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So yesterday as my father and I rolled up to the field to do some much needed flying I totally had it my mind that today would be different from all the other times that I fly. Normally I just show up, plug in a battery and fly until it's almost dead. Switch batteries and repeat.

Actually, it's not a bad plan. Yesterday, however, was to be different. I was going to actually work on learning new skills. I want to work on the timing to allow me to do harrier rolls and other such rolling maneuvers without losing altitude. Sounded great in my head. 5 batteries later and I have yet to attempt a single one. The South Carolina heat was kicking in and it was time to go.

I think I learned a valuable lesson though. All I need is some stick time to be happy. I don't actually require any true skills. I did manage to drag the tail on the ground while doing some harriers, and I had some decent blenders. I'm just looking forward to to my next chance to not try to learn anything.
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Wing Area:1100 sq. in.
Ready-to-fly weight: 10-11.5 lbs.
The Professional Series incorporates “State-of-the-Art – Revolutionary” construction techniques seen in today’s composite ARF’s now available in economical, traditional, “built-up” balsa and ply construction.

We tested this model with a Brison 2.4 gas engine. The all-up weight, on a digital scale was an incredible 10.9 lbs. Additionally, we tested the Giles with an OS 1.60FX, with a NMP Carbon tuned pipe, Mueller Header, and a Cline regulator. All up weight, 10.4 lbs.

<TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD><TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Features:</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>Construction: Laser-cut balsa & plywood construction.
Wings: Wing & Stabilizer Built-up 2 piece design. Removable stabilizers.
Wing Spars: Carbon fiber wing and stabilizer tubes/joiners.
Incidence: Factory Pre-set.
Multi Wing Position: Adjustable "Floating" wing positioning.
Control Surfaces: 3D Control surface area, double beveled.
Covering: Factory applied Oracover covering. Vinyl graphics also included.
Cowl: Precision matched pre-painted fiberglass.
Wheel Pants: Pre-painted fiberglass.
Canopy / Hatch: Pre-formed & pre-painted.
Landing Gear: Carbon tube with covered airfoil shaped fairings. Triple bearing supported in the fuselage.
Servos: Dual Aileron / Dual Elevator / Pull-Pull Rudder.
Hinge Slots: Pre-drilled fro "Robart" style hinge points.
Tuned Pipe: Pre-built tuned pipe / muffler channel.
Building Time: 9 - 12 hours.
</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Includes:</TD></TR><TR><TD>Pre-built & covered wings, tail assemblies, and fuselage. All necessary hardware including pushrods, landing gear, wheels, servo trays, wing joiners, and a photo illustrated instruction manual.
</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Requires:</TD></TR><TR><TD>Engine: 1.40 - 2.10 size 2-Stroke or equivalent 4-Stroke engine. 30cc - 50cc Gas
Muffler: Tuned Pipes or Pitts Style suggested; however a stock muffler could be used.
Radio: Minimum (4) channel radio. (Computer radio recommended)
Servos: (5) high torque -90 ounce- servos for the control surfaces. A higher torque servo may be desired for the Pull / Pull system. (1) standard for the engine.
Spinner: 3"
Misc. Items: Glow plug, 1/2" foam rubber padding, large fuel tubing, fuel filter,
propeller, building & field equipment. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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Wingspan: 77.5”
Wing Area: 1000 sq. in.
Ready-to-fly weight: 9-10.5 lbs.
Length: 78”
Power: 120-180 Glow or Pasontech GP5335/45 or equivilent

Pasontech is proud to release our second 2-meter Pattern Plane ARF, the "Evolution". Based on the success of the Icepoint and our 29% Giles, as well as suggestions from you, our customers, the Evolution has been born. The Evolution features two-piece wings and stabs, a traditional firewall structure to accept the popular Hyde engine mount or equivalent, a molded one-piece canopy / hatch assembly, and a one-piece fiberglass cowl.

