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Posted by jahatton | 03-14-2012 @ 10:46 PM | 11,727 Views
March 5th 2012

Was hoping of doing some flying this afternoon... (sigh) wind blowing and was snowing! Been 9 days since test flying Nick's AXN.
Nick wanted a Turnigy 9x transmitter and receiver that was only $39.99 at the time (they're now $53.79). Only problem is with backorders. We get e-mail letting us know there in stock but when we go to the site they aren't in or it's the wrong "Mode". Radio's come in 2 modes "Mode 1" throttle on right and Mode 2 throttle on left.
I wanted to see Nick get in the air so I ordered a HobbyKing 6 channel 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver but in Mode 1, had no choice only one in stock! On reading the reviews at the bottom of the product add, a fellow said it takes 10 minutes to switch from M1 to M2.
When the parcel came Nick was beside himself with excitement... I told him it would be a while before the radio will be ready due to the switch over. I got home and took the back cover off the transmitter.

This is how the Tx is packed.
PRODUCT ID: HK-6DF-M1 (Throttle on Right)

The red circle shows where the throttle ratchet plate is. (inverted
would be on the right) Swapping to the other side is easy.
Please don't assume that all the radios are built this way, I don't mean
the mode but the construction. Each company has their own design.

Now that you got the ratchet to the other side, the next step is
real fun. You need to remove the spring and plate assembly
this is the device that centres your joystick. The screws on the
corners are not really needed because they GLUED the darned
thing together. Not to worry, take a razor blade and carefully
cut the glued areas. (it's easier if you use a magnifying light.
Then take a pair of plyers and carefully pull the corner away
giving you some wiggle room to remove the part.

This is what the part looks like when you have it removed.
DO NOT LOOSE THE SPRING! If you like tinkering this is
right up your alley. :-)

While I had the back off why not put a nice Turnigy 1450 3SLipo
in. PRODUCT ID: T1450-TX-3

This is your finished product. Wasn't that easy? Took me 3 hours.
I didn't mention you need to cut the antenna wire because mine
tore off the daughter board.. Luckly I was able to solder it to the
backside of the board. I was so angry but it all worked in the end.