys dad was really into it, as was demonstrated as you walked into the front door (or the back door, it did not matter). He had planes in every stage of construction and repair, hanging on the walls, tucked under tables and beds. Kits stacked in every corner of the house to be built or traded for some new gem he had his eye on. The family room had a wonderful pool table that was draped with a blue tarp. On top of this arrangement were planes, it was the premier location for charging and servicing airplanes. John was the kind of guy that every RCer went to for help. He could do it all and do it well. He could teach you to build, fly, find the best deals, whatever. John was the guy. On occasion I would venture into the Back room to see what creation was taking shape on the bench! It was a place of magic for a kid that was just wonderstruck about airplanes and flying in the first place. John would take me along on occasion to test my skills as an RC pilot. I would go home with a stiff neck from all the excitement at the field. I could take off, fly around, do some simple stunts, shoot some approaches, but John landed the airplanes (they were his after all).

The next time I touched an RC aircraft was 12 years later. I was in the US Air Force and stationed at Beale AFB in Northern California. Just to spur some excitement, this was the home of the SR-71 Blackbird and U-2 DragonLady. My wife (Johns daughter) and I lived in base housing situated on a hillside some 5 or 6 miles from the flight line. Just after we were married and moved in, she called me at work wanting to know what that loud noise was, the one that was shaking the dishes in the cabinets. I was kind of surprised by the question and had to think for a second. Then it hit me, and I nearly slid out of my chair laughing. After regaining my composure and apologizing for my behavior (you know, happy wife, happy life), I explained that was the sound of freedom. That was the launch of an SR-71. Those big engines could vibrate the teeth out of your head. Some nights they would test engines just after dusk down at the test stand. It was an honor to be invited to go for an engine test. At full power you could count 13 blue balls in the flame coming from that engine. Man was that something to experience! Oh and for the record, I was a Medic! Beale gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing people over the years. Chuck Yeager, B. C. Reed, Hub Zemke, Maj Brian Shul, Col Richard Graham, and Lt Col Carl W. Haler, MACH Doc, an SR pilot turned Doctor and a great friend.

I guess I should get back on track. Anyways, I was flying a Great Planes Stick 40! Had a ball with that little plane. But for the record, I was not particularly good! Then life got in the way of flying, but that was ok by me. I loved being a husband and a father to two beautiful daughters.

So now I find myself at the ripe old age of 60ish, and a lot has changed. Kids now have their own kids, and I am working a dream job. Life is wonderful. Unfortunately, I lost my beautiful wife to cancer a few years back. That event changes how you view life and I needed something to bring me back to center, and flying RC airplanes was my choice.

I think I currently have 15+ airplanes. Everything from simple trainers towell this beauty, the one we started this conversation talking about. Little catch, I still have never landed a RC aircraft by myself except for in Realflight, and man am I good there!

Now you are probably thinking I am crazy! Well you may be close, but not quite. You see, I am planning my future while I am working. Look, I can afford it right now with about 7 years until retirement. What is the one thing that keeps us from making the move to purchase our hobby components (not toys). Money! Simply money, that is it.

This was to be my year to become a proficient RC pilot and I believe it will. Then came COVID-19, with high risk to older people, and stay at home. Now if you like to build, this is a gift. At least that is how I am looking at the situation. I am fortunate to be able to work from home, no 1+ hour commute each way, and it was way to nasty for me to go to the field anyway. This is North East Ohio. February thru June, some years are better than others but this year the weather was not cooperating anyway. Seventy degrees one day and freezing and snow the next. There were even a couple of days that started near 70 and it was snowing that evening. You must be tough to live in Ohio. So, what do you do with all that free time? Build Airplanes of course! I have kept my bench full since well before the holidays. I currently have a 1/3 scale Sig Spacewalker nearing completion of the framing, next is covering, and another first for me, Sig Koverall and dope. Love to try new things and not afraid to jump right-in.

So my next entry will begin the assembly of this beautiful airplane. Just a little word-smithing and adding some picture. Until next time!
Posted by Dynam RC Detrum | 06-01-2020 @ 02:24 AM | 14,760 Views
Tomcat Motors, a premier brand under Detrum Tech, specialize in the R&D and production of brushless motors for RC and UAV application. The Tomcat motors use Japanese made silicon steel sheets, NMB and NSK bearings, High-purity copper enameled wire, high-performance rubidium iron and other materials, cooperated with superb production process to achieve good product quality, durality and performance. The products passed CE certification, with a complete precision production workshop, equipped with more than 20 CNC processing equipment, automatic winding machine, and corresponding testing equipment.

