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Phioto's of Past Projects

Name: top side lt 600.jpg
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Name: Left Front LT 600 pix wide.jpg
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Hey, welcome to my blog
Posted by lumix | 12-17-2008 @ 03:44 PM | 3,096 Views
can eneyone tell me why my pitts pulls to the right in a wall i set up elvators with a meter have tried moving the right side up a little and down no change ????????????
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So...Our band, Mountain Ridge Highschool from Glendale, AZ, was one of 1,400 band to send in a resume, and now were one of 48 bands actully going! This is very exciting because not only are we recognized locally in Arizona for being the best, but now were at a national level. The only downfall is we had such late notice...that now we have 5 weeks to pull up $400,000. I am asking for a small donation whatever it is...it could help. There is tax credit for donations up to $400. Please help. Here is the band website link to donating. Thank You!
Posted by Tweek | 12-14-2008 @ 06:10 PM | 4,839 Views
This is a call for help, if anyone can assist. This time of year, many folks think of Toys-For-Tots, Toy runs, fund raisers for children, help for underprivileged families, and other charities. We just learned of this situation over the last few days…

The Yarborough-O’Neal Home in Zebulon is an assisted living facility. It currently houses 39 elderly women & 18 elderly men. In many ways, these elderly people are just like children…unable to help themselves and have no one and/or no where to turn for assistance. The home gets almost all of their money in exchange for somewhere clean and warm to stay. Earlier in life, these people were professionals, farmers, veterans of foreign wars, have raised families, etc…these are people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, people are often put in (or end up in) homes and seemingly forgotten. Most all of them are cognizant of what is going on around them and very aware that they are left all alone during Christmas (and most other times). This is sad to see, and an all too common miserable existence. Many of these folks have little or no family, and lack even the very basic of items that we all take for granted in daily life…things like Anti-perspirant, handkerchiefs, socks, q-tips, soap, etc. These items are not furnished by the facility, and the individuals generally have so little money that they can’t help themselves with the basics.

Debbie’s father is in this home, we’re out there to visit almost every day, and try to help out where we can. We’ve repaired sunglasses, put batteries in clocks, labeled clothing, found lost items, talked to management about conditions, and even been called to cut a lock off of a cabinet where an elderly lady had accidentally locked her personal possessions in and then couldn’t find the key.

We were talking with the manager and learned, after a Christmas routine of many years, they won’t be able to prepare their annual Christmas dinner for these people this year. Due to budget cuts, personnel cutbacks, most of their suppliers’ donation budgets drying up, and a general lack of funding, they simply will not have the food for it. They usually get donations of a few extra hams and other items for this meal that these folks look forward to, but they have none this year.

Several of the folks at Scootworks are assembling packages and gifts for these people, and we plan to go and spend this coming Friday (12/19) afternoon (around 3pm) with them to celebrate Christmas and life as best as possible. The girls at the shop are preparing snacks and food for the folks at the home. We can’t do much, as 57 adults are a lot of people to provide for, and we’ve been hit as hard as everyone else in the current economy.

The items we’ve already bought for their gift bags are: nail files, tangerines, peppermint candy, butterscotch candy, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, some toothpaste, deodorant, bath powder, chapstick, and hand lotion.

What I’m asking for is this:
- If any of you know someone in the food industry or grocery store business that might be able to do something to help with their Christmas meal, it would be much appreciated. We’ve made calls to folks we know, but aren’t making progress with donations.
- The men can use simple things like personal hygiene items (soap, shaving lotion, aftershave, q-tips, toothpaste), socks, handkerchiefs, hair combs, more hand cream, nail clippers, etc. Other items are more expensive and up to those donating.
- The women can use simple things like personal hygiene items (soap, perfume, q-tips, toothpaste), hair brushes, nail files & clippers, hair spray, shower caps, cotton balls, hand lotion, etc. Other items are more expensive and up to those donating.

We’d really like to help these elderly people to have a good Christmas. We’re not looking to have them get new TVs and fancy presents, but rather help them have a good Christmas meal and know that the world hasn’t forgotten and passed them by. I understand that everyone is in a bad way this year. Like many of you, we’ve cut way back on Christmas spending, travel, and unnecessary expenses. If you can help ANY at all, or know anyone who can, please email me at wb4iuy @ eastrc . org or call my cell at 919-795-2074. I surely hope none of us ever end up in this situation, maybe we’ll be able to provide for ourselves and have someone who loves and cares for us enough to make our later days pleasant.
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Hi everyone !

I am thinking to upgrade my JR 7202 PCM and not sure what option should I take. I am analyzing betwen JR 9303 PCM or the 10X.
As far as I read I believe that 10X has more programming capabilities but I am not sure if I´m getting into an old technology comparing with the XP9303.

