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Posted by 3DHobbyShop | 04-11-2008 @ 12:01 PM | 10,275 Views
OK, so I'm just going to take a few minutes over lunch here to share some weirdness.

A while back, we hired a warehouse employee who seemed really good at first, but turned out to be both a thief and a drug addict. We'll call him "Bullwinkle" in this story.

We struggled with Bullwinkle for a while, tried to help him, b/c he has 4 kids, but in the end his life totally fell apart and he ended up in jail, his wife turned out to also be a druggie, and it turns out they were beating their kids and each other. Bad scene. He finally got locked up about a year ago and we thought it was over, he was found with prescription drugs in vast quantities.

Well, dude always got a lot of phone calls at work, but he handled them well, and got off the phone quickly, I never really paid attention. After he was gone, the calls kept coming, and even increased.

They're all from online pharmacies. They all follow the same pattern - a person who only recently learned the English language asks for Bullwinkle

(at first I said "he's not here anymore, don't call back" but they never quit calling and then they started getting rude, insulting me and my wife, I cussed a few of them out, so then I started hanging up, they still call every day)

and if I say "I'm Bullwinkle", they say "Mr. Bullwinkle, we show that you have a prescription for Xanex (or any of a half dozen other drugs), we can offer you a 180-day supply. Do you want them COD?"

If I say "yes", they confirm his old address and say they'll ship right out 2nd-day air.

Wha? This is one hell of a "war on drugs" we're fighting, ain't it?