Come to Tomcat Motor Factory:

Visit Tomcat Motor factory / Tomcat G series power Motor (1 min 4 sec)

Tomcat Motor G serise named by its power. it is a premier replacement for glow engine. For example, the definition of G30CC is replacement for 30 CC gasoline engine, G32 is for 32 nitro engine.Available models by far : G10, G15, G25, G32, G46, G52, G60,G601 G90, G110, G160, G30CC, G50CC,G100CC

Internal analysis and characteristics:

1. Imported Japanese made NBM bearings, stable and low noise.
2. High-strength spindle design which is more durable.
3. Imported 0.2mm silicon steel sheet stator.
4. Using N45H NdFeB magnet, not demagnetize in high temperature, large torque output.
5. High-strength aluminum alloy shell significantly improved impact resistance.
6. High-purity copper enameled wire with temp resistance test 240C, improve heat conduction and heat resistance, extend service life.
7. High-precision CNC ensures smooth motor operation.
8. Optimize the heat dissipation design offers the motor continuous high power output capability.
9, 100% dynamic balance test to ensure the maximum motor efficiency.

Tomcat Motor have RC airplane motors, RC car motors and multirotor motors.

Review video:

What is the Best Brushless Motor? 32 Class Brushless Motor Roundup [The Judge Ep. 4] (1 hr 8 min 44 sec)

Funny video ( see who is bigger):

Tomcat motor funny video, see who is bigger (0 min 13 sec)

Posted by setht3 | 05-29-2020 @ 07:45 PM | 14,474 Views
My current project is to not contract a virus.

Other than that, today was Free Plane Friday for me.

I was casting about last fall, lamenting the lack of a winter model-airplane-project.
My friend, Mephistopheles (not his real name) and I struck a deal: his plane, his engine, my time, our flying, to reconvene March 2020.
I held up my end of the bargain. Mephistopheles did not.

In March, when I presented Mephistopheles with the finished product ready-to-fly, he gifted me the project.
He insisted.

That was Free Plane #1 flown earlier today; vintage Bridi tail-dragger, very low-hours Saito 91 four-stroke.

Plane #2 was assembled from plans by another friend, Bugs (not his real name).
'Assembled from plans' does not properly represent what Bugs did here.
'Assembled from plans' simplifies his process like the first step of automobile engine replacement simplified to 'Remove engine'.

Bugs' airplanes are expertly assembled.
And all sport amazing covering-jobs.
And all are flown by Bugs. And flown. And adjusted. And flown.
His planes are rarely sold, and when they are sold they command a remarkable price.

Because they are remarkable model airplanes.

Bugs arrived at the airfield not long ago with a masterpiece to give away.
I, perchance, had just smashed my sixth Decathlon. (That count doesn't include smashed-rebuilt-smashed).

They pack so much easier after you smash them.

I was gently placing the Decathlon carcass in the trash when I ran into Bugs.
He saw me, saw some of my best demolition-work to-date, and was suddenly wishing that I had not seen him.

Bugs had a very nice model airplane firmly clutched in his hand.

He was very reluctant to let me know that he had brought this airplane to give-away.

It was apparent that I had room for an airplane.

After a brief conversation about a proper engine for the airframe-only offering, Bugs' only hope was exhausted when I just happened to have an OS Max 40LA engine like the one he built this airplane around.

That was Free Plane #2 flown today, Free Airplane Friday.
Posted by setht3 | 05-29-2020 @ 06:58 PM | 13,249 Views

My name is Seth.

I fly toy airplanes, and I eventually smash them all.

Nitro is for me. I mix in a little electric, too, as the convenience is convenient.

I talk too much and will funnel some of that energy towards a blog about my model airplane projects, trials, and tribulations.

I won't include lurid details of my harem, my life of crime, or recollections from my time as a CIA counter-double-reverse spy.
Posted by AKNick | 05-22-2020 @ 04:47 PM | 15,232 Views
Posted by Ethan Ater | 05-01-2020 @ 08:58 PM | 18,328 Views
First video of the all new Gee Bee from TwistedHobbys and RcFactory! This little beast has insane control authority and is capable of all types of flying styles!

Available with the power combo at TwistedHobbys.com

Twisted Hobbys/ RcFactory Gee Bee (2 min 58 sec)