Posted by roverty | 05-20-2008 @ 09:45 AM | 2,615 Views
the red bull air races are awesome. the pilots like mike mangold and paul bonhome are the best in the seris but one day they will retire and who will take there place as the veterans of the races.
Posted by metalmike | 05-17-2008 @ 04:04 PM | 4,071 Views
i just got home from 2 days at nall. luckily i only live an hour away. all i have is two words.....A_MA_ZING!!!!! sorry about the clerks reference. bill hempel is a madman, the 50% cub of his is ridiculous and if i had $2500 laying around not paying bills i would totally order one. the crowd was much larger than last year. if you couldn't make you should start planning for next years now.
Posted by teeceeveecee | 05-14-2008 @ 10:05 AM | 3,050 Views
Hi Guys:

I have read with interest the various postings on the CRRCPro 45cc engine. I decided to get one since so many before me have worked out so many problems.

I just decided to move into gas after 60 years of modeling and 30 plus in RC, but always glow.

At any rate I ordered a engine from Hobby-People. They list as the "THOR", it has CRRC stamped all over the crankcase and the cylinder powder coating is black. It must be OEM'ed for Global for the USA market and for Ripmax for the UK, at least that is the way it appears to me. The instruction sheet seems to be from the UK since fuel is referenced as "petrol". We also have CRRCPro-USA and CRRC-China in this picture. As I said not sure how all of these relationships work, maybe someone will enlighten me.

Anyway I received the engine from Hobby-People in timely fashion. I have documented my journey with pics so everyone interested could share my experience.

With all the posts about QC , etc I decided to pull the engine apart to check the inside. Re-assemble and test.

1. The engine was well packaged and exterior appearance was very good.

2. Interior inspection disclosed some substance in the top of the cylinder and on top of the piston in the "squish" zone. Don't know what it was. Black and soft, almost looked like lapping compound but it was not gritty, felt like wax. Cleaned it all out. Rest of the engine appeared clean but dry. No residual oils. Squirted the entire interior with Marvel Mystery Oil and re-assembled.

3. Drilled and balanced a Zinger 20X8 and mounted. No problems.

4. Mounted the engine to a test stand and mounted the ignition module to the right side of the stand. The CDI is in a plastic case no markings on it except "THOR".
I did a test of the ignition with the plug connected but not inserted into the engine. Nice fat hot spark. No sign (sound) of internal discharge inside the CDI that I believe "hardtop531" in Australia experienced. Excuse me if I have referenced the wrong guy, there have been so many postings I may have him mixed up in my feeble old 73 year old mind.

5. Filled the 24oz tank with 89 octane mixed 25:1 with Pennzoil Multi-Purpose 2-cycle oil. I know, not synthetic, I said I was 73 !

6. Throttle full open, choke full closed, ignition "OFF". Eight flips to to prime. Reverse above settings , heavy glove, and flip 1, 2, 3, 4-ROAR. Flawless start idling at 2850-RPM. No kickback at all. Warmed it up at idle for about 2 mintes- throttle advanced about half way for 4500-RPM range. Very smooth transition and acceleration. Next 12 minutes spent on the same type actions. Ran the tank out at about 17 minutes.

7. Turned everthing off for a rest session (including the driver for coffee).

8. Two cups of coffee later, did I mention I am a old USN Submarine sailor ? No coffee no workee !

9. Re-filled the tank, backed the idle screw out about 30 degrees.
Primed the engine with 4 flips.
Ignition, glove, flip- 1, 2, 3-ROAR. Now where is the challenge in that ? All subsequent runs have been the same, EXCELLENT, no kickbacks and very easy starts.

10. Engine settled into a very smooth idle at 1560-RPM. More time (about 6 mintes) and I wanted to see what was on top.
I found there was 6975-RPM with the Zinger 20X8 at the top. Very impressive with less than 30 minutes on the clock. Only time will tell on the CDI but it hasn't missed a beat so far.

Anyway, long story short. Thanks to "Tooly" in Israel, "hardtop531" in Auatralia, "Jim" at CRRCPro-USA and CRRC-China and all others that came before me to assist in the improvments from a stinker at first to what I consider to be a very good engine. I have about 2 hours on the clock now and showing steady improvement. Top end with same parameters is currently 7100-RPM. I have not flown it yet but I feel confident enough to put it in my new 27% Extra 330L.

My experience has suggested to me that I would always open these engines up for internal inspection before even turning it over by hand. I am sure the manufacturer will address the QC issues since it is only to their advantage.

I will be happy to respond to any questions.

