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TwistedHobbys Crack Camels in action under the lights at Joe Nall 2017! Enjoy

TwistedHobbys Crack Camel: Joe Nall 2017 (3 min 5 sec)

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If interested, see https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...-Battery-Breez for my build log for a battery tray for the 87" 3DHS Extra 300 SHP.
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Now available, show em how you smoke em sticker sponsor sheets or individuals. Inquire by PM
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Blheli vs simonk which is better? Which is better for FPV? Choosing ESC sometimes is maybe a confusing problem for FPV or other quadcopter.

ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller. As the name suggests, they are there to control the speed of the motors. They receive signal/command from flight controller, and drives the brushless motor by providing the appropriate level of electrical power in order to change motor speed (RPM). Quality ESC’s ensure reliable and smooth flight experience. And I will dissect each of them on various parameters in order to identify the one that out-muscles the rest.

1. ESC firmware Performance
between Simonk and Blheli, I would personally go for Blheli esc. Why is it so? Well, considering how fast Blheli has undergone improvements, it has been able to beat simonk on the performance. I was personally using Simonk but had to switch to Blheli for various performance-related reasons before settling for kiss. For instance “BHLSUITE” is one factor that makes its performance better than that of simonk.

2. How frequently it is updated.

For me, I think Blheli is getting upgraded more frequently than Simonk which is one of the factors that has seen it beat simonk on various aspects. Given Blheli’s stand alone GUI interface,. It is constantly becoming better than simonk. And yes, it is becoming easier to use than simonk on numerous aspects.

3. Ease of use.
Ease of use is an important aspect when it comes to choosing any ESC firmware. I vividly recall the days I had to manually type endless command lines while using simonk firmware.
Thanks to Blheli, I stopped having to type anything since it comes with an easy to access graphical user interface. At the same time, it also makes its accessibility simply a snap!

4. Ease to flash.
When we talk of ease to flash, Simonk requires you to follow a very long procedure if you want to flash it. This makes it quite unfriendly when it comes to flashing. On the other hand, you will only need to follow a few steps in order to flash your Blheli. With its GUI, every step is clearly outlined and the steps are easy to follow. This makes it quite impressive!

Blheli vs simonk which is a better firmware?
There is no doubt that Blheli ESC firmware is better than Simonk firmwares. Considering its impressive performance, awesome reversibility and ease of use and flash, you can never be wrong about it!
If you need Blheli esc, maybe you can find your thing on Tattu blheli 30 amp esc shop,it`s 15 off now.
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Gens ace and Tattu official online shop has update many new products, such as Tattu ESC, 5200mAh series lipo battery, 100C products and Yuneec Q500 replacement battery. We will recommend Ultrax 6300mAh Yuneec Q500 battery for you.

As the title, we know, the Ultrax 6300mAh is befit for Yuneec Q500 Typhoon (Buy Yuneec Q500 Typhoon chick: http://www.gensace.de/yuneec-q500-typhoon.html, have 50% off, don't miss a chance. Only in EU) Our Ultrax 6300mAh replacement battery 100% compatible with original manufacturer Yuneec Q500 drone, upgraded smart batteries with new appearance design.

Best Yuneec Q500 battery Features:

1. Replacement battery for Yuneec Q500 Typhoon drone
2. 100% compatible with original manufacturer equipment.
3. New appearance design
4. High performance battery
5. Local after-sales service (located in Dublin, CA)

Best Yuneec Q500 battery Specification:

Brand: Ultrax
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (Li-Po)
Capacity: 6300mAh
Configuration: 3S1P
Voltage: 11.1V 69.93Wh
Dimensions: 175mm*51.8mm*34.8mm(LWH)
Net Weight: 438g
Connector Type: built in
Balancer Connector Type: built in

Best Yuneec Q500 battery Compatible with:

Ultrax 6300mAh 3s 11.1v replacement lipo battery befit for Yuneec Q500 drone

If you interesting in our new products, you can check out genstattu.com, and more best yuneec Q500 battery details: http://www.genstattu.com/ul-6300-3s1p-q500.html Only $50.99 and free shipping. If you buy more order over $70, you will have 10% off extra, code: HAPPY70; over $150 have 15% off extra, code: HAPPY150.

