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Posted by Outka Air 20 | 03-06-2011 @ 11:09 PM | 12,394 Views
About ready to go just need to drill the prop and cut in a couple of charger ports and ready to fire her up!!!
Mx-2 50cc
DA-50 with a canister muffler front dump 50mm Drop perfect no cutting of cowl other than engine hole.
Hi-tech 7955 TG everywere even throttle.
Vess 23A prop
Power safe 9channel receiver
Hanger 9 servo arms. 1 1/2"
2- A123 6v duralite 2600mah
1-7.4v lion lithum 2600mah ignition battery
6v regulater on ignition
heavy duty jr switch for ignition
smartfly ingition cut off switch.