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Posted by Flathatter | 01-10-2012 @ 07:13 AM | 9,061 Views
Well I recieved my MXS-r from Tim Pastor at Red Wing RC around Thanksgiving, and since it was a Christmas Gift from my wife it went right under the tree. Since then, I have opened it up on Christmas day and found there was a crack in the canopy otherwise the model arrive in perfect shape. I called and emailed Tim about the canopy and he shipped a new one out to me free of charge. Since then I have had a wonderful time with my build. It was relatively easy. I maidened the plane this past Saturday and she was pretty tuff to fly for me. So I had to tame her down a bit, but now she flies like a dream. I'm not a 3D'er (at least not yet). I'm just trying to get into Imac stuff. This is my second year flying year, and hour club just committed to hosting two Imac events this year and a couple of Imac clinics. So I am looking for to this flying year!! I will be posting my build in the RedwingRC MXS-r build area soon