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Posted by Eratix 3D | 01-23-2013 @ 07:23 PM | 6,058 Views
Look what I found on this package! It says Hobby People/Hobby Shack. This probably doesn't excite you that much but I think it is interesting because that's where my valuable EZ Diablo in flying condition came from!
Posted by Eratix 3D | 01-08-2013 @ 09:46 PM | 7,598 Views
So, I crashed my Diablo the other day... when I walked up to it it didn't look that bad... the landing gear was ripped off, when there were 2 metal bolts holding it on! That wasn't even the worst part, the fuselage was split completely in half! Well, the brighter side to the story is that I got it repaired and fixed the tailwheel assembly and can find a new fiberglass cowl for it.
Posted by Eratix 3D | 12-16-2012 @ 12:00 AM | 11,515 Views
Here is my Carl Goldberg Extra 300 with an O.S. 91. FS Surpass with a fuel pump. It flies GREAT! It will do just about anything a new 3D plane will do.