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Posted by Boe | 07-07-2012 @ 05:29 PM | 15,335 Views
Every generation has one of those guys that has a talent that comes so natural, so easily that it makes you shake your head in disbelief. These guys effortlessly raise the bar in their natural abilities with out any thought of how great they are. We here in the Saint Louis Area have such a flyer. His name is Ryan Mowery wich is in my opinion one of the greatest RC Pilots in the area. If you have never seen Ryan Fly a plane you have really missed out on a great performance. When you hand a TX to Ryan you never know what is going to come out of his mind into the aircraft.

I have witnessed top pilots stop what they were doing and stand in amazement as spectators with smiles of joy on their faces as Ryan takes to the air. I have also seen an entire club stand behind Ryan as soon as they here his plane fire up waiting in anticipation for him to take to the sky. There are a few Youtubevids out there of Ryan flying and there is a good reason there are not more. The reason for there being so few vids is because his performance pulls you in and you forget to whip out the ol cam to vid him.

If any of you are at a field and here his name, just follow the crowd to the spectators area and enjoy one of the best shows you have seen. I promise you, Ryan is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

The crazy part of this is His father R. Mowery has an amazing talent just as Ryan making these two one hell of a team. His Father is one of the best builders in this area, I have not seen a plane that he himself could not build from scratch. His airframes are flawless in build and design, this guy could probably build the worlds first time capsule out of wood LOL. If you want a plane custom built to your specs with amazing accuracy and performance you need to contact Rich.

I will be posting Videos of Ryan time goes on. I am sure you all will be in for a treat. If anyone has a Carden Kit that needs built or a repair that is needed. You can contact Rich from my Friends List.
Posted by Boe | 06-29-2012 @ 10:50 AM | 17,591 Views
I have been using the Futaba S-BUS system for over a year now. As with any user I have asked allot of questions regarding the system and its components. Some of the questions have lead into many informative conversations and posts. For a person just making the Futaba S-BUS leap, these threads are a very useful tool and great reference for current users. I myself have found allot of new sites and information in these posts. I will keep a running collection of this information in my blog for those who would like to view.

S-BUS Sites:



S-BUS Threads:


S-BUS Youtube Vids:

Futaba RC Video Update: S.bus (Serial Bus) RC Receiver & Servo System (8 min 28 sec)

Futaba S.Bus.avi (3 min 22 sec)

S-BUS in Boes 50cc Extra

House of Pain Boe Extra 330s 3D (11 min 17 sec)

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Just about ready to kick off some night flying sessions at Midwest Air Wing. I have purchased a set of Aurora lights and ready to rock my 60" Extreme Flight Extra under the moon light. This should be an awesome experience and allot of fun not to mention allot cooler temps. I will be posting some vides of the sessions very soon.
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No need to take the Dog for a Walk when you have a Foamie in the area !

House of Pain Boe MX2 (4 min 33 sec)

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