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Posted by GMoney | 12-30-2010 @ 01:01 PM | 15,467 Views
Ok, I HATE cats, they are awful animals that do nothing but eat, **** and sleep. So the problem I have is my wife is SMOKIN HOT. So I really can't ever say no and if I do she pulls out that magic card and bam. I go stupid and agree to any and all terms. So I have to date 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles and one rabbit. I was promised at all points that I would never ever smell the cat litter box, pick up dog ****, see a green tank or have to clean the rabbit cage.. To date, I smell the cat box daily, pick up dog **** daily clean rabbit cage daily and clean turtle tank weekly, I also take all animals to the vet, buy there food and take them for walks..

So the cats in recent weeks have developed a pattern, about the time I get ready to go to bed one of the lovely fur balls drops a turd. Great ever fall to sleep with the smell of cat **** under your nose? So, I finally get to sleep and just about 40 minutes before I have to get up BAM other little fur ball dumps no need for an alarm clock when you have CAT **** to wake you up.. I freakin loose it this morning its been building and the wife has been dodging my attempts (using magic get out of trouble card each time) and her solution is for ME to build a cage of sorts on the exterior of the house with a small dog door so the cats can go outside and do there thing with the box outside.

Jeez, I say NO to the 85lb German Shepard and I say NO to 85lb dog sleeping in my bed her solution for me to build a dog house. (I do) dog is NO dummy where you going to sleep in bed where its warm or outside where its cold? So, I say NO both times to the cats and again this morning after feeding the cats, dogs, turtles and rabbit I get this new cage idea.. Somebody just shoot me...


I now know why Ricky and Lucy slept in separate beds.. Damn pussy can ruin a mans life...
Posted by GMoney | 12-22-2010 @ 04:17 PM | 16,953 Views
Ah, man I am 100% addicted to this thing. I love my Ipod but after awhile its still the same couple thousand songs in the same order. Man I hit this and typed in "Southern rock" over a month ago and I have yet to hear a song I didn't like. I just wish I could get it piped out to my shop and into the truck and out to the flying field. I am listening as I type and man what a great song. I guess I should get one of those new I phones and grab the app. This one place could get me to pull the trigger on a new phone..I was talking to my dad a couple weeks ago and he asked me what I was listening too and I told him Pandora. He checked it out and today on my way home he called me and he couldn't believe the music stuff he had not heard in years mixed with stuff he had never heard.. Best part he finally had to agree "Kid Rock" is not only caring the rock flag but the guy has some serious style and can rock the freakin house. I had to laugh cuz he would always bust my balls in the shop about what real music is.. Ah, I guess I have him now..

Enjoy Pandora..

"You never met a mother fucker like me"
Posted by GMoney | 12-03-2010 @ 08:58 AM | 14,154 Views
Well I have a thread on another forum and it seems that I may be "Hyper-lite" Crazy. Or obsessed with planes that are NOT over weight. I picked up a 38% Columbo Anderson Extra a couple months back and its been sitting sort of waiting for me to get the right deal on a 150. I have been reading Sensei's threads for almost two years I started like many of you calling the guy nuts. He calmly worked his ass off and proved me wrong. Well since then I have wanted to do my own project and since then Aerotech has started to kit these designs. UP to this point all I have been doing is sending links and sharing as much of Sensei's work that I can and I may have gone a tad over board with the "FANBOY" stuff really just three airplane companies out there for me right now. So I may be biased.. NO I am.. Now you all know I have a real hard time buying anything new. Hell if I could get used eggs and milk I would. (speaking of chickens I will have a coup for next spring) no more buying eggs for this guy..OK, So I'm sitting looking at this Columbo and like everything else its on the list..I grab my 106 and wouldn't you know it.. IT fits right on the dang motor box.Name: striped (12).jpg
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Description: I spent the next couple hours getting a game plan together and bam the fuse is just about done. I plan to finish up the fuse 100% recover the works before I even start the wings and stabs. If you have a crashed or a kit sitting that is considered to old or "imac" plane screw it strip her down and get to reading Sensei's threads break out the dremel.. Man If I can do it anybody can.. Not to mention I am dong something I thought once impossible..
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Posted by GMoney | 12-03-2010 @ 08:43 AM | 14,006 Views
Ok, well it has been brought to my attention lately that I may have too many projects going on at any given time. So I thought about it. What is too many? I figure right now I have roughly 100 active projects granted not all flying but a solid 100. Now I probably have another 100 or so on the back burner and another 100 or so on my mind. I sort of have what they call Adult Attention Disorder defect. I am sort of wired different than most. I need a lot going on to keep my mind straight. I have four airplanes in some sort of build/repair process. I have five helicopters in repair or update process. I don't think that is too bad. I make my own fuel I have a 38 ford truck that is going to be a Diesel powered rat rod, I love to wake board and paddle board I make both my own boards and paddles. I have two paddles almost done for next years season. I will need to build at least three more for the kids and my wife wants a new one. I have a house that is in constant state of remodel and repair. I am going to school full time. The boat is getting a complete interior redo and a motor freshen up. I need a new slider built for next summer. The wife wants a pontoon boat I found one but it needs to be redone from the trailer up. My two daily drivers both have well over 200K. I have two more Mercedes Benz turbo diesels in some sort of disorder. I am constantly buying selling or bartering. I have a gun problem but it way sorted out for now. Airplane trailer needs complete redo and repaint. Red to match the truck. I found a camper for the big truck today started looking yesterday I bartered the repair of chicken coops for the rig. It hardly leaks so I can get it fixed pretty quick. sold three cars this month bought four more. Now that I think about it I don't see a problem.. I get almost everything I start finished. Some projects get sold or parked due to finances. I figure one door closes another opens.
Posted by GMoney | 11-08-2010 @ 05:21 PM | 12,860 Views
Man what a great year.. I got all settled in out here in Texas.. Although not perfect the family is getting on with it well. One of my concerns with moving out here was the loss of my flying friends. Granted I will see and talk to almost all of them either here or at TFC but nothing can take the place of time at the field or in the shop.. Anyways I was amazed at the vibe and the attitude about going to fun flys. Man everybody is in and driving 4 to 12 hours is the norm, heck I even found some guys flying full scale in just to chill for a couple hours at the RC field. I had an amazing season and normally I am totally burnt buy this time and I am ready to put it up or my normal its time for a change and I either grab a helo of a glider but not this year I can't seem to get enough. I have projects stacked up in the shop I have been out there almost daily and making good progress on multiple projects. I am so looking forward to my very first indoor event. Yep never before been to an indoor event. I am already chomping at the bit for next years schedule to hit so I can start scheming ways to get on the road. I am going back to school later this month so I maybe cant get out for the full length but I'm looking forward to some serious fun with all my new friends.. I guess I just wanted to say thanks to everybody I meet this year and for the incredible reception I got at every venue I made it to this year.. With only one more event to make this year I couldn't be happier with the outcome and I truly can't wait for the 2011 season to start popping.

