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Hello everyone,
Here is a first video I put together, alongside some progress pics, of a 1/5 scale Aviat Husky that I am building for a client. This airplane will be customized into a custom paint job, matching the full size counterpart that the client wants. Be sure to follow this build, as I will be posting more content as I make progress!
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1/5 Giant Scale RC Aviat Husky Build Update | GIANT SCALE, LARGE FLYING MODEL AIRPLANES RC (1 min 26 sec)

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Hey guys,
Check out this review and flight test I did for Hobbyking's new Bixler 2 Release of 2017!
Overall, this bird flies very scale, is responsive and aerobatics capable. It can be flight ready in about 30 minutes, and is a fantastic daily flyer.
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Hobbyking Newest 2017 Release, The Bixler 2 - Flite Test & Review!!! | ELECTRIC RC MAIDEN FLIGHT (2 min 43 sec)

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I recently got a EF Slick 3DHS 79 inches.

As I would like to install my new DLE 55RA, I noticed that when I was test fitting the engine, there is almost about 0.4 to 0.5 inches gap between the cowl and the spinner backplate. As the engine has a rear mounted muffler I will not be able to cut into the firewall or use a smaller set of standoffs. If anyone has mounted a similar engine on this model, I would really appreciate if they could please share some advice and pictures.

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Here's the 2017 edition ... It's been a great year, managed to get my bottom into some truly special aeroplanes and generally had a great time.

Although there's no R/C stuff in the vid I had some great times flying and watching at various events. The highlight had to be Jase "The Ace" Dussia at Weston Park, But our Nationals at Barkston were great, as were evenings at my local club field and more lately indoor F3P flying at Newark

Anyway, here's wishing everyone on here a very Happy Christmas. I do hope you like the 'vid .

Time Flys 2017 - An Aviators Yearbook (3 min 39 sec)

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HSD 105MM F-16
Now this F-16 I fell in love when it first came out. I bought it the day it came out. I have had it for sometime now but have not flown it yet since the field I fly is not long enough I have discovered. However I am building it up first to my detail expectations. I have a mini F16 i fly in the meantime (UMX). 8)


- Warbirds.com Jet Pilot 1/8 scale
- Custom built cockpit
- Corrected Sparrow missles and custom painted
- Model sounds inc sound system from dymondusa.com
- JP 105MM ducted fan unit
- Aura 8 gyro
Posted by woodendesk | 11-30-2017 @ 07:24 AM | 22,692 Views
83 inch Tigercat (Don Palmer)
RCGF 26cc Gas engines (2)
Beila 17 X 7 3 blade WW2 props (2)
Robart/ CJ Landing Gear
Callie Graphics 1/7 graphic set
Lemon telemetry receiver
Booma RC Smart bus Elite
Star6 dual fuel dots* more to come on that as to why.
Dag (Damon Atwood) 3D printed R-2800 Radials

I bought this plane from a friend out in Columbus Ohio in 2016 summertime. I was never sure as to whose plans they were. I wanted to determine that so I could better understand its construction and layout. Meanwhile I bought most everything I needed to restore the plane and improve upon it. This was to be my long term project plane. I spent those two years studying and researching what to do with this plane. I finally had come up with my plan for January 2019. I began work that new years day with orbital sanding the imperfections out of the surfaces. I removed all the attached panels, cowls, firewalls engines, fuel tanks..the works. I could then see what I was working with. Being well built and remarkably intuitive design, I began to look for key markes of the design to determine the plan maker. Noted that the wings disconnected at the posterior flap location. The canopy was set with 4 mini screws. the battery compartment located just behind the cockpit, all key elements to determining the Don Palmer plans!! I began to develop a research packet on the plane, panel lines, fuel tank location, bolt patterns, etc. I have a great love for this plane as it represents all the skills I have developed in this hobby over the last 6 years. I expect at least a year or two before she flies, but it can always be sooner. stay tuned!
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Hey everybody. Here is the latest installment in the epic new Crack Laser Pro series of videos... Get one from Twisted Hobbys and get your 3D ... ON ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The Crack Laser Pro is Exceptional (2 min 53 sec)