For the Electric Modelers: This plane was designed with you in mind. Order the "E"-version, otherwise known as the "E-Evolution" and we will send you an eclectic motor mount designed for Hacker C-50 motors. This motor mount is made from precision laser cut ply, with a composite firewall mounting plate for the motor. Two air ducts are built into the mount which allow air from the cowl ducts to flow directly over the motor providing excellent cooling. Also included in the "E"-version is a custom battery mounting tray which makes for easy installation and removal of the batteries from the bottom of the fuse in the tuned pipe tunnel. The tray is removable with one screw and the location allows for excellent cooling of the batteries.

Whether you are a pattern flyer or an everyday sport flyer the Evolution is the right choice for you. The Evolution provides a cost effective alternative to the more expensive competition and artistic freestyle type designs.

The Evolution is very light providing excellent stability and precision flight. Knife edge flight is excellent with very little (if any) coupling required.

We tested this model with the OS 1.60 which provided excellent and unlimited vertical performance. This plane is feature packed.

<TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD><TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Features:</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  • <LI type=disc>Construction: Precision laser-cut balsa & plywood construction. <LI type=disc>Wings: Wing & stabilizer are built-up 2-piece designs. Removable stabilizers. <LI type=disc>Wing Spars: Carbon fiber wing and stabilizer tubes / joiners. <LI type=disc>Incidence: Factory pre-set. Can be made to be adjustable. <LI type=disc>Multi Wing Position: Adjustable "Floating" wing positioning. <LI type=disc>Control Surfaces: Traditional FAI size control surface area. <LI type=disc>Covering: Factory applied Oracover covering. Vinyl graphics also included. <LI type=disc>Cowl: Precision color matched pre-painted fiberglass. <LI type=disc>Wheel Pants: Precision color matched pre-painted fiberglass. <LI type=disc>Canopy / Hatch: Pre-formed & pre-painted. <LI type=disc>Landing Gear: Carbon tube with covered airfoil shaped fairings. Triple bearing supported in the fuselage. <LI type=disc>Servos: One per Aileron / One per Elevator / One Pull-Pull Rudder / One Throttle. <LI type=disc>Hinge Slots: Pre-drilled for "Robart" style hinge points. <LI type=disc>Tuned Pipe: Pre-built tuned pipe / muffler tunnel.
  • Building Time: 9 - 12 hours.
</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Includes:</TD></TR><TR><TD>Pre-built and covered wings, tail assemblies, and fuselage. All necessary hardware including pushrods, landing gear, wheels, servo tray, Carbon Fiber Wing and Stab tubes, and a photo illustrated instruction manual.

</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Requires:</TD></TR><TR><TD>
  • <LI type=disc>Engine: 120 - 180 Glow engine or Hacker C50 XL,GP5335/45 or equivalent, Electric. <LI type=disc>Muffler: Tuned Pipes are suggested; however a stock muffler could be used. <LI type=disc>Radio: Minimum (4) channel radio. (Computer radio recommended) <LI type=disc>Servos: (5) High Torque - 90 oz. in. of torque - minimum. We recommend the use of metal gear servos. A higher torque servo may be desired for the Pull / Pull system. (1) standard servo for the engine. <LI type=disc>Spinner: 2 3/4"
  • Misc. Items: Glow Plug, foam Padding, Fuel tubing, fuel filter, propeller, building and field equipment.
</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18></TD></TR><TR><TD></TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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Wing Area:106.73dm.sq.
Ready-to-fly weight: 11-15KG
Engine:60-150cc Gas
Air Foil: 16% Semi- Symmetrical

New version of F4U Corsair will launch in the next few days...
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Attention all warbird enthusiasts: The Mitsubishi A6M-5 Zero was designed for you! The Zero was selected as our first release of the all new RC “Scale-Master Series” aircraft. Our “Scale-Master Series” stands for the highest level of quality, with the highest level of completion, before arriving to you, the customer.
The “Scale-Master Series” incorporates “State-of-the-Art ” construction techniques as seen in our successful 3D line of airplanes. These techniques incorporate modern composite technologies as well as advanced “built-up” balsa and ply construction techniques utilizing laser cutting and CNC machining equipment. Factory applied Solortex covering which is professionally hand air-brushed, scale and painted finish. Scale insignias are pre-painted into the finish.

