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Posted by Xpress.. | 08-03-2017 @ 04:56 PM | 12,958 Views
This trick was shown to me by Colton Clark and it's a foolproof method to secure your Tygon tubing to your fuel fittings. Real simple, all you do is slice a ~1/8" section of the same Tygon tubing, place the small slice into the end of a pair of needle nose pliers, spread the pliers open, then slip your fuel line into the small slice of tubing. Remove the pliers and you now have a secure way to clamp the tubing onto all of your fuel fittings.

Zip ties leave open room for air to leak in where the tie leg meets the head, and the small spring clips are annoying to deal with and could potentially chafe through the tubing. I've never had a fitting come loose and neither has anybody I've talked to that uses this method. It compresses the tubing evenly all round and without any sharp points of contact.