E T (just "E T" to everyone)
Milton, WI
Posted by rudderbug | 05-12-2008 @ 05:26 PM | 2,455 Views
Any advice or opinions on zenoah gas engines?
Posted by rudderbug | 05-08-2008 @ 08:57 PM | 2,552 Views
I am a new member from Kelowna B.C. Canada. I am at present flying an Astro Hog Bipe and a Citabria Pro sport. ( Balsa USA kit ) I would like to hear from anyone flying these planes.
Posted by Mig15 | 05-06-2008 @ 09:59 PM | 2,484 Views
Hi, I'm collecting information on Mig 15. I would like to scratch build 1 / 5 scale. does anyone have scale accurate plans or cross sections? any help appreciated. Or where is a good place to purchase plans only? Regards Jason
Posted by teeceeveecee | 05-03-2008 @ 08:27 AM | 2,526 Views
A few of my friends.
Posted by CY65 | 04-28-2008 @ 08:41 PM | 2,575 Views
Hi all,

Wow did I pick a great time to attend my first Top Gun competition. I met 95th squadron members David Foster and David Hayes there. The details on the model airplanes were phenomenal. The flying was outstanding. Although it was a bit pricy for a first timer, it was well worth the price of admission.

David Foster flew his "Jill" which is painted to exact replica specifications of the Japanese Torpedo Bomber it is depicting.

David Hayes flew his Rockwell Thrush which is a crop duster whose paint job is scaled perfectly. Congrats to him for winning the honor of Mr. Top Gun 2008 .

Please see additional photos from the awesome competition in my photo gallery.
Posted by metalmike | 04-28-2008 @ 12:20 AM | 3,731 Views
last thursday night, we startes out with a spleenectomy due to trauma from a car wreck. we followed that up with an esophogectomy where you remove the esophogus and pull the stomach up through the chest and attach it to the remaining stump of the old esophogus depending on much you have to remove. this poor guy tore his trying to swallow steak. you never hear of that happening with tofu, suckas.
Posted by Matchless | 04-21-2008 @ 07:50 PM | 7,583 Views
Well, its time to put the foamies away for a while.

In the meantime, I have the stuff coming to build a new 2m pattern plane. I think it will turn out pretty nicely... Its a scratch build, but oughtta be pretty tough in the air.

I really need to finish up the repairs on the Carden Edge as well....
Posted by Tweek | 04-18-2008 @ 08:40 PM | 4,835 Views
<CENTER>RDRC Spring Fly-in
-All Birds Fly-In-</CENTER><CENTER>www.rd-rc.org</CENTER>
<CENTER>CD: Larry Lewis
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: (919) 231-4983</CENTER>
<CENTER>Date: April 19, 2008
Landing Fee: $5.00</CENTER>
Event Description: 1- day event w/On-Site camping and local Hotels, food, and much more. Mark your calendars for this fun event in 2008!

Here's a list of some of the prizes for the event:

ERC 25% Yak-54
Extreme Flight Outlaw ARF
Phase-3 EF-16 Jet w/motor & ESC
Parkzone Micro-Citabria Park Flyer RTF
E-Flite Blade CX2 RTF
Hangar9 Metered Glow Driver
Mercury Adhesive Kit
Super Prop Reamers
HiTec Micro Flight Pack RX + 3ea HS-55
X-acto Knife Set
Futaba Fasst Koozie
Spektrum Knee Pad
DX6I Radio TX & 6200 Ful Range RX
Hobby-Lobby Yak Foamie
Hangar9 Z-Bend Pliers
Hangar9 Heat Gun
Hobbico Screw Driver Set
HigherPlane DVDs
Boxes of Rubber Bands
Lots of ERC Cleaner kits

Posted by Tweek | 04-12-2008 @ 11:01 AM | 4,609 Views
East R/C & Scootworks is planning an Open House, Street Party, and Ribbon Cutting for Saturday July 26th (rain date the following Saturday, August 2nd). This is to celebrate many things...

1- The New 3000 ft East R/C Showroom is finally under renovation, and we'll be in it by that time. It's a great opportunity for us to show off the new facility, and have a grand opening for the business. It has been operating in cramped quarters within Scootworks, and will finally be able to spread it's wings.

2- It has now been 10 years since the first Scootworks part was designed, manufactured, and marketed by us. We're now up to over 680 Scootworks components manufactured by us...it's been a long trip, and it's time to have a 10th Anniversary Party.

3- We're celebrating our newest acquisition and expansion of our CNC Machine Shop Operations. It may not sound like much, but our recent facility and equipment procurement now makes us the largest Independent Metric Motorcycle Company in the US. It obviously doesn't take much to earn that crown, but it's ours :-) . Like I said, it's been a long hard road, and we're ready to party!