Posted by GMoney | 10-18-2010 @ 03:21 PM | 11,923 Views
Well this one was a long time coming. Ron Wedel really works his ass off to pull this one off. Its one thing to do an event at your home field but a total different animal when that host club is three hours away. I guess luck for Ron the host club TUFF in Tyler, TX is about one of the coolest kick ass clubs around? Well I met Ron out there Wednesday mid morning kind of got the lay of the land enjoyed the perfect weather then headed to work. Thursday is a normal day just a couple guys coming in late afternoon but the flying has started. Friday well its on.. boys are rolling in setting up and getting to gettin. Saturday is always the BIG day the TRI state shoot out was pretty cool. I normally don't like shutting down the flight line to let one airplane at a time fly but all in all it was nice. Saturday night was one for the record books not sure we can even talk about everything that went on.. I'm sure we can't discuss dinner.. I heard the last flight was 3 a.m.. yeah I was not around for that but man hats off to those that made it. Sunday is normally a pack up and split kind of gig but for what ever reason the good weather or just the killer vibe guys just kept flying. I kept hearing yeah I got to get going I have a 3-6 hour drive home depending on who you talked with but nobody wanted to leave.. Pretty damned cool if you ask me. I guess I will have to ink this one in for 2011..

See you there..
Posted by GMoney | 07-09-2010 @ 02:02 PM | 10,730 Views
Well my main focus was to get out the the Flying D Ranch for there grand opening. A brand new facility with lodging on site a place built on our needs as modelers. Like everything in life "You can want in one hand and **** in the other, you see what fills up faster" Well with it being the fourth and us living on the lake we have become a destination of sorts for family and friends. I regardless loaded up on Thursday night got everything ready to go. Wouldn't you know it the first crew shows up bright and early on Friday morning.. I'm stuck no flying my wife see's my frustration and tells me if I'm good and things settle down I can go fly on Saturday night for a couple hours.. "Great!"

So Friday comes and goes, Yeah I'm having a good time the boat is running great, the Bar-B-Que is nice and hot and loaded to the limits of the screens. More of the same for Saturday the weather is perfect I got a couple of nice runs in on the wakeboard and I am looking at perfect weather a little overcast a nice breeze keeping the temps down. The truck and trailer all ready loaded and hooked. I get the green light stop for nothing get in a GO!

The field is only minutes away (15) and I have the ear to ear smile.. So I get there place is vacant I'm stoked perfect skies nobody hear I can grab three flights and get back before the serious drinking gets started. I do notice a dark sky WAY off in the distance but dont think twice about it. I throw everything together check the battery, fill the tank, confirm the right model, get my restraint strap ready. Its time, Choke her three flips she pops, pull the choke off four more flips and the sweet sound of a 3W106 just purring at idle..I do a quick double check on the surfaces and run her up, Hit the timer release the strap and bam! Cross runway take off.. You know the normal blow the dust off run her around keep an eye on the now very close dark sky. I'm still thinking I will have zero problems getting three flights in before it gets this far.. The first drop of Rain hits me at 6.54 on the timer.. YEP, screwed!!!!!!!! So if figure I have pushed it far enough and should get her on the ground. No kidding by the time I make a quick short downwind, final and flare.. Its Freaking POURING. not raining its pouring. So the fire drill starts, with the wind screaming now and the rain coming in the trailer I can't work fast enough I am drenched already and the canopy isn't even off. So I tear into her throw the wings in the bags slam the fuse in the trailer tie her down with the door shut.. Rip the battery out put the transmitter away lock the door and CRAP I left the window to the truck down.... So I tear my shirt off jump in and get moving. The window wont come up the gate has swung closed so here I go.. So I get the gate locked up, the window finally goes up. Its raining so hard the road is a river my wipers are screaming and I still cant see. So I roll home my 6000lb truck sliding all over the road.

