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Posted by B N Kontrol | 09-18-2011 @ 01:27 PM | 13,176 Views
DLE-30v2 tachometer feed

I just purchased and installed my third DLE 30. Unlike my first two this engine was a DLE 30 v2 with the rear carburetor position. When I open the box and started unpacking I noticed that the ignition module had a tachometer lead.
Being a curious type of guy, I sent the following to the Horizon Hobby, Product Support Team;
“I recently purchased a DX 8, it's a great radio. I especially like the intuitive nature of the plane set-up process.
Looking at options I have a question. Can the tachometer feed from the ignition module on my DLE-30v2 be used as a direct feed into the telemetry module of my receiver?”
“Two days later I received the following;
Thank you for contacting Horizon Hobby Product Support.
Unfortunately we have not tested the DLE-30v2 tachometer feed with the TM1000 telemetry module. Since we have not tested that feature, we would recommend that you use the approved Spektrum accessories found at the following link and that if you try the tachometer feed that you do it at your own risk.”
Has anyone out there tried to use the DLE 30v2 tach feed for direct input to the Spektrum telemetry module, seems like it should work?
On another note; I have converted my first two side mounted carb DLE 30s to rear carb, they work great. I can say enough good things about those engines, they are dependable and have good power and are a great dollar value. My DLE 30v2 mounted on an Extreme Fight 78” Extra 300, the engine and airframe are solid match on performance and value.

Bearly N. Kontrol