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Posted by neil russell | 10-08-2014 @ 12:19 PM | 10,014 Views
Just putting it out there.This airplane is beautiful and big.My brother built this composite Extra from scratch, every piece from gear to rear,NOT EASY! The plans I blew up for him.I told him it was 43% but its more like 44%,"my little secret.We have been trying to get out in the known RC world for years.We have done fiberglass work and full paint jobs for Aircraft Intl/and many other top pilots.This Extra fly's great and I am very proud of it.The plane is 3 years old and only flown very few times at our local club ,"MVRCC.",great club and best friends." Shout out to "WOB & HUBB and Bunky F Knuckle" for the help., The name Aquila was created to kick off the new company,just a little hard to do it with full time jobs.I just wish we would go somewhere where builders /sponsors/pilots would appreciate all the work,from a drawing to hand made plug's/molds/all designed from one man and some of the best covering from Johnny boy! I remember back in the day when this hobby was going to the field and flying beaters and leaving with a smile on our face while barely being able to afford glow fuel.Now it's turned into a somewhat stressful job in my opinion,and workers and pilots at most of the fly in's I go to look burned out.I miss those days of good friends and no pressure.You all know what im talking about.When the Iphone is turned off and im in the air connected to the plane it's like I am free.Thank God for Pat Hartness at Joe Nall,"he gets it"..This was just a mission statement!! I love this hobby!