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Does anybody know where can i find plans (free or not) for 50cc engine ??

I want to build something like FUNFLY or 3D

Thank you


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Here's wishing you the happiest of all Birthday's!!I love you very much,you are the greatest thing ever to happen to me and I'm proud to be a part of your life.
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Does anybody know where can i find plans (free or not) for 50cc engine ??

I want to build something like FUNFLY or 3D

Thank you

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And very scale with the non swepted top wing center!
And very scale cowl, fin and stabilizer...
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anyone knows who sell the rare bear kit or arf big enough to fit a moki 150 radial?
Rare Bear Moki (3 min 21 sec)

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Well this one was a long time coming. Ron Wedel really works his ass off to pull this one off. Its one thing to do an event at your home field but a total different animal when that host club is three hours away. I guess luck for Ron the host club TUFF in Tyler, TX is about one of the coolest kick ass clubs around? Well I met Ron out there Wednesday mid morning kind of got the lay of the land enjoyed the perfect weather then headed to work. Thursday is a normal day just a couple guys coming in late afternoon but the flying has started. Friday well its on.. boys are rolling in setting up and getting to gettin. Saturday is always the BIG day the TRI state shoot out was pretty cool. I normally don't like shutting down the flight line to let one airplane at a time fly but all in all it was nice. Saturday night was one for the record books not sure we can even talk about everything that went on.. I'm sure we can't discuss dinner.. I heard the last flight was 3 a.m.. yeah I was not around for that but man hats off to those that made it. Sunday is normally a pack up and split kind of gig but for what ever reason the good weather or just the killer vibe guys just kept flying. I kept hearing yeah I got to get going I have a 3-6 hour drive home depending on who you talked with but nobody wanted to leave.. Pretty damned cool if you ask me. I guess I will have to ink this one in for 2011..

See you there..
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One of the funnest fly ins I have ever been to today, had a great time and only saw one major accident, it was a midair between a Carden Edge and what I think was an Aeroworks Extra, the two planes exploded when they hit. I also got to meet Team Hitec and Brandon Chitty (sp), great guys and very talented. I was able to get a couple of flights in on my QQ YAK and also flew the Extreme Flight 300 a bit. I also checked out the new DW foam and I am ordering one tomorrow! Thanks GMoney!
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Just checked the shriner web site and they have bingo there tomorro......... What now ? were to fly tomorro ? Maybe wait till sunday ??
***? bingo?? i thought that was back in august and they only did it once a year?

this sucks for sure.
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I took my Midwest Extra out for the second time today (Sunday, Sept. 19). I thought I'd go around it with the camera before flying. In the middle of my flight a B17 went by. I obviously had to watch my plane, but I am pretty sure it was Aluminum Overcast headed north toward Oshkosh. I put one more flight on it. Now it has two flights total. I sure like the way if flies!
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Here are some pictures of my Midwest Extra 300 I just finished. I began the build in Oct. 2004. Since then I have had two kids. That is partly why it has taken so long. It maidened on Tuesday, Sept. 14. It flies great. I will get some pictures with the cowl on soon. Klein Tools graphics are from Die-Hard Graphics. Klein Tools has not sponsored an Extra since 2007, but I had already bought the graphics. It has a ZDZ40 engine, 20x10 Bambula prop, Tru-Turn spinner, servos on ailerons and elevators are Futaba 9451's, rudder has a JR8611A, throttle has a Futaba 9001 and choke is a Futaba 3004. Batteries are Fromeco, 2 for radio, 1 for ignition. Smart-Fly super reg, Power Expander Sport and fiber optic ignition with ignition regulator. 24 oz fuel tank. Extensive efforts were made to lighten it up. I have not weighed it yet, oddly. When I do weigh it, I will post the weight. 9 oz. nose weight was required to balance on the CG. I may take away some of that nose weight little by little. If I had put the 2 oz. rudder servo in the radio compartment with pull pull cables instead of at the tail, I am sure the nose weight would not have been required. I thought the gas engine would offset that. Oh well.
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i have a problem with my seagull bling 3d
it has a crrcpro gf50i and am having a vibration problem at the tail (very bad flutter )

can any one help me with this

how can i stop it

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Hey i have the CRRC pro 40cc motor for a yak 54. I can start the motor on the ground and it will run perfectly and have plenty of power, but as soon as i get it in the air it acts like its running rich, has no power, and continues to get worse until it finally just cuts off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hey guys im looking to buy a bi-plane 50cc or smaller. I like to fly low and slow. Just wondering
if there is a bi-plane out there that will fly at walking
pace, or just a bi-plane that the stall is not as bad
and they fly better at slow speeds.
Thanks for any help.............
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*** (counts as 3) I CAN'T I FIND ONE


.....ok, so i added a couple syllables....SUE ME!!!!!
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Is anyone running R6014HS Fasst Receivers on 2-Cell 7.4V Lipo's without a regulaor ?

Would anyone recomend or not recomend this ?

using 7.4V hitec servos
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Not directly for our application but interesting none the less. I come from 2 stroke street bike background. Talk of ignition systems is bringing up some memories of my '85 RZ350.

The CDI on that thing was ALWAYS dieing and have been known for dieing.. and at the worst time. Sitting at a light in LA traffic. Or when a bunch of gangbangers are eye'ing the bike from a van, next to me at a light. They've became expensive to replace and banshee ignitions are not compatible.
Fortunately a wacky Slovenian has created programmable ignitions and exhaust valve controllers for the old 2 strokes.

Technical data:
- minimum revs 200 RPM
- maximum revs 20000 RPM
- minimum supply voltage 8 Volts
- maximum supply voltage 20 Volts
- current draw 20mA
- max. supply voltage for 1 minute 40 Volts
- dimensions (LxWxH) 72x50x27mm

- one channel non isolated input
- ten custom programmable curves
- store and load function for ten custom curves
- easy and fast programming on the field, via handheld programmer
- programming while machine running - you can immediately see effects
- each curve can be set with 4 to 10 rev points
- each curve point can be programmed with 100rpm steps and 0,1deg steps
- three stage rev limit ( retard timing, reduced spark, spark off )
- signal delay compensation
- instant monitoring of rev and angle, via handheld programmer
- fast processing for high accuracy - delays from 1us
- theoretical maximum revs at 20000RPM (tested with pulse generator and oscilloscope)
- timing calculation for every 1RPM change (1000, 1001, 1002, .. .., 9805, 9806, ...)

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I have been given a 25 year old model of a 1/4 scale Piper Cub ( kit maker unknown ). I have given the old lady some TLC but she needs a new windscreen.

I have what's left of the old one to make a possible mould but where do I start to get those curves around the wing leading edges?

Can anyone help please even a supplier of said windscreens.

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Hey everyone this is Tina on John's site. John and I would like to extend many Happy Birthdays to Mr Joe Cutright!!!You excell as a friend and excellant CD for the greatest contest going on!We hope your birthday is grand and wish we could help celebrate it with you. Who knows'maybe we can find some cake next week.See you real soon.

Love ya'John and Tina
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Epower ignition for gas engines. Need to know where to get one repaired or where I can buy a new one. It came with a EVO 80cc engine
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I recently started my DA-120 on my AW 100cc Extra 300 and it is so sweet. With RE2 tuned pipes this engine will have a lot of power. It also is a quiet engine which is good for IMAC! I'd highly reccommend to get this engine to anyone that has a 100cc plane.