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I was at an LHS in the mid summer of 2014 I believe. I saw the Corsair. I didn't have the money for it at the time, but I knew I liked it. so I did research on it through youtube and Tower Hobbies when it came out. I got the money in the summertime and ordered it from Tower Hobbies.When I flew it, I noticed it was a little hard to fly in the wind, but knowing about full scale corsairs, I began to make changes.. It flies to this day as smooth and level like no other plane I have in my collection.
-Callie Graphics set (Ira Kepford)
-Dynam 13X 7 Corsair propeller
-Ramoser Vario 3 blade prop B option
-Custom paint detail by myself
-Brewster bomb rack I custom built (attached by earth magnets)
-Flyzone 1200mm zero bomb
-EMS door/gear sequencer delay module
-Tru turn 5/8 "A" style prop nut
-Custombuilt tailhook
-Custom detailed cockpit
-Detailed radial dummy
-Motion rc EAGLE gyro
-Custombuilt Corsair exhaust ports
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Flying indoors this past weekend. Grabbed a little video and thought to share it. This is the Crack Laser Pro from Twisted Hobbys. A superlite profile designed by Cody Wojcik. Hope you enjoy the vid.

The Crack Laser Pro Indoors (3 min 28 sec)

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I bought this plane from the club presidentlate July 2015. I wanted to go bigger after the 50cc class I got used to.I love this plane as it flies like its on rails.
- DLE 61cc engine
- RCEXL Ignition cut off optical kill module
- Iridium NGK MC6 spark plug
- Fortitude Fuel tank 20oz. V.1
- JTEC Muffler Pitts style
- Falcon Carbonfiber Gas propeller 26 X 8 with painted red tips
- Miracle Silver Fuel Dot
- Red Clear Tygon Fuel line (just added)
- VP Gas racing Fuel 40:1 ratio with Redline oil added to make 50:1 ratio
- Pilot Yak 55 carbon landing gear strut (less slip angle flex than Extra stock struts)
- Carbon fiber interior deck modification
- Callie Graphics Custom request with MT propeller logos
- Secraft canopy bolts in red 4mm
- Secraft Wing bolts 6mm Steel pin
- Rudder:
- Aileron:
- Elevator:
- Throttle: XO power
- Source LiFe 3200 Mah/ 10C/ 6.6v 22wh (charge at 3.2A) (x1)
- Hobbico hydriMax Ultra NimH 5c 6.0V 2000Mah 2/3A battery pack (ignition module) (x1)
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Callie graphics MT propeller logos
B&E graphics
DLE 55cc with fresh carb rebuild
Stock Muffler
Carbon Spinner
Falcon 24 X 8 carbon propeller orange tip
Purple and Orange fuel line
Fortitude Fuel tank
SWB servo arms
Hitec servos
Smart Fly optical Kill switch
VVRC fuel dot painted purple with Hot wheels spectra-flame purple.

I bought this plane from a club member who had been flying it at the field for some time. I always loved how it flew when he was up in the air. Originally built by Gary Gunther our club president so I knew I could trust what i was getting.
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Following a promotion at work, I wanted to take the opportunity to build a plane for myself.I always wanted a PAU edge since realflight 6.5. I did research on the brand and found that the plane had everything I wanted. competition proven airframes, lightweight construction, excellent build quality. I researched the prototype of the 540T 35cc and fell in love. Tseres was my go to for the build when i had questions or wasnt sure how to approach a specific aspect of the build. I purchased all the same servos and motor the prototype had. Nothing but the best for this plane. during the build I ran into issues with the DA motor: the carb adjustments would vibrate out of the tune a friend and I had done. I ended up shrinkwrapping the adjustment screws to alleviate the problem, this solved my issue. This plane flys on rails and is light to the touch on the ground during landing. Thank you to Herve LaJeune for providing a great product!!

