Posted by tailskid2 | 02-17-2018 @ 01:07 PM | 4,398 Views
Received the smoke muffler and that required some additional material to be removed from the bottom of the cowl.
Posted by Scottsrn | 02-15-2018 @ 04:56 PM | 4,002 Views
This a thread I'm starting about wheel pants. I'm starting this thread to hear a few other opinions about having or not having wheel pants on your rc plane. It seem there will always be a few people who will tell you that they nothing but a pain. I have had a few planes myself that gave me trouble at some point with them, other than that it seem a lot of planes look better if you can keep them on.
Posted by tailskid2 | 02-11-2018 @ 09:27 PM | 4,506 Views
While waiting on a smoke muffler I have been playing with the flaps, mounting the cowl/spinner, etc.

If I wasn't 'waiting', this bird would be airborne by now!
Posted by tailskid2 | 02-01-2018 @ 08:28 PM | 5,151 Views
This ARF has really impressed me! If I were in a hurry, this bird could be flying in much less than a week! But I'm taking my time....the parts fit, assembly is quick, instructions clear. What more could someone ask?

Enough room in that fuselage to built a boat! Therefore some smoke will be added to the project.
Posted by Scottsrn | 01-17-2018 @ 08:00 PM | 5,797 Views
Pictures of my planes
Posted by Ethan Ater | 01-15-2018 @ 12:34 PM | 6,056 Views
Flying the TwistedHobbys Crack Laser PRO at the first indoor fly-in of 2018!

Twisted Hobbys Crack Laser PRO Indoor (3 min 34 sec)

Posted by Extra33 | 01-09-2018 @ 03:16 PM | 5,856 Views
In futaba for Mode 2 airplane version defined by a momentary or spring loaded switch the one located on top/left/ back side of the transmitter, as a confirmation you can watch you tube video Futaba 16 sza "timer set up" by Chip from team futaba where he select "SF" naming it as spring loaded switch but in the Manual it is described on page 16 as a momentary switch but is the same.
[Be careful, please do not ignore my advise ]
The one that I get from Tower for christmas have the momentary switch on the right.
I call Futaba services I they give me two choices:
1- Send it to change to left
2- Return it for exchange.
Please, review the latest software version as my came with version 3.0 and Futaba already release 3.2 in Dic 13
Posted by grosbeak | 01-09-2018 @ 10:47 AM | 5,995 Views
Hi folks,

I like to post detailed build threads here on FG. I also document builds and a lot of other stuff on my website.

Pay me a visit at www.grosbeakrc.ca.


Posted by Avaiojet | 01-09-2018 @ 04:05 AM | 5,596 Views
I offer peel n stick vinyl graphics for any size model.

I specialize in Warbirds but can and do make graphics for all kinds of models.

Really quick replies.

Here's some of my work.

Thanks for stopping by.

Posted by orthobird | 12-22-2017 @ 07:24 PM | 16,911 Views
Motor-Box construction:
1. 1st step is to identify all the parts needed and to draw out the lines on the firewall for the down thrust and the right thrust.

I will do 3 degrees of right thrust and one degree of down thrust.

Using the plans, I was able to identify the lines.
Posted by Prekin | 12-22-2017 @ 09:21 AM | 9,772 Views
For Mustang and Spitfire pilots I make scale resin exhaust stacks. Merlin "Fishtail" are 1/5 and 1/4 scale. Merlin Round stubs are 1/4.6 and 1/5 scale.
The bigger Merlin round sets are available with fibreglass shourds. The shourds work with TF giant Mustangs, Ziroli┤s, Carf and many similar Mustangs.
Posted by Prekin | 12-18-2017 @ 11:51 AM | 9,209 Views
There are first JP Warbirds 3D printed radio block and batteries for 1/5 scale P-51.
Posted by Barts_Hangar | 12-12-2017 @ 02:05 AM | 6,624 Views
Check out this incredible model the "Detroit Miss" P-51 Mustang Warbird, seen here flying at the BRCM annual warbirds over the bay event. Gotta love the scale rivets, attention to detail, and placards on this historic fighter! Absolutely breathtaking seeing work like this show up at flying fields, and even more breathtaking is the flight that you can check out in this video! Subscribe for more model airplane action coming your way

Stunning P-51 Mustang "Detroit Miss" flight (BRCM Warbirds over the Bay) | GIANT RC FLYING MODEL (4 min 45 sec)

Posted by Barts_Hangar | 12-10-2017 @ 03:21 AM | 6,448 Views
Check out this beautiful giant scale model of the F4U Vought Corsair warbird flying at the Kitchener Flying Dutchmen Airshow on a pretty windy day.
Large RC Warbird F4U Corsair flight (Flying Dutchmen Airshow) | GIANT SCALE RC PLANE FLYING MODEL (1 min 36 sec)

Posted by Barts_Hangar | 12-09-2017 @ 04:18 AM | 6,442 Views
Check out this gorgeous, rare, historic aircraft model of the Canadian Noorduyn Norseman. This model not only flies scale, but has an amazing sound too! Absolute gem - flown at the Burlington Radio Control Modellers airfield at the annual Warbirds over the Bay event. Check out the video of the flight below, and don't forget to subscribe for more

Giant Scale RC Noorduyn Norsemen beautiful flight | Historic, Large Radio Control Model Aircraft (2 min 32 sec)

Posted by Barts_Hangar | 12-09-2017 @ 03:45 AM | 6,416 Views
Hello everyone,
Here is a first video I put together, alongside some progress pics, of a 1/5 scale Aviat Husky that I am building for a client. This airplane will be customized into a custom paint job, matching the full size counterpart that the client wants. Be sure to follow this build, as I will be posting more content as I make progress!
Don't forget to leave a comment, thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoy the build

1/5 Giant Scale RC Aviat Husky Build Update | GIANT SCALE, LARGE FLYING MODEL AIRPLANES RC (1 min 26 sec)

Posted by Barts_Hangar | 12-09-2017 @ 03:41 AM | 6,369 Views
Hey guys,
Check out this review and flight test I did for Hobbyking's new Bixler 2 Release of 2017!
Overall, this bird flies very scale, is responsive and aerobatics capable. It can be flight ready in about 30 minutes, and is a fantastic daily flyer.
Don't forget to leave a comment, subscribe and a thumbs up if you enjoy the video

Hobbyking Newest 2017 Release, The Bixler 2 - Flite Test & Review!!! | ELECTRIC RC MAIDEN FLIGHT (2 min 43 sec)

Posted by CHRISINUAE | 12-03-2017 @ 12:11 AM | 6,826 Views

I recently got a EF Slick 3DHS 79 inches.

As I would like to install my new DLE 55RA, I noticed that when I was test fitting the engine, there is almost about 0.4 to 0.5 inches gap between the cowl and the spinner backplate. As the engine has a rear mounted muffler I will not be able to cut into the firewall or use a smaller set of standoffs. If anyone has mounted a similar engine on this model, I would really appreciate if they could please share some advice and pictures.

Posted by pittsartist | 12-01-2017 @ 06:06 AM | 7,531 Views
Here's the 2017 edition ... It's been a great year, managed to get my bottom into some truly special aeroplanes and generally had a great time.

Although there's no R/C stuff in the vid I had some great times flying and watching at various events. The highlight had to be Jase "The Ace" Dussia at Weston Park, But our Nationals at Barkston were great, as were evenings at my local club field and more lately indoor F3P flying at Newark

Anyway, here's wishing everyone on here a very Happy Christmas. I do hope you like the 'vid .

Time Flys 2017 - An Aviators Yearbook (3 min 39 sec)