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So back in March of 2016, I was invited to go to Red Flag, a first of its kind pattern contest for turbine powered models. Bill Cunningham was going to fly in this invitational event with his BVM Ultra Bandit and he asked me to assist/call for him. The old TOC team was back together! It was a lot of fun and I'll admit, I was bitten by the jet bug.

While there, I met Seba Silvestre, the owner of Sebart and fell in love with the Avanti S. I had to have one! Turns out that Seba had his Avanti that he flew last year in the US for sale and I bought it. I knew my flying skills were not up to it and I would need to get some practice in before applying for my waiver, I came up with a plan. I would build a mini Avanti, set up as near to the turbine one as possible and fly it on the same 10S setup that I use for my F3A airplane. After getting some flights on this electric jet, I would be ready for the turbine.

So, after waiting 4 months, my mini Avanti arrived. My flying buddy, Dennis Maras, ordered one also and we built them in parallel. I set mine up with JP Hobby 10S fan unit, Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 120A ESC, Castle Link telemetry unit, Spektrum AR9350 receiver with AS3X gyros and telemetry, and a Turnigy BEC. I had some Power Master 5S 5400maH batteries that I use in F3A. I also purchased some Gens Ace 5S 5000maH batteries that are 45C discharge rate.

Both airplanes turned out nice. The Sebart kits are excellent. Dennis' airplane has the same receiver and BEC but he is running a 6S setup. First flight for mine was 8/21/2016. I flew two flights that day. Dennis' first flight was 8/28/2016. He flew two flights. I also flew mine three flights that day.

The airplane flies very nice and I have been tweaking on the control throws and settings. Very pleased with it so far.
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I built my first RC model plane when I was about 12. That was 48 years ago this year. It was a Midwest Esquire that my uncle gave me. It was originally designed to be rudder only but I modified it with a elevator and throttle control. I taught myself how to fly it. I flew it for several years and branched into other models like a Goldberg Senior Falcon.

I had the chance to learn to fly full scale so I pursued that (including competing in IAC Aerobatic competition) and just dabbled in models until the 1980's. I had started a family and the full scale flying had to be set aside. I decided to get back into models and particularly Pattern. I took a job in Tulsa, OK in 1988 and was lucky to meet Bill Cunningham, one of the top pattern flyers in the land. Bill was very helpful and encouraging to me. Bill was invited to fly in the prestigious Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas and he invited me to come along as his assistant and caller. I went with Bill to each of the TOC's that he participated in and had the pleasure of meeting Chris Lakin, Peter Goldsmith, Ivan Kristenson and other top fliers.

I moved back to Memphis in the early 90's and started back flying and building full scale airplanes. I have built several homebuilt airplanes over the years and now own and fly a Sequoia Falco F.8L.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine at work, Dennis Maras approached me about flying models. I bought a ParkZone P51 and a spektrum radio. It was my first introduction to electric airplanes and I really liked it. I quickly moved up to a 3D Hobby Shop Vyper (65"). Now, I have just this week put a maiden flight on a Sebart mini Avanti EDF jet.
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This is my latest project build. Full build thread over on rcgroups here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2523079

The size in the title is misleading. The plane is now 3.9mtr span.
I'm a glider flyer mainly and we needed another tug plane where I fly, so I built this one. I am currently looking for another engine for this model.
A couple of pictures attached.
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TwistedHobbys does it yet again with their Crack Fokker! man this thing is amazing! It flies so smooth and slow and is a 3D machine when you want it to be! Also very fun to fly around nice and slow with the flaps down. I also added mixing in the flaps and elevator for some CRAZY fast loops! I am running the Crack Series DMG combo with a 3s 800mah battery which gives me 6 solid minutes of hard 3d. I can go on forever about how good this plane is... Well done Twistedhobbys! the Link to the Fokker and optional power combos are below:

TwistedHobbys Crack Fokker: https://twistedhobbys.com/th-35-epp-...dr-1-triplane/

Crack Series DMG combo: https://twistedhobbys.com/power-comb...ck-series-dmg/

TMW/TWS Series combo: https://twistedhobbys.com/power-comb...mw-tws-series/

Music: Purple-planet.com

TwistedHobbys Crack Fokker Dr-1 (3 min 5 sec)

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The ground is my teacher. The ground is my judge. The ground is unforgiving. The ground is all that matters.
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Hi all

I am looking for more composite aerobatic aircraft manufacturers other than composite and and krill who else is around please help
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Does anyone have or know where I might buy a full set of plans for a Pica 1/6 scale Spitfire (Kit RC-1).