PAU 35cc Edge 540 T
No Limitz Carbon Spinner
XOAR 20 X 10 green tip prop Carbon
DA 35
Jtec Muffler
All MKS servos (same as prototype)
Fromeco 7.4 LioNs (2)
Smart fly Batt share
Green tygon fuel line
Green wire loom
PAU fuel tank
Miracle (black) plug, switch, fuel dot panel
RCXEL optical Kill
B and E Graphix
Callie Graphics MT Propeller logo
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This was my first gasser, I bought it March 2015. Steve Humunski of NJ (original posting of this very plane: http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/arf-...-180-a-13.html) I bought it from, good guy! I took it home and began to modify it to my liking. It honestly didn't need much in the way of maintenance to fly. I just went wild buying parts I wanted for it. I wanted a certain look and feel for it for sure. My first flight I wing wagged in and put the gear through the wing skin. Fixed it easily and was back up in the air again. I've put about 30 flights on it thus far since Ive had it. I am in a constant state of bettering this plane .

Seagull Extra 260- modified
*This is how the Seagull should look!
IBEC for ignition
Modified Rudder assy. for 3D flight
repainted new Xoar sword propeller (sealed)
Secraft canopy 4mm bolts (red) flushmounted
Graphtech Carbon Landing gear
DLE 30 w/ Secraft carb intake funnel
Hitec servos/ Savox on the ailerons for faster response (see below)
No Limitz 3 inch spinner (white)
B and E graphix small extra 260 logos/ aeroshell
Callie Graphics Mt propeller logos/ Extra 260 large logos and fuselage sponsor graphics.
Robart joints swapped in on ailerons - better throw (original CA hinges break after 50 flights or so.)
Polished Jtec Muffler
flown on VP fuels only
Fortitude fuel tank
Miracle fuel dot
miracle single switch assembly
Modified cowl with baffles for improved cooling
Horizon hobby pilot 25%
Redwing Carbon tail wheel assy.
Red Fuel line- Taildragger RC
New Red 3/8" wire loom
Quickfire fuel starter
200 X 250 3K weave carbon plating added for rudder servo tray.
DuBro Red Servo Ball joint hinges all around
New Savox aileron high speed servos
6STAR red servo tray for throttle
Red servo safety clips
Aluminum thin plate inside base of motor box to prevent fuel drippage from carb damaging the motor box.
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This model Is the ICI Halo!
Posted by LUKLA | 11-26-2017 @ 03:12 AM | 4,238 Views
Just sharing this Ultimate Bi plane build and Maiden flight video.
RC Airplane Ultimate Bi Plane 30 CC Gas Engine (4 min 11 sec)

Posted by bry55 | 11-15-2017 @ 11:14 PM | 4,143 Views
Hello all that will read this. My name is Bryan w, I am from Hemet California and I have been flying model aircraft since I was 10 years old.

My grandfather was the beginning to model aircraft flying for my family. He used to be on the cover of many model airplane magazines and even issued one of his custom made plans for a airplane he created. My father grew up flying and had a passion for building airplanes and flying them. As a small child my dad would take me to go flying every weekend. I would watch and loved it and one day for some reaso we stopped going.. A few years passed and This passion and commitment soon passed down onto myself. At age 9 I began looking at the model airplanes that we still had hanging up in our garage collecting dust, the engines the radios all of the electronics just siting and never being used. I asked my dad to buy a simulator for me so I could try flying. After a few months of stick time on the simulator it was time to go fly. We had a small plane called the “sig fazor” it was my dads “aerobatic” plane that wouldn’t cost so much if i decided to crash it. After a test flight by my dad he took off a second time and handed me the transmitter... boom I was flying, it was great feeling like I could do anything as this 10 year old kid I sent the plane into my first loop, my dad asked “ what the hell are you doing “. He told me to just fly around and get used to the flying. After that first flight I was hooked, I took the plane off the second time and even landed it. The simulator was all I needed to learn how to fly.