Could anywone advise or make some recomendations ?
I really appreciate your comments on this ... !
Thanks in advance
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Hi everyone returning back to our great aircraft hobby, a newbee on board, to Flying Giants.,hope welcome,on with building from scratch just to make things more intresting not from kit.,have a few to go at ,but desided to put my design experience to good use,multi-tasker to create,looking at ,plus reading up on history to prescent day on fundimentals of flight design problems then as we all do at some time look for solveing them having the satisfaction that methods employed sets the way forward for principle build formulation to be used if so wished., over and over again ....so far happy with work carried out...,

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Can anyone tell me how to make red smoke. I have asked a few people and there ideas don`t work so well.
Posted by AFranchi | 11-18-2008 @ 10:50 AM | 7,515 Views
Someone knows where he can fly indoor (Foamy) in Miami?
I am seeking some covered place of some school in the neighborhood of Miami Dave or Broward, if someone knows about some place where already he flies indoor please report me.
Posted by flyboy1020 | 11-15-2008 @ 10:27 PM | 3,192 Views
In the sportsman sequence, when you do the 2/8 p.t roll on the upline for the humpty bump does it matter if you push or pull on top? I am not to sure if it matters which way you go.
Posted by Hansolo | 11-12-2008 @ 06:04 AM | 5,447 Views

A full month had passed since I have been lurking around the boards researching my very first 6 channel heli. This review is from a newbie's POV, offering you a fresh look at the heli as compared to a seasoned vet that has helis lined up at his disposal, flies the living [email protected]# out of it, & barely has time for projects as elementary as a 450 size.

My heli experience is limited to a Lama V4, I've had it about 2 months & I felt that it was time to move up to a single rotor CP.

At first I thought of going with HBCP2 route, it's not a bad stepping stone, many pilots also went thru this route. Exchanging PM's & further research led to me to conclude that a motor driven tail could be a good step forward but a belt driven tail would be better. So a belt driven tail it is.

The 450 size seem to offer the most variety in electric helis, be it heli choice, aftermarket upgrade parts & LHS parts support, not to mention a price within reach to a newbie wanting to try out helis.

One model ALWAYS calls a newbie's attention in this size, for it's pricing & RTF package. Overall, a heli that flies most of the time, the model that you either love or hate , the BELT CP.
I would not be going through a Belt CP's strengths as it has lots on any BELT CP thread(yup I read through those).

With the inherent design & build limitations of the Belt CP, I set off to find another candidate.
Enter the CopterX. Well this was a really good contender. Good alum parts, decent overall build & the most important, 99 to a 100% Trex compatibility. I thought hey, that's good as most LHS stock on Trex parts. The CopterX threads has earned an eager following, usually has more pages than the BELT thread, so good luck!

Still I was in search of my heli, then came the GULANG models. Marketed here(where I'm at) as the Clone of the Clone(CopterX). These helis looks to be generic helis, they are probably made to be rebranded,the Ninja450 is probably this heli. I don't know about you, but I would prefer to go with the ORIGINAL clone(CopterX), specially if they are priced about the same & that is because of CopterX/Trex compatibilty.

Another company enters the 450 size with the KDS450S RTF. It has strong ties with Gulang & is probably Gulang made rebranded as KDS. The main difference of this model is the tail drive. Uses the belt directly from the main shaft instead of passing thru a 2nd gear that drives the belt. One important thing though, it has an all plastic head & tail, good thing is it looks to be Trex compatible. It is also priced just a tad higher than the BeltCP. This heli is ahead of the BeltCP(old version) in terms of design & electronics. Plus the canopy looks so bad ass.
However, it is close but no cigar.

Ahh the moment of truth...

After balancing the Pro's & Cons, this goes without saying balancing my budget, I finally decided on my first ever 6 channel heli. All things we're considered & this decision has the blessings from the nice people I've corresponded with in the span of my heli search. Thank you to everyone.

This is the model that I would be growing up with on this heli trip.

Stay tuned.


So yeah I plan to be in this hobby till I can't do it no more for a host of other reasons...but I'll find means.

This is my own little way of spreading the joy/fix/addiction I get from this hobby to everyone who we're junkies before me. :P


*September 05, 2008; 5-ish PM

It's about 20 hours old now. I'm loving every second of it. I can't even take my eyes off the heli. There is something about these machines. Hmmmm.

Well, I am now in battery #4 using Radd's method of learning to fly.

I can just imagine, If Radd was beside me on this battery pack, he'd be yelling in BOLD RED CAPS. ;D

I hovered. Hihihihihi.

You tube & Vimeo download has been going forever, bear with me.

Since this is the FIRST time I actually took her up, I noticed some tail wag, very slight, maybe too much gyro gain. I'll try to lessen the gyro gain first, if I can find it.
For now, I'll follow KISS & the time old adage of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

From the shop, the only thing I had to do was line up my rudder servo, the pushrod was bending when I got it from the case. I also noticed rudder servo buzz so I moved the servo mount aft by 1cm. NO more buzz. Thanks Finless, I knew exactly what to do.

