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Posted by woodendesk | 12-11-2018 @ 08:42 AM | 26,584 Views
FMS P 51 D 1450mm
I bought the plane from MotionRC in 2014. Version 6 P 51 D. I purchased and installed the version 7 circuit board for the wings. going to also install an eagle 3A gyro as well to balance the flight characteristics. I went with Callie Graphics as always for Nervous Energy V, in which I got to get into the cockpit as a teenager in the late 90's which was a dream come true!!

Modifications__________________________________________________ ______________________________
- Version 7 circuit board
- Callie Graphics- Nervous Energy V
- Prop Modification- zip tie strip mod
- Warbirdpilots.com WW2 pilot
- Modified cockpit with scratchbuilt detail.
- Callie graphics instrument panel** an upcoming order
- Eagle gyro
- custom painted exhaust manifold and airframe