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Posted by Black rubberducky | 05-12-2013 @ 10:01 PM | 4,319 Views
This summer I plan on making a family trip to Ohio and Pennslyvania for a baby shower on the week of June the 16th (Or sometime around their) which I plan on doing some R/c.

My Family is bring a 26ft RV and a 4x8 trailer which will haul a pair of motorcycles. Hopefully if I can find a good deal while im up their and haul a new plane back with me. If my my grades are decent enough

I will be bringing a Crak Yak along with me. Hopefully that I will be building soon to entertain my little cousins . And show'em these arent toys! (jus kiddin)
Im extremely siked about this trip!

If ya'll want me to hit up some flying fields/Hobby-shops let me know!

Thanks Guys!