That is still my main concern. There is still some servo buzz. Not from binding more of like, after you give left rudder input for example, then you give right rudder, the buzz happens. It's like the servos gears are not meshing right, servos are TPSG9 servos(blue ones). Or maybe it's just the gyro working or the lipos breaking in, or maybe its the whole system that just needs a break in.
I'll be looking at this one closely though, my next ten battery's would probably be hovering around 2 to 3 feet. So there is some margin to break in the entire system. I PLAN(not yet a need) to have a radio upgrade, but it seems I need to upgrade servos first or just do both if budget is there.

Of the entire heli the servo creep is my main concern at the moment.

I got two kinds of lube, A silicone dry lube & a 100% silicone oil.
I used silicone dry lube on all the moving things except where there is rubber. The belt, head(w/ the o-rings), & seesaw with bushing I use 100%silicone.
I never use WD-40, go at least with silicone based.

My blades are tight, nowhere near tap & drop, but so far there is no vibration in the heli. So I'll keep it that way. I just need to keep the furniture from hitting them spinning tornado's. Ehehe.

I need another Lipo. My Vislero is puffed.

I need to do something else... brb. ;D

Current pic of Moijiah
Proudly wearing the Philippine Flag ( *digital FAS flag, not official )

Starboard side updated look.

You might also wanna check out this alternate thread:

Posted by knighttwister | 11-10-2008 @ 11:03 PM | 4,697 Views
this is a slide show of the events that valley aeromodelers hels this year. we are small, but growing.
Posted by Syd | 11-09-2008 @ 12:43 PM | 2,663 Views
Can anyone give me help with identifying the Walbro Carb model number that is used on the DA100? The model numbers are scratched out on mine.
Posted by Vahn | 11-06-2008 @ 10:45 PM | 3,388 Views
I make video games for a living. No really.

But what this means is that I will go long stretches where I am always are work. I mean that literally.

The company I work for will even rent an apartment close to work (my normal commute ranges from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours) because we are quite literally grinding.

I just got done with a major holiday release, so now I'm trying to get back in the routine. Get back in the saddle.

My first trip to the flying field in a long time and it turns out I forget how to land. My glow 1.20 Yak takes a beating.

My second trip to the flying field in a long time and my 50cc Extra flames out and I couldn't make it back to the runway.

Two trips to the field and two busted airplaines.


Guess I should of got back on the simulator before heading out after an extended, involuntary, absence.

Trying to keep myself from being discouraged, I bought the Hangar9/Carden Edition 50 CC Yak. It arrived today. So today I get back in the saddle.

Because of all the hours worked in the last six months, I basically have the rest of the year off.

As I live in Southern California which more or less has year round flying, it's time to just go big and do it up right.

So here we go again...
Posted by g'day.mate | 11-02-2008 @ 02:01 AM | 2,719 Views
G'day guys,

Just wanting to know if any one has any idea where I may find a pylon racer "Red Bull" style for my dad for Christmas. He has always wanted to go to the Red Bull races in Perth, but seems as he couldn't go this year, I thought "Why not bring the races to him?". So if any ony has a website address or any thing where I can order an r.c. pylon plane, it would be much appretiated if you let me know!

Posted by 3Disaster | 10-26-2008 @ 07:03 PM | 5,222 Views
Here's my IMAC ride for this year (2009). Well at least for a little while. Once I get out of basic I'll be getting a PAU Pitts to put the gear from the Stinger in. Right now the Stinger is at 19lbs, which is kinda hefty, but should do ok in basic. Besides, it will just handle wind a little better. I've been having problems setting it up as this is my first gas plane. I've had glow and electric before, but none this big.
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We are having a Benefit raffle for Brady Jacobson!

Awesome prizes....

Check out the Threads below for more info:



Paypal or checks will be accepted.

Chuck Hochhalter
Posted by rustychelsea | 10-18-2008 @ 05:28 AM | 2,631 Views
Having problems with my ESKY HONEYBEE KING 2.
I am just a beginner learning to fly, I am having problems trying to get the lift; the lipo battary is fully charged, the heli has all been trimmed and I have had it up in the air, but for some unknown reason when I try to get lift the main rotor blades don't turn. Could anybody out there assist me on any reasons why this would be occuring.

Thanks John.
Posted by ddayton | 10-13-2008 @ 10:51 PM | 2,998 Views
Hi everybody I am the new guy in the air ! Ijust purchased my first plane , the hobbyzone super cub trainer . I hope it is a good choice , so far it has been a lot of fun. ! I have been up three times and crashed once,and that was with help. The plane is glued and ready to go again! I have met some great guy's and they are giving me some needed help. What would you suggest for my next move up in planes.

ddayton ( Surrey / Langley)
Posted by alan anderson | 10-13-2008 @ 02:51 PM | 4,264 Views
right elevatorworks corectly, left elevator dosen't travle correctly. down they move correctly, up slave elevator dosen't move the same distance