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Some photos from Sunday whilst putting away.

How many photos before you know the aircraft type ?.

IMG_3826 by WIGY TV, on Flickr

http://IMG_3835 by WIGY TV, on Flickr

IMG_3820 by WIGY TV, on Flickr

IMG_3803 by WIGY TV, on Flickr

IMG_3792 by WIGY TV, on Flickr

IMG_3810 by WIGY TV, on Flickr

IMG_3784 by WIGY TV, on Flickr
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As we know, Tattu is specialized for UAV market, with stability and high quality, Tattu have great reputation in RC groups. Tattu slogan "less is more", "more" means more flight time, more enjoyment, and more satisfaction , and "less" means less weight, simple design. Tattu always develops products according to these 2 directions giving you a high quality battery. In the recent, gens ace and tattu official online shop have new batteries for 5200mAh 15C series. They are all usage for UAV and drone, and it is worth mentioning that the batteries price is best.

Tattu 5200mah 4s 15c lipo

Tattu 5200mAh 4s lipo battery are 40% off now! Only $28.31
Capacity: 5200mAh
Configuration: 4S1P / 14.8V / 4 cells
Discharge Rate: 15C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 30C
Net Weight(±20g): 455g
Dimensions: 133mm x 45mm x 34mm (LWH)
Balance Connector Type: JST-XHR-5P

Tattu 5200mah 3s 15c lipo battery

Up to 30% off, only $24.77
Capacity: 5200mAh
Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1V / 3 cells
Discharge Rate: 15C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 30C
Net Weight(±20g): 358g
Dimensions: 133mm x 45mm x 26mm (LWH)
Balance Connector Type: JST-XHR-4P

Tattu 5200mah 6s 15c lipo battery

Up to 40% off, only $45.74
Capacity: 5200mAh
Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6 cells
Discharge Rate: 15C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 30C
Net Weight(±20g): 635.5g
Dimensions: 132.8mm x 45mm x 50mm (LWH)
Balance Connector Type: XT-60

If you live in United States, we strongly suggest buy lipo battery on genstattu.com, if you live in Europe you can buy RC lipo battery on gensace.de. The battery give the best quality and best price, and meanwhile with great after-sales support.
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Flash Sale Round one:
50% off plus extra 10% off or 20% off plus 40% off = up to 60% OFF.

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Buy more save more...The promotion is going bigger!
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Wish you have happy May days.
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The Wind finally went from 35mph to 10-15 with some occasional 20mph gusts. So I took the advantage of the "little" wind and got enough video for this little Intro to Twistedhobbys' brand new release, the Crack Camel! This video features the Blue scheme. Man this plane is amazing,! Very light, agile, and responsive. It can also be a good trainer when the rates are dialed down, a very smooth feeling, especially with no wind.Thank you Twistedhobbys for all the support and thanks to the Lord for His blessings!

I am running the TMW Twistedhobbys combo, with a 2s 450mah (will probably change to 600mah)

kit and power combo available at Twistedhobbys.com

TwistedHobbys Crack Camel Intro (2 min 21 sec)

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Enjoy - First flight on a new WW1 foamie

CRACK CAMEL RELEASE VID 1 (2 min 51 sec)

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Still grinning a week later ..... ;-D

Untitled by WIGY TV, on Flickr
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Tattu GENS ACE 520mah 30C / 60C 2s 7.4v & 3s 11.1V are one of the best quality LIPO that we can buy for mini drones between 70-120 size. GENS ACE also is manufacturing well knowed batteries Tattu which are one of the best on the market like SLS or Bonka. These high class lipo are not a joke, it provides the best power I ever seen, if you never try it then do it & you will never back to old ones.

