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Posted by Mrfoambuilder | 08-31-2018 @ 02:32 PM | 13,776 Views
I am just now getting into the large Gas planes, and have already made a purchase here. Thanks to Don for his help. I have been flying RC fror more than 59 years, and flew Pattern in My younger days. THEN, the youngsters came along and whoooped me good, and I quit. I fly for fun now and it is a lot less stressful. My wife has also been flying for the same 59 years, and has a nice stable of planes, with no less than an 8' Sr. Telemaster. I just purchased a 91" EF Laser, and will be building as funds allow. I do fly 3C, Crash Crush, and Crumble, and I do a good job of it. Good to be a part of a nice bunch of Guys and Gals. Roy AMA 8045/CD ps: This is an aerial shot of our new field here. 485X50', and 300X50' runways. The boxcar and shade are up, but no pics here yet.
Plane is ready for final inspection, final tweaking, and a dose of confidence. LOL