There will be limited production and availability of the “Scale-Master Series” line of aircraft due to the level of complexity and detail in construction.

We tested this model with a Desert Aircraft DA-50 gasoline engine. The DA-50 proved to be an excellent combination for the Zero. We also used a Zenoah G-62 and a 3W-75.

<TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD><TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Features:</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>Construction:Wings & Stabilizer - "Laser-cut" balsa & plywood construction.
Fuselage - Fiberglass composite technology.
Wings: "One-Piece" design with retractable landing gear construction. (Retractable landing gear not included) Stabilizer: Built-up 2 piece design. Removable stabilizers.
Wing Spars: Composite laminated maple main spar and aluminum stabilizer tube.
Incidence: Factory Pre-set.
Control Surfaces: Scale with Split-flaps.
Covering: Factory applied Solortex covering. Professionally hand air-brushed, scale, painted finish. Scale insignias are pre-painted into the finish.
Cowl: Precision matched pre-painted fiberglass.
Canopy: Pre-formed & pre-painted.
Landing Gear: Designed to accept Robart 154 main gear and 160 or 160WC tail gear.
Servos: Dual Aileron / Dual Elevator / Dual Flap / Single Rudder, Throttle, and Gear.
Building Time: Approximately 20 hours depending on the level of detail.

</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Includes:</TD></TR><TR><TD>Pre-built & covered wings, tail assemblies, and fiberglass composite fuselage. All necessary assembly hardware including servo trays, wing joiners, and a photo illustrated instruction manual.

</TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#f5f5f5 height=18>Requires:</TD></TR><TR><TD>Engine: 50cc - 100cc gasoline engine or equivalent.
Muffler: Inverted Pitts Style suggested..
Radio: Minimum (6) channel radio. (Computer radio recommended)
Servos: (7) 60 ounce (minimum)- servos for the control surfaces. A higher torque servo may be desired for the rudder system. (2) standard for the engine and retracts..
Spinner: 3"
Misc. Items: Retractable landing gear and air kit, control surface hardware, 1/2" foam rubber padding, fuel tank, large fuel tubing, fuel filter, propeller, spinner, building & field equipment.

[Notes] in the coming days we will launch the new version of Zero...

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...to our economy? Certainly the Bush Adminstration has to share in the credit/blame BUT that is just part of the answer.

I used to live in Southern CA for 47-years. I was tired of the crowds, the noise, pollution, taxes and the heat...yes, I really hate hot weather. It was time to leave this paradise.

I met my current wife on a football message board. We are both Saints fans. Now, before you shudder, consider that I used to be a Rams fan (back in the Carol Rosenbloom (sp?) days). Well, when good ol' Carol mysteriously drowned in the ocean while his wife (Georgia) was in one of the state rooms on their yacht, the "Team" was in dire straights. Georgia took to running the team. She fired Jim and Jack Youngblood, Hacksaw Reynolds and Isaiah Robertson. As if that was not bad enough, she uprooted the team and moved them to St Louis. The team was never the same again. I guess I was so used to following a losing team, that I naturally gravitated to the Saints. Enough said.

