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Posted by grizzz | 09-07-2014 @ 01:52 PM | 13,658 Views
what a nice wet weekend we had our club meeting yesterday at the club in the rain stopped and had bbq for lunch on the way home that was worth driving in the rain there are no events at the club for a couple of months so I can chill still working on clearing the fence line of trees maybe 2 more cutting sessions to go a lot of work but well worth it field is looking good it looks like the gx3d will be no more but I will create a new event for febuary got to have a reason to fly for 4 days well that is it for now next time I will have something planned for feb the grizzz
Posted by grizzz | 12-04-2013 @ 09:34 PM | 13,392 Views
wow I am finally an official contest director and just got an email that my first sanction was approved I hope I don't screw up to bad we had our club meeting last night and I was made club safety officer a lot of responsibility on me now that cool anything to do with flying is good with me this Saturday is our clubs 10th toys for tots event looking forward to that it is always fun and good to give to the kids well that's it for tonight