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Posted by pittsartist | Yesterday @ 10:39 AM | 120 Views
10 days to go until the nationals ...... here's yesterdays practice session.

3 Cameras, Synced to first wing rock then edited by switching between them along an unadjusted time line. Fairly happy, Just need to watch out for the 1000' minimum altitude, there's a second or two at 900' near the end

20th August Int Free Known Practice (4 min 12 sec)

Posted by Show871 | Yesterday @ 09:02 AM | 131 Views
Here is the hub I need to get off I have a slide hammer puller but that could get ugly!
Posted by planenutts | 08-20-2017 @ 12:04 PM | 195 Views
What would be a good flight sim. to fly and learn 3D on ?
Posted by jeffee | 08-06-2017 @ 11:51 AM | 962 Views
I have been running this KCS 62cc gas two stroke motor for the past 2 years now. The motor and the support from KCS Engines is first rate. I am swinging a 28 x 6 XOAR axial prop on my 1/3 scale Balsa USA Fokker DRI. RPM at wide open throttle is 6300 rpm. But I never need to fly at more than Half throttle. This motor gathers a lot of attention at the field. I would buy another if I needed a 60 size gas motor. I would like to hear from others that have been running this motor. Good, bad or whatever.
Posted by Xpress.. | 08-03-2017 @ 04:56 PM | 1,218 Views
This trick was shown to me by Colton Clark and it's a foolproof method to secure your Tygon tubing to your fuel fittings. Real simple, all you do is slice a ~1/8" section of the same Tygon tubing, place the small slice into the end of a pair of needle nose pliers, spread the pliers open, then slip your fuel line into the small slice of tubing. Remove the pliers and you now have a secure way to clamp the tubing onto all of your fuel fittings.

Zip ties leave open room for air to leak in where the tie leg meets the head, and the small spring clips are annoying to deal with and could potentially chafe through the tubing. I've never had a fitting come loose and neither has anybody I've talked to that uses this method. It compresses the tubing evenly all round and without any sharp points of contact.
Posted by Motel 01 | 08-02-2017 @ 05:22 PM | 1,096 Views
Does anybody have parts for the Aeroworks extra 300 50 cc red or yellow. I am looking for a set of wings, landing gear. Also if anyone knows where to find a canopy ofr the red Extra 300 100 CC my flying buddy is looking for one as well his is cracked.
Posted by goavgas | 07-28-2017 @ 11:56 AM | 1,385 Views
Want to buy a Senior Telemaster in any condition (kit to used)..
Where can I place this "Wanted Add"?
Posted by pittsartist | 07-27-2017 @ 02:23 PM | 1,490 Views
Competition next weekend .... Practising hard

Not by any means perfect - but I AM trying !

Free Known 25 7 17 (3 min 47 sec)

Posted by Ethan Ater | 07-13-2017 @ 02:30 PM | 2,442 Views
Cody Wojcik does it yet again with his newest release and first ever SuperLite series design, the Crack Laser Pro! This plane is by far one of the best Superlite foamie 3d planes on the market. It tracks like it's on rails, has extreme throws, and plenty of power with the recommended power combo. It is a definite must have for the best indoor 3d performance! Thank you TwistedHobbys for the support and thanks to the Lord for His blessings!

Plane and power combo available at TwistedHobbys.com

Enjoy the video!

Twisted Hobbys Crack Laser Pro (2 min 58 sec)

Posted by RussellRifleRoll | 07-10-2017 @ 12:36 PM | 2,794 Views
P FOAMY (4 min 51 sec)

Posted by Xpress.. | 07-10-2017 @ 11:33 AM | 3,013 Views
I've had this airplane for about 2 years now and have grown very fond of it. I've made probably a dozen different changes to its internals to better its performance or improve upon other areas that were not assembled correctly. It has taught me how to really fly 3D with larger airplanes and as such, I refuse to let it die.

I've also managed to crash it probably half a dozen times

I've been fortunate enough to have crashed it in manners where it is rebuildable. This time, I had what I am certain is the engine overheating on me right at the worst possible moment- at the bottom of a waterfall. As I punched full throttle to climb back out the engine decided it had enough and dropped back on me. Truth be told I probably should not have been flying in 95F heat with 95% humidity, everybody was having power loss issues. If you're gonna play with fire you're bound to get burnt at some point.

This blog will document the repairs and changes I make to the airplane from this particular incident. This is what the airplane looked like the day I brought it home. It had roughly 15 flights on it so it was fairly new.

A club member happened to be filming the flight:

Remote control Airplane 107" Stunt Flying and Fail 7-8-2017 (4 min 21 sec)

I know the engine sounds a bit unhealthy but it has ran like this as long as I've owned it. It's really worn out compared to my new DA120.
Posted by jackyoung | 07-02-2017 @ 09:26 AM | 3,292 Views
How to choose the best battery for quadcopter?

Before choosing the battery for your quadcopter, you should know about the flight times, C-rate, Capacity, Average Amp Draw, brands and price of the battery.

For example,

Flight time =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw)*60

For calculate your quadcopter flight time, you have to know three factors: Battery Capacity , Battery Discharge and Average Amp Draw

It's a complex process that I high recommend this detail article about How to choose the best battery for quadcopter, After reading it, you will know how to do.

How to keep your drone flying continuously?

There is actually a ton of ways to extend the battery life of your drone without having to insert a new battery unless that's your plan. However, if you want some other options to try, we’ve got them.

  1. Knowing when to charge the battery
  2. Keep an extra battery
  3. Check the weather before you go
  4. Remove your camera
  5. Remove the prop guards
  6. Don’t destroy your battery
  7. The proper voltage

Extending your flight time is easy as pie, and there is a ton of ways to do so. Knowing how to extend the flight time to the full extent of your drone is solely based on your drone, so knowing your drone is very important.
Posted by rc123 | 06-26-2017 @ 09:46 PM | 3,695 Views
Hacker a100 and jeti 200a esc also have hacker a200 and jeti 300a esc.
$500 for A100 combo used in 4 10minute filghts on 12s lipo
$1000 for A200 and 300a esc both are brand new