As I said, I met my current wife on the football message boards. She was from Western PA. We hit it off great! When it came to deciding where to live, in order to close the 2300-mile gap between us, PA won the toss for a great many reasons. Did I mention I hate the heat? I sure love the PA snow

I was a Test Engineer for a local Aerospace company is Cali. I figured with my back ground, finding a job in PA would be a snap. I was wrong! The prevailing industry in Western PA is Powder Metallurgy. Folks out here had no idea what talents I possessed, nor how to apply them in PA's working environment. I had two things against me...1) No one could trace my geneaology...they did not know who my parents were, who I was, who my frineds were, etc...They did not grow up with me so they shied away. 2) I had no practical PM experience on my resume. Forget that I was a 27-year Aerospace Engineer. Forget that I was a designated Engineering representative for the FAA. Forget that I managed enitre qualifification programs for military and commercial aircraft, and that I was one of three engineers that signed "safety of flight" certifications for these aircraft...on and on and on...

Well, rather than feel sorry for myself, I went to Penn State and completed 19-courses in Powder Metallurgy such that I had an education in this narrow field of expertise. Armed with that, I went job hunting again. No dice! I was still not worthy. Until this day, I have no idea why. After two years, and my nest egg running low, I paid my way through Sage Trucking School in Lebanon, PA. It was a 5-week long course. Two-weeks into the five week program, I received a call from a local Powder Metal facility. They wanted me to work for them as an Engineering Consultant. I was responsible for reporting my own taxes, etc...I explained that I had paid for trucking school, and that I wanted to finish with my Class "A" CDL, with endorsments. When asked, "What if we say we cannot wait?" To which I replied, "That is a business decision you need to make. If you cannot wait, I do understand, however, I am going to finish this school and graduate". They waited for me. So, armed with my newly acquired CDL, I went to work as an Engineering Consultant.

3-months went by and the company decided I was worth a regular position with benefits. A year later, I was worth a forced reduction lay-off, with no hope of a call back. Isn't life grand? It took me 2-years to find a job in PA, and only a year and 3-months to lose it!

Well, I was unemployed for 9-months. I received a call from a new company in the area. Long story short, they hired me as an Applications Engineer, responsible for managing old and new business, software design and hardware design using a 3D modeling program and design of all automated equipment. As the company continues to grow, so does my earning potential and opportunities for personal and professional growth. I like my chances...

In closing, I believe our Governor needs to spend less money on creating/maintaining Elk viewing tourism, and more on creating viable jobs for the local people in PA. I am all for tourism...just not at the expense of the local economy. Politics is a particular nasty part of living life in Western PA. Governor Rendell continues to rave about how our local economy has its lowest unemployement rate in the state's history...BUT...what he fails to explain/acknowledge is that people have to feed their families. So when they are laid-off at a local Powder Metal plant making $18.00/hour, and they accept a job at Wal-Mart for $9.00/hour...well, they do not show up as unemployed but their earning potential has just gone into the toilet. There is no category in politics to cover what is happening out here. Just so the governor can bragg about the lowest unemployment rate in PA history...and all is well.

Be well,
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every year our club, (valley aeromodelers) vam for short, holds a meeting quarry field. i for one think it should be done every month with good weather. next month we will hold it at our soaring field known as anderson sod farm.
i have included some photos of the after meeting flight and bs session. this usually turns into a family event.
i think all summer days should end as nicely as this one did.
enjoy the photos, and if you have a chance, come visit.
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Well I have a full schedule of events coming up... Fun Scale tomorrow. Twin Cities Imac the weekend after. Brazil Summer IMAC the weekend after that. Should be lots of fun! If any of you are out there in MN come on down to AC/RC tomorrow for the fun scale. I'm using it as kind of a warm up for the heavy IMAC schedule I have at the end of the season.

On another note, finally got the DA 85 purring like a kitten. Low speed needle at 7/8 of a turn, high at 1 1/2. Got the idle speed adjusted too so it finally idles down. It's like a whole new airplane. If I don't do good in IMAC in the next couple competitions, I don't think I can blame it on the airplane!
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this guy,tim is his name is one of our younger members. 40 years ago i would have tried the same thing, but old bones don't stitch well. some say we should have left it in the tree as a reminder.
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Anyone have any suggestions on a good light weight paint for a Charger depron foamie plane.