Like before, we're going to close the street and bring in vendors from around the state, food (lots more of this!), music, a bike show, Tattoo Shop, Airbrush artists, photography studio, bike wash, burnout pit, and more. There will be demos of R/C Airplanes and Helicopters. Everything in the house will be marked down more than ever, and there will be tours of East R/C, our new paint shop, metal fabrications, service, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, and other facets of the company. There is also going to be a ribbon cutting for East R/C.

Help us spread the word... July 26th is the day, from 9am-4pm, the place for fun is East R/C & Scootworks in Zebulon. You can find directions to us from the LH menu item labeled [Retail Store & Events] at http://www.eastrc.org.

Hope to see y'all there!
Posted by 3DHobbyShop | 04-11-2008 @ 12:01 PM | 9,482 Views
OK, so I'm just going to take a few minutes over lunch here to share some weirdness.

A while back, we hired a warehouse employee who seemed really good at first, but turned out to be both a thief and a drug addict. We'll call him "Bullwinkle" in this story.

We struggled with Bullwinkle for a while, tried to help him, b/c he has 4 kids, but in the end his life totally fell apart and he ended up in jail, his wife turned out to also be a druggie, and it turns out they were beating their kids and each other. Bad scene. He finally got locked up about a year ago and we thought it was over, he was found with prescription drugs in vast quantities.

Well, dude always got a lot of phone calls at work, but he handled them well, and got off the phone quickly, I never really paid attention. After he was gone, the calls kept coming, and even increased.

They're all from online pharmacies. They all follow the same pattern - a person who only recently learned the English language asks for Bullwinkle

(at first I said "he's not here anymore, don't call back" but they never quit calling and then they started getting rude, insulting me and my wife, I cussed a few of them out, so then I started hanging up, they still call every day)

and if I say "I'm Bullwinkle", they say "Mr. Bullwinkle, we show that you have a prescription for Xanex (or any of a half dozen other drugs), we can offer you a 180-day supply. Do you want them COD?"

If I say "yes", they confirm his old address and say they'll ship right out 2nd-day air.

Wha? This is one hell of a "war on drugs" we're fighting, ain't it?
Posted by metalmike | 04-06-2008 @ 11:59 PM | 3,573 Views
here we go again. now i have to go get ready and do a peri-rectal abcess on some poor lady. i might let eddie do it, since this will be the closest thing he's had to a date in a loooong time.
Posted by k8svrick | 04-06-2008 @ 06:04 AM | 3,312 Views
I managed to make it to the big show Friday and part of Saturday. Friday was definitely the day to go if you wanted to be able to see stuff. Saturday was a freaking zoo. I was among the first to get in at 0900 and by 1030, the place was jammed - big time. By noon, I'd had enough; time to head back home to Columbus.

This is a great show. I think Weak Signals could use a bigger venue. I was told that perhaps the new sports arena being built accross the street might be considered an annex. That's pure speculation at this point.

Anyone hearing anything?
Posted by Brysonsisterbri | 04-05-2008 @ 12:44 PM | 2,230 Views
How is everything going everyone?
Question for you..
when does the live coverage for the ETOC in toledo start? Please let me know i would like to watch it.

Briana fernandez.
Posted by yellowman2513 | 04-05-2008 @ 09:44 AM | 3,541 Views
Hey guys, i was just wandering what kind of expirience you have had with the hobbico nexstar, and i was wandering if it would be a good starter plane for me. Thanks a lot!
Posted by metalmike | 04-01-2008 @ 12:28 AM | 3,561 Views
i hate living on a budget. with me going back to school it's hard to find the money to buy new planes. it sucks. anyone wanna buy a slightly abused fliton inspire 60? cheap. make an offer and come to my house and get it.
Posted by metalmike | 03-28-2008 @ 02:48 AM | 3,660 Views
so you go into surgery to have an aortic anuerism repaired, and let me tell you that bites the big one. then less than 12 hours later you have to go in have that redone becuase it is leaking. then less than 24 hours from the original surgery you have to go in and have your entire colon removed because somewhere during the previous two surgeries the blood flow to it was compromised and now you have a bag on you belly collecting your poop. then less than two weeks later you are in renal failure, you have MRSA (methycillin resistant staph aureus, very bad), and you have blisters and sores all over your body from it and you backside is rotting away from that combined with laying on your back that whole time. oh yeah, and you have to have a trach tube placed to breath for you and your left leg amputated above the knee because it's already rotting away. and these are actually very good surgeons taking care of this poor person. sometimes you just can't win. oh yeah, and my PA addiction is destroyed and i have to order a new one. i love that little plane.
Posted by metalmike | 03-19-2008 @ 11:42 PM | 3,584 Views
why is it that doctors wait until the cafeteria opens to post cases? i'm hungry and now i have to go remove someones appendix. what's up with that?