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Posted by DoubleA | 09-24-2007 @ 01:10 PM | 5,976 Views
I am a 29 y/o in a club with a whole lot older guys that constantly come with negative attitudes! I have been brought up around negative attitudes enough i am so tired of constantly hearing it!
well like i said it is time to do something! I have already started on the clubs next fly in for next year!
I would really appreciate anyones input! I have tallked to a couple of the guys about possible pulling a charity fly in! more defined a relay for life fly in! just to see what we might be able to do! I have 4 people on my side already!
Posted by DoubleA | 09-23-2007 @ 07:25 PM | 5,991 Views
Some find me odd or different! Not by my looks but by the way I act! You tell me how someone is raised by their mother that constantly thinks about others and does not follow suit! I was not ruffed up like alot of fathers do to their sons! Honestly many times before my father left I wasn't even an existing child! How would u react to everyday life! A father that seemed not to care and a mother that cared to much!! Since then I have gotten married and my father seems to think that he suddenly needs to be a part of my life!! It is kinda hard to let someone in even in family after they have nearly deserted you after many years. I know he means well but of course i get those father son sermons about how I don't need to spend my money on airplanes! Trust me that sermon flew in one ear and right out the other! No pun intended!! I don't know if that is why i always try to find the bad things in people I meet and not the good things!!
I guess really it all comes down to the fact of most people now a days just enjoy seeing how far they can push people before they go of the edge!! I know their are many people out there like that and I don't want to be around a person with negative energy!! everyone says I already portray enough of my own!!
Positive reinforcement is what i am looking for in friends!! Is this possible or is this just wrong of me to think this!! I have always wondered does this make me a bad person!! I know i always have my hobby to fall back on!!
Posted by DoubleA | 09-20-2007 @ 11:12 PM | 5,832 Views
Hey, Aarthur here just to tell alittle about myself. I am 29y/o. Living in Halifax NC, about 8 miles off the virgina border. Married to a beautiful wife that stands behind me 110% in everything I do and I love her very much for that! I have been interested in flying since i was old enough to understand flying.
My Father introduced me to the hobby when I was 8 or 9 and i was hooked on it since then. My father on the other hand was in and out of everything then, including my brother and I. He didn't seem to pay a whole lot of attention to us when we were young. My mother pretty much raised us. I took to his in and out ways for many years but the only thing that my father introduced me to is the only thing i stuck with. I still love the hobby to this day but I really wish i had a father figure who would have stuck by me and pushed me to do better.
Since then i have been through quite a few jobs. Here again i still had the hobby to go back to. I get a since of accomplishment with the hobby. Also a sense of peace. I am not the smartest by no means. I make a living by my hands.
I have tried to find people in the surrounding area that find enjoyment in the same hobby i do but the only ones i can find are people that are alot older than i am! Noone to really push me and challenge me to push myself! Just alot of people that tell me how foolish i am for spending alot of money in the only hobby my father took the time out to show me! I still try by myself to push myself but it doesn't work!
I will always love the hobby! that is a guarentee! I just wish there was a way i could push myself to be better and more accomplished than what i am today!

I know this is a long blog!

But i do appreciate anyone who reads this!