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To Anyone With Patience Enough To Read My Rambles:
Kudos to you!! I never really understood what "blog" stood/stands for. Let me apologize now for completely wasting your time. Get comfortable, crack a beer (or your favorite mind altering substance ) and journey with me for a few moments...

The year was 1983. I just purchased my first house in San Bernardino, CA and I am a nervous wreck. I have a decent job as an Aerospace Engineer (please, do not be impressed...it's only a job...no more important than the toilets I used to scrub at "Roy Rodgers Roast Beef Restaurant" at age 16). My wife(at the time) and I were trying for our first child. We were not successful until we dropped major bucks on the house (go figure)...but, I digress...I received my first piece of snail mail spam that said "Dear Home Owner"...boy, did that ever sound sweet!! It was a mailer from Tower Hobbies. It was August of 1983. I picked up that flyer at least 100 different times and set it back down. I figured there was no way I could afford these "toys" with a young one on the way. Well, I succumbed to internal pressure. I bought an airplane kit for $80.00. I figured as an Areospace Engineer, I could figure out how to assemble the darn thing and make it fly. What I did not count on is all of the support equipment required to assemble, then fly the darn plane...what with the CA glue, flight box stuff...on and on and on...

Well, I was hooked...and six months later I finished the plane...a 63" wing span trainer. It turned out wonderful, if I do say so myself! I was so proud of that "bird". I placed an ad in the local paper to find a club or flight instructor to help me with learning to fly. The last thing I wanted to do was to "break" my new toy! There was a gentleman by the name of "Guy" who responded. Turns out his wife was a babysitter, too. I figured I would have some use for her later

Well, we ventured off to El Mirage dry lake bed, in San Bernardino County, to try out my newly built work of art. In 10-seconds, maybe less, my trainer turned my work of art into a bag of tooth picks. Well, so much for all of his experience...

Fast forward to December of 2007...My new wife gave me a really special Christmas gift. It was a Hobbico NexStar Select RTF. I was so excited!!! I completed the build in like one and half days. Winters in Western PA are a tad rough, so I had to look at my new "bird" for quite some time before getting her in the air. While waiting, I decided to do some internet research on topic...since a lot has changed since 1983! I soon discovered that the FM frequency was out dated, and not desireable. I also discovered that the on board autopilot is/was not a good thing because it teaches/taught new pilots bad habits, like pushing the nose down to land (due to fighting the autopilots tendency to push the nose up to maintain level flight at all times). Since discovering these tidbits of information, I decided to remove the autopilot receiver included with the kit, and install an AR7000 receiver and purchase a JR X9303 2.4 GHz radio. Overkill??? You bet! BUT I am now learning to fly correctly, without the cheater's bad habits. Additionally, I do not have to screw with the frequency board or worry about getting shot out of the sky on an FM frequency due to stray RF or a local idiot (which, in my first trainer's defense, may have been what happened back in 1983).

So, what have I learned? Too much to mention...except for this...join a local club and have an instructor teach you the fine art of flying. It IS the least expsensive road to travel. It also allows you to have more money for your toys. What else? Please have a look at my winter build (Hangar 9 Cap 232G-27%) to understand what I mean. I just completed a Hangar 9 25% Piper Cub PnP, and I have next winter's build in my basement...Matt Chapman 1/3 Scale Cap 580.

I am not sure where this hobby will take me next BUT I can tell you this...it's been one hell of a journey, thus far...and it can only get better from here!

I have a few successful NexStar flights under my belt, and the Cap 232G required zero radio trim to fly straight and true FIRST FLIGHT.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramble...may all of your flights excite you to no end!