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Hey ,guys ,look at here ! show you something amazing! .

Name:8.5V25kg-cm Digital Servo;
Size :A:40.2mm B:20.1mm C:38.8mm D:48.0mm E:10mm; Weight:56g 0.2(1.46oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.16sec/60 at (7.4V)
0.14sec/60 at (8.5V)
Torque347.2 oz-in)25kg.cm.at(7.4V)
(291.7 oz-in)21kg.cm.at(8.6V)
Digital servos features: Support high voltage;Waterproof; Plastic case, resist heat and corrosion; Aluminium middle hull, easy to eliminate heat;Adopt high quality coreless motor.
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Being a 3D guy I wasn't expecting much from the new TwistedHobbys and RCFactory StepOne Trainer. But now I can say that I am flying this thing as much as I am my 3D foamies! This plane is an amazing flyer, it's fun to glide around like a sailplane (which results in a long flight time). It does inverted loops insanely fast, almost like waterfalls! And when I put my FPV camera on the plane it was almost like it belonged on the StepOne, there is a perfect spot on the front of the wing for a UMX FPV camera, and since the motor is in the back the camera has a perfect view. Another huge plus about the motor being in the back of the StepOne is how much more durable it makes it! Using the same 3 layer foam concept as the Twisted Racer Series planes, it makes the plane just about indestructible! A very well thought out design by TwistedHobbys and RCFactory!

The Kit can be found here: https://twistedhobbys.com/th-34-epp-step-one-trainer/

I am running a 2s 450mah with the TwistedHobbys StepOne power combo which has everything you need to get the plane up in the air except for RX, battery, and radio.

StepOne Power Combo: https://twistedhobbys.com/power-combo-34-step-one/

music: purple-planet.com

Enjoy the video
TwistedHobbys and RCFactory's StepOne Trainer (1 min 59 sec)
(1 min 59 sec)
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Here's the latest design from Cody Wojcik and the Twisted Hobbys crew. It's all EPP and it puts a smile on your face from the minute your box arrives. Epic looks and character are highlighted by the extreme performance you've come to expect from all Twisted Hobbys offerings. The antics achievable on this plane are epic. Depending on your transmitter, you can do flaps, spoilerons and you can get really tight loops from adding an elevator to flap mix with a couple levels of throw should you be able to assign it to a 3 position switch. This one is a must have for the Twisted pilot and WW1 fans alike. If you need support or have general questions, please just send a PM through FG and I will get notice by e-mail and respond quickly.

Stay Twisted my friends,

Totally Twisted Fokker (3 min 49 sec)

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I love this guy!

Air Show Remote Control (0 min 54 sec)

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I picked up this Used Extra 260, Hangar 9 35%. I am at least the third owner of this plane. I pulled a lot of vinyl off, sent the engine to DA, replaced all the servos, leads, batteries, switches. Replaced the cockpit floor and pilot figure, landing gear and pants replaced with carbon fiber. Started some patching of the covering. Overall the plane is in fine shape but I am working on this to start into IMAC.
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seems none were injured, based on YouTube comments
RC Helicopter Crashes Into Crowd - IRCHA 2016 (0 min 16 sec)

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Just trying to get some advice as we as some feed back on battery chargers, I'm. Currently running Fromeco ion packs 5200 and 2800 on my yak 37.5, all I have been using is a duralite plus battery charger, pretty much plug in when the lights go out, it's all done chArging. I haven't had any problems with this set up , but is there something better than what I'm using ? Or am I ok to keep using what I have, thanks for any feed back
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DA 100L!
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This is the latest and amazing airframe that is under its final testing from Redwingrc.com. This thread will be my build log as I assemble and test the 100cc Extra Prototype. I will give you fair warning that this build log will be an on going thread and will be used for questions and comments of this plane or redwing rc planes only, please if you wish to talk about other items please start a discussion page. thank you in advance.
I will be adding pics and videos as I progress with the build. I am building this on a budget and all parts are not on hand as of the start so i will have times of the build that will be on hold until either parts arrive or funds allow parts to be ordered as I am sure everyone on here knows that battle lol.

So to start off this thread I was to give you my back ground. I was recently covered on the redwing rc weekly news letter (which i attached the link below) this can give you an idea on me and what I do.


I have attached the photos that I took the day I received that awesome white truck (Fedex) to the door! I could not wait to get my hands on this plane. I had my little side kick helping me as my measuring stick lol.