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Posted by airboss/oc | 12-17-2010 @ 01:05 PM | 23,461 Views
whats up guys ? you all who know me and for you all who dont ,
whats up with Biplanes ? is everyone scared of them ? what about the new www.aero-works.com
100cc 20-300 Ultimate ?
how come the only biplanes you see are all scaled up overweight and dont 3D , but wait here comes H9 with the beast and it has glue on stabs with wires , jeez ,we want bolt together ARF's dammit ! so its been many months with the 36% Sbach342 from www.pilot-rc.com and all I can say is
F'n fun plane guys !

we shall see how the AW plane does if I get it , Hmmmmm , I do like the biplane look especialy the Ultimate 20-300.