Warm Regards,
PS: I apologize now for my horrible spelling.
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Yea another place to type something. Something Ahh Something. oh yea dont take your spad and try and do a flat spin it will end up in the ground. Good Aerobat durable. Now were did i put them rubber bands ahh there they are. lets see put my wing back on clean the dirt out of the carb. ahhhh yes great back in the air i wont do that again lets see a little rudder up elevator level out withthe Aeilerons. No No to much dam dam No No not again in a spiral dive pull out come on come on you can do it WHAAAKKK!!! DAM DAM.
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the next three days might be pretty awesome. i'm leaving shortly to drop my wife off at the airport so she can go on a business trip to vegas. so for the next three days i am home alone, so i'll get to fly and eat bad food and whatever i want. which probably means i might fly once or twice and still eat my veggies. no strippers or raging parties. damn, i'm boring.
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buck's jug
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so, back in december i had tonsils removed in an attempt to sure my sleep apnea. for about a month and a half i had some of the best sleep of my life. then it started going back to the way it was before the surgery. i went to see my surgeon and he suggested a follow-up sleep study to see if there is some other problem that might be causing me to experience apnea again. i did the sleep study about 2 weeks ago and last week i got my results. i had no signs of apnea, but.....they seem to think i might have narcolepsy. how awesome is that? something with no real cure, a lifetime of being tired and not being able to do anything about it. there are medications, stimulants for example. but who wants to experience the constant highs and lows and the possible addiction. anti-depressants are also recommended, bye-bye sex life. the last one is a drug called xyrem, aka GHB, aka the date rape drug. same exact formulation. apparently you can only get directly from the maker, jazz pharma, and it's unlikely that insurance will pay the $1000 a month it costs. but i guess i would make a great date. who knows, maybe i don't actually have it. i still have yo get further testing done.
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i love my precision aerobatics addiction. it is by far one of the absolute best planes i have ever flown. it will do whatever i want it to or at least whatever i can make it do, and then slow down nicely and settle onto the ground right in front of me. i have slammed into the ground on more than one occasion now and other than a cracked wheel pant there is no damage. and, unlike all of the large scale airplanes out there, it fits nicely into the trunk of my honda civic. sorta. i have to put the seats down to fit the rudder.
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I am a new member from Denmark and this is a little test of blogging.
It is about my new model a Pitts S2-A from an kit from Exclusiv Modellbau in Germany.
The quality of the kit is outstanding the parts fit is perfect and it goes together easily if you are used to build.
I have a ZDZ 120cc gas engine with Krumscheid mufflers and a 26x12 Mejzlik 3-bladed propeller on it and it runs great.
The radio gear is Futaba/Emcotec with Hi-Tec Digital servoes.
The plane is completely covered with Oracover which is strong and light,the finished model with one liter of gas weights 17,4 kg.
It is a great flier and when you first have tried this you don`t want small models anymore.
The photos are taken during the first three flights by my wife who also helps me when preparing and cleaning up the plane after the flights.
I have got a pilot for the Pitts it is from Axel Scale Pilots in Germany he is handmade,very realistic and a little masterpiece.
Here are a couple of photos before he goes into the model.

Best Regards Henrik Hammer
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i am fat. out of shape. it sucks. i recently bought a bicycle, a specialized allez triple. it's a nice bike, it's fast. i manged 31mph today, downhill of course. but it is kicking my ass. i have cut my meat eating down to almost virtually zero. practically vegetarian. i don't mind that too much. my wife keeps finding great recipes and i enjoy vegetables. it's also not the bike riding that i hate. i used to ride all the time. about 10 years ago i used to ride a skateboard, a mountainbike, and a roadbike daily. not all at once. usually at least two of them. road at lunch, mountain in the afternoon, and then skating at night. that was 10 years and 60 pounds ago. now i am trying to start biking again. i don't dare try to restart skating due to the fact that i am still recovering from many of those injuries. the main problem is that i think i expect to step on my bike and still be as fast and have the ability to ride 40 miles and i can't. it's a little frustrating having to admit my condition to myself. i see it every time i look in the mirror. but i guess i'm still in denial. but the longer i protect my heart the longer i can fly my airplanes. that's my philosophy, i hope it works.