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Posted by FG-Tech | 02-07-2011 @ 05:12 PM | 18,528 Views
We have changed the amount of points that are needed to get a permanent ban from FlyingGiantsl.com from 40 to 20. Expired points do not count towards this total, so we only look at the currently active point total. We felt that a large gap from the 15 point level to the 40 point level was giving too much leeway for troublemakers and that it was difficult for a user to reach 20 points unless they were intentionally trying to get banned, so this change should not affect most users.

If you have any comments or concerns about this change, feel free to post them in the Site Suggestions / Complaints forum and we can discuss them further.

Posted by FG-Tech | 02-01-2011 @ 04:53 PM | 17,013 Views
There are a few new features that were added in the last week or so that I would like to tell everyone about.

There are two new fields in your profile for latitude and longitude. If these fields have been filled out in your profile (it is optional), you will be able to do member search's by distance from you (obviously it will only be able to do this for other members that have filled out their latitude and longitude so it may be slow to show good results for a while).
The latitude and longitude and longitude fields can be filled in by clicking on "My FlyingGiants" in the menu and then "Edit your Details" in the left column. The latitude and longitude fields are at the bottom of the form.

Which brings us to the second feature. There is a link in the description of both latitude and longitude that you can click that can help you find your latitude and longitude. It takes you to a page with a google map where you can find yourself on the map. You can either do it manually or there is a helper that will attempt to find your location on the map by your ip-address. This doesn't always get it right, so you may still have to manually find yourself on the map. Once you have clicked on the map, you will see your location entered into the text box below the map and then you can click save changes and you will have your latitude and longitude approximated for you (Just click on "Edit your Details" again to verify this).

The third feature is two additional preference settings. The first is to turn the forum jump on and off. It is disabled by default now, so if you use this feature now, you will need to enable it by clicking on "My FlyingGiants" in the menu and then "Edit Options" in the left hand column. Check the display forum selection menu option and then click "Save Changes" to enable it.

The other new option on this page is to set your distance search preferences. Right now it defaults to kilometers (I will be changing this to be automatically set when you enter your latitude and longitude but have not done it yet).

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Posted by FG-Tech | 12-29-2010 @ 02:01 PM | 13,624 Views
To find the page where the old "Subscribed Threads" link in the menu used to take you:

1. Click on My FlyingGiants in the menu.
2. Click on "view all Subscribed Threads" link which is just in the bottom right of the New Subscribed Threads section or you can click on List Subscriptions in the column on the left side.