Box & Store voltage

Gens ACE batteries will come well packed:
(Pic 1)

Also storage voltage is on great level when we check them out of the box.
(Pic 2)

They looks delicious

Batteries got ling JST cable and looks really good, this batteries are really good because even power cable has extra heat shrink to prevent damage.
(Pic 3)
Discharge rate & Capacity & Cycles

If Gens Ace / Tattu wrote down that battery got 30/60C then this nuber are true, at some chinese or turnigy batteries we can find 50-100C but in most acses these batteries can't even reach half of this rate...OK, let's do some math, to know what is dicharge rate we have to mutiple capacity 520 by discharge rate 30C and the result is 15,600mA

Continous discharge rate is 520mah(0.52A) x 30C = 15600mA (15.6A ), burst is 60c so 31,2A which is Super score because mini drones in most cases can't take more than 25A .

These batteries are BEAST, I been able to pump in 565mah ! ( from 3.2V to 4.2 ).

Ofcourse this is nothing new because usually in these batteries capacity is higher than showed on label.

Cycle life span should be not less than 200 if you will charge these batteries under 1C, best one will 0,5C.
Size and weight

Weight for 2s GENS ACE 520mah is only 28g which is great score compare to capacity and discharge rate, while 3s GENS ACE 520mah is literally a fat cow ( 44grams ).
(Pic 4)

Size for 2s is 24x15x45mm & for 3s is 24x22x45mm . Here you can see a size difference:
(Pic 5)

Usage & flight test

2s GENS ACE 520mah works delicious, drone has good punch but still BOLT battery is mouch powerful to go due to Super high discharge rate 65-130C.
Gens ACE Tattu 2s 520mah Is it The best battery for Mini Drone ? (3 min 21 sec)

3s GENS ACE 520mah has really great punch BUT is way too heavy. 44grams is too much for small drones so most of extra energy is used to hover and just a bit for a bit more noticable fun. So best choice will be 3s 300mah and at least 45/90c but good luck to find it.... If you still want more power today then buy BOLD batteries from turnigy with Unholy C rating 65-130.
Is it worth to use 3s LIPO in Mini Drone ? Gens ACE Tattu 3s 520mah (3 min 25 sec)


2s and 3s GENS ACE 520mah have different price, if you have interesting in 520mAh 2s lipo and 520mAh 3s lipo battery, you can chick it: http://www.genstattu.com. So as you see price is low compare to quality.

Source: http://www.genstattu.com/blog/gens-a...racing-drones/
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I purchased a 29% Orange & Black SBach from another pilot. It is in need of a new Cowl and Red Wing no longer carries the replacement. Any Suggestions?
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Car jump starters are nothing new. When your car starter problems, storage battery damage or under the condition of cold weather lead to the car can not normal start, the jump starter can solve them. Today recommend a new product and top best jump starter on genstattu.com.

Tattu 12000mAh Jump Starter Specifications:
Power: 400A Peak 12v
Capacity: 12000mAh
Vehicle: 3.5L Gas and 2L Diesel
Input: 15V, 1A
Output: 12V/8A, 5V/1A , 5V/2A
USB Output: 5V - 2A
Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V-1A
Start Current: 270A
Peak Current: 400A

Tattu JST1 12000mAh 12V 400A Peak Car Jump Starter Features:
A. Portable Power Supply: Instantly jump start your vehicle (up to 3.5L gas or 2L diesel, 12V engines)

B. 12V/(Max 8A) USB Outputs: The "12V/8A Output" will power your ISDT charger, Notebook, Cigarette lighter (Included) and even portable car accessories like inflators & car refrigerators

C. One Key Storage

D. LED Light: Tattu JST1 has a useful LED Light with three different modes: Normal, Strobe, SOS.

E. Long Standby Time: 3-6 months

F. Smart Safety: Over charging protection, Current overuse protection, Over voltage protection, Over current protection

Compatible vehicles
Cars, Dirt bikes, ATV/ATC, Motorcycles, Trucks, SUVs, Boats, Jet Ski, etc
Compatible Mobile phone: Iphone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony etc.
ISDT, Tablets & Readers, Cell & smallphones, Gopros & Cameras, Handheld Games, GPS and More

If you interesting in Tattu 12000mAh 12v jump starter chick it:

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