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Posted by RWMOOR | 01-15-2021 @ 02:09 AM | 33,566 Views
Just wondering if anyone here has done a Saito Gas Conversion.
I'm sure many of you have so here goes.

I just ran my Saito FA-100 with the Morris Mini Motors Gas conversion kit. Both are brand new. Did the timing @ 30 BTDC and used marine gas w/ Klotz oil @ 20:1 ratio. Fired right up. Kept the rpm's @ 2000
for quite a while, increased to 3000 momentarily, back to idle for a while, up to 4000 for a split second, back to idle. I idled it most of the time @ 2000. Some smoke but not that much at all. Throttle transition was good as well.

So here's the result after 1 run of 1 tank (8 oz.) Engine ran fine but I noticed a lot of black soot around the muffler and upon removing it, needless to say found more of the same in the exhaust port & valve. I pulled the plug & found that coated too. Piston looks OK, just a gray color.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Please advise.