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DA-120 unboxing #015 (3 min 26 sec)

Posted by BillG1 | 03-16-2018 @ 09:25 AM | 9,661 Views
Been flying large RC Helis for the past 8 years or so. Belonged to a great club in SoCal that had a large group of 3D Heli pilots. Have a 3D foamie that I played with from time to time.

I've now moved into retirement in a new community where the local club only has a couple of small heli pilots (non-3D). So, being in Rome... I've become proficient in airplanes again, with a variety of 3D balsa ARFs (e-power aerobatic & 3D).

Now moving into gassers, I acquired a used Aeroworks 50cc Yak 54. I'm learning the flight differences with these much heavier models. I've knocked the gear out on a dead stick (rough field), but have been able to neatly rebuild it, so that it's barely even noticeable that it's been repaired.

While I continue to learn on the Yak, I'm building an AJ ARS 300 MkII. I hope to build it light- 17 lbs. max is my target. Some pics below.

I've learned a lot reading through the forums on FG, I hope to be able to also contribute as I build up experience. Thanks for reading.

Posted by tailskid2 | 03-10-2018 @ 02:16 PM | 10,687 Views
Well, it flies.....and flies well! And yes, the smoke pump/muffler work!
Posted by Fastasp | 03-07-2018 @ 05:32 PM | 9,044 Views
Anyone out there building (built) a Cessna 421 from Mr. Hostetler plans. Have one and would appreciate any information about weights, CG location and control surface movements! Thanks!!

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300x canopy issues
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Decided to fix up my 10+ year old H9 P-47 150 that met the ground after a flame out during a Warbird Gaggle at the Warbirds Over The Rockies last year....fuse bottom was crushed a bit. Decided to go with a smoke system now that the bottom was opened up. Replacing the Evolution 26 with another Evolution, this time their 45.
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Ran the engine (new DLE35RA) for about a 1/2 tank of gas....using an 18/6 prop I was getting 1600 RPM at idle and 8350 wide open. Had to adjust the needle (low end) just a hair and she purrs....

Found out the replacement tires/wheels (Robart) were flat - too much weight on her I guess so they are being replaced by some Dubro 4" threaded.
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Bob Zilla I am trying to get ahold of you I seen that you had a jet for sale here recently and I'm very interested in it and you took it down you can contact me at Lawless Customs 320 at gmail.com
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Here's my "WIP" Intermediate free known sequence design. Plenty of sky underneath me at this stage - I'm reasonably happy with how it flows ... a lot of height loss though.

2018 free known attempt 1 (3 min 40 sec)

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Here are some shots of what I thought was enough clearance for the stock muffler, and some of the cowl after installing a smoke muffler.
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I started flying with an aircore trainer with a fox 40. My brother n law started at the same time and had a telemaster 40 with a fox 40. Both ran great on the ground but mine would die every time after takeoff when I was around 15 foot in the air. Sure glad I had a rubber airplane his ran great but mine just wouldn't work. Everyone in the club tried to adjust it with no luck. The instructions even had steps about how to grind the needle valve for performance. How about that finally really learned to fly on a friends, Larry eagletons falcon 60, then a thunder tiger 20 size trainer with a Irvine engine that ran great.

I liked flying fast with quickie 500s, ultra sports and sig cobras. We had to build everything back then.

Moved more toward 3D after that. Giant aerobat kits were coming out. I went to joe nall and remember seeing the Carden bunch, mike sauls, blaine Austin, maybe wes Batson and 1 other doing the hover tail touch challenge. Blaine won and stripped out his tail servo lol. That was really something then.

Jets were starting to come out. I was at joe nall and fiberclassics was there showing off the entry level jet. A kangaroo and jetcat p80 combo.. Had to have one. Bought it and flew it at martinsburg wv. Went up to Lebanon pa to the jet rally and the Georgia jets guys and bob Klenke signed me off. WooHoo!

It's been 3D, jets, warbirds and helicopter since...
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Received the smoke muffler and that required some additional material to be removed from the bottom of the cowl.
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This a thread I'm starting about wheel pants. I'm starting this thread to hear a few other opinions about having or not having wheel pants on your rc plane. It seem there will always be a few people who will tell you that they nothing but a pain. I have had a few planes myself that gave me trouble at some point with them, other than that it seem a lot of planes look better if you can keep them on.
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While waiting on a smoke muffler I have been playing with the flaps, mounting the cowl/spinner, etc.

If I wasn't 'waiting', this bird would be airborne by now!
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This ARF has really impressed me! If I were in a hurry, this bird could be flying in much less than a week! But I'm taking my time....the parts fit, assembly is quick, instructions clear. What more could someone ask?

Enough room in that fuselage to built a boat! Therefore some smoke will be added to the project.
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Pictures of my planes