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Posted by Wildwings2 | 01-31-2009 @ 10:32 PM | 3,465 Views
Hi and Hello all im geting back in to this after a 10 yr Absence. i have a 28% cactus Aviation 540 Edge im Bringing back to live she has a 98 inch span and will weight about 20-22lbs loaded set up with smoke generator. been looking trying to figure out what power plant would be best for this. iml eaning towards a DA 85 .The radio il be using is a New Spektrum DX7 figure its easier then i can fly everything with one radio plus its layout is very easy. I built a Goldberg eagle 2 LOL its like flying a vW but it got me back in the Game. i also have 90 size Delta wing Pusher thats a blast to fly.Any feedback wil be appreciated .
Thanks John