A few months went by and I had saved up for my first airplane. It was made by hangar 9 called the “big stick “ we did everything by the book. Built that plane and went and flew it. Soon my dad was hooked again. It was the greatest time of my life. Every weekend we would go flying and burn through a gallon or two of nitro fuel. My dad was flying a kit build ultimate by plane and I was flying my big stick.
Soon after we started flying again we would notice a plane flying down our street, a small foamie. One day we had our garage open with all the planes hanging on the walls like a small hanger, and the neighbor down the street stopped by and asked about the planes because he had flown as well. This neighbor would become out best friend and my really great friend that I would fly with almost on a daily basis. His name was Randy Dreyer @rad951. We build a relationship like no other. We would fly everyday in the street and then on the weekend at the model airplane field. Soon randy stepped up the game going from a nitro plane to his first gas airplane. I was amazed, jealous and very excited to get my first big gas plane one day.
About a year or two went by, And on Christmas Day 2009 it finally happened. After opening all these presents of bad ass servos and a receiver I was left wondering what we’re the servos and receiver for. All of our planes were already built and didn’t need anything. So I asked and my dad was amazed that I hadn’t noticed the couch pulled off the living room wall about 3 ft. Behind it were 3 huge boxes. And inside those boxes was my first big airplane. It was the hangar 9 carden yak 54. I was so excited to have the plane built I think by the end of the week it was almost ready to fly.

I flew that plane so much and had so much fun with it . The airplane was so great that my dad ended up getting a second one so that we could have matching airplanes. Randy and I began the quest of competition flying. With the 50cc planes it was challenging. So we looked into bigger planes. Randy bought a plane that was 150ccs it was the biggest plane at our airfield and my 50cc plane was the second largest. After a few months of watching randy get better and better with his big plane my dad had finally made the jump. We bought a yak 54 150cc airplane from a friend. It was ready to fly and I was excited. We began competition flying in iMac. Excelling very quickly.

After flying my 150cc plane for competitions I began getting into the art of 3D flying. Starting with Charger RC foamies, I began learning how to hover and do all that comes with freestyle flying. I began flying my 50cc plane as if it was a foamie. I used to put on a show every weekend for my local club. Hovering 2ft off the runway, knife edge 3 ft off the runway, having a blast. One day flying I had a brown out on my radio, using a dx7 that I had never had an issue with before. Flying doing some rolls I lost it. The plane stopped inverted, going into fail safe it pulled up and set the throttle to half. Unfortunately the plane was inverted and I was to low to wait for the radio to possibly re connect. My 50cc plane that I loved so much had just went nose first into the dirt, destroying everything.

More to come. I hope you are enjoying this blog. I will post more up to date as soon as my story of how it all began is finished.
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Does anyone have any idea where I can get detailed building instructions on my Skyline MXS-R 30cc 1915 mm plane?
Extreme Flight has very detailed building instructions available.
I have searched on line and contacted Skyline with no success.
Help !!
Posted by flyby744 | 11-06-2017 @ 09:20 PM | 5,349 Views
STOLEN MAMBA 70CC, Yes sad but true. I was at the best flyin of the year in Iron City Ga. the host Rusty is the best. But someone a Bad person or persons were there that left the event Sat morning between 5:45 am and 7 am. This is most likely the ones that [STOLE] it. So please keep a eye out for used mamba or da 70 for sale. If some one is selling a da 70 I have the eng#. I can also tell you about some repairs to look for on the Mamba.
please send me any info or if you see someone show up with a mamba they didn't have before. as you know there not any used ones on the market because they are so awesome! It was not even a large event and vary family friendly and if you were there you talk to every one at on time or another.. so please be looking for it and the people that STOLE IT because we all need to know who they are. we are in the best hobby and the best peoples. So sad there a couple of loser among us.

There are Two modelers offering $500.00 EACH REWARD to find and convictions of those involved. So keep looking!!!!!!!!! just send me leads. If they are found and convected with your lead you get $1000.00
Posted by RussellRifleRoll | 11-04-2017 @ 08:49 PM | 7,397 Views