I make it no problems safe.. The skies are perfect the lake is flat, I'm soaked to the bone almost a week later the truck seat is still wet. The things we will do do get 7 minute flight in....

Posted by GMoney | 06-28-2010 @ 11:53 AM | 10,648 Views
Like most things its never easy. I was hoping to leave Thursday morning early (4 a.m.) but the old truck had other ideas so I spent Thursday installing new wheel bearings, changing the oil (3 1/2 gallons) a new belt tensioner and new serpentine belt. With all that behind me I loaded up and got under way after two hours of sleep and left at 4:15 a.m.. I go there in just under 5 hours and got straight to the business of flying. I spent the next 80 hours, flying, BS'ing, eating, more BS'ing, Sweeting a ton ( lost 6lbs) sleeping very little (7 total hours). I cant tell you guys how much I love going to vents but when its an event like this one with huge event sponsors and 75 pilots with the same exact purpose to have fun.. That is it smile, laugh, fly and just enjoy what Hot Springs had to offer, A kick ass host club, perfect weather and hundreds of the best people this hobby has to offer. I was going to be done until the Tri State shoot out in Ocotober but with an empty bank account and no real job to speak of I will to what I have to to get to another Huckfest in 2010 Ohio is next and its only 48 hours of driving,, I need some road partners, I need more HUCKFEST. I am still buzzing from the trip. I did sleep almost 18 hours straight when I finally got home.. I hope to see you and meet you at an event in your back yard,

Posted by GMoney | 06-04-2010 @ 11:05 AM | 10,484 Views
Well it never fails when its time to load up and hit an event there are a million "little things" that need to get done. You know wash the truck, check the oil, check tire pressure. Then there is the trailer that is a disaster from the weeks of flying. Where is the IPOD? is the battery charged? Do I have enough fuel. So last night I started getting things ready and I'm running around like a fool and my wife with cocktail in hand is just standing back watching with that ever so popular smirk. I get a glance and I ask "What" her reply, You think I'm bad when we go places you should see yourself all worked up over what a bunch of Old, over weight, grown men that play with toy airplanes. You are truly pathetic you dont put that much energy into family weekends. Then she pauses and says! Honey would you like me to lay out your clothes for the day? How many of you get the same treatment? I'm sorry that some of the best days of my life have been hanging out with guys in the middle of nowhere playing with toy airplanes. Not to be deterred I gave her the finger pushed her aside and kept at it.. 3DHS shop gig Saturday Dallas TX. I'm coming!

Posted by GMoney | 05-24-2010 @ 10:46 AM | 10,862 Views
Well, even with all my great planning to get out and get to new friends and new events. I forgot one key factor. "Honey Do's" Ah, well with the role reversal I have been thrust into the last 1 1/2 years I sometimes lose track of time and dates other than flying events of course. Well the wife got home late on Friday and of course I am loading up the trailer and getting the ice chest ready when she says "Hey aren't you going to paint the kitchen, kitchen cabinets this weekend?" I of course replied
"NO" then she swiftly reminded me that memorial weekend is just days away and we have family and friends coming out to the house and I said I would help her out with that before family arrived.. "DOH" Not all hopes were lost I did manage to bag ten flights with my charger foamie. (Hate to see charged batts go to waste). All in all a good weekend with the kids pitching in hitting a baseball game and paint lots and lots of paint. OK, so next weekend for those of you that are airplane Nutz like me, family weekend coming up.. Next up June 5th 3DHS gig in Dallas, TX..

Posted by GMoney | 05-20-2010 @ 10:47 AM | 10,929 Views
Well its June in Texas and the only thing I look forward to is my long list of events and fun flys that are on my list. Not a day goes by I don't check my calendar or go to the AMA website to check if more events have been posted. I don't care helo's, float fly's, fun fly's, club picnic's, giant scale 3D, electric only,**** I will go to a damn scale event or even glider events.Heck I showed up to a club picnic and I wasn't even a member never even flown there just saw it thought I could get there. I just hate the week days when there are no events. I go to the club field at least a couple days a week sometimes just to watch the grass grow or the birds flying around. I have it so bad I may have to go to meetings again. When I first started in the hobby I got like this but all internal club crap and club events never going far from home.. Now that I know whats out there I only think about getting on the road and meeting new people. Ok, this weekend a Big bird in Mt. pleasant, then a Helo event in Dallas.Then a long week of no new friends.. Man really need to get to the nall in 2011 I think that event could hold me over for the long winter.. Or simply drive me nuts..

Ok, enough rambling storm is a couple hours away I think I'll go fly..