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Hello everyone!

Here's a video we put together to show off our North East Region's finest contest of the year, the regional finals we know by the name of Black Dirt. It's situated in Goshen, New York centered in some lush farmland for sure.

The video includes freestyle flying by greats like Tyler McCormack and Chris Thorpe. We always like to shake off the contest jitters and throw down some high energy freestyles before we head home.

Special thanks to Cody Wojcik for getting video of my freestyle.

Bittersweet to have a great time and yet to also know it will be quite some time before we see each other again to compete.

So, hope you enjoy the video folks. Take care!!!


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A re-edit of my last film of Wales. Some colour correction and re editing to make as watchable as poss rather than just a "holiday" video.

Dragon Lands (3 min 26 sec)

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Hi All - My passion outside work is flying RC. I fly my own jets and models at RC shows and events around the UK and while I'm not doing that I video the action. Over the Winter months I acquire and review new models and take them for a spin commenting on the good and bad.

Why not drop in, join the group or channel and see if I publish anything you might be interested in.

Dom (Essential RC)
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HI Guys
For all of you into Gliders we have a new style glider bag, The slim Line glider Bags. For many this will be an option for transport of your gliders. It's a nice design with the same key features as the standard Glider bags that we produce. They will come in many different sizes per customer request and an assortment of colors as well. Single and Double compartment.
Name: Slim Line Glider Bag By Ace Wing Carrier.JPG
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Size: 167.8 KB
Slim Line Glider Bag
Thank You for coming bye
Ace Wing Carrier
Made In the USA
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Hello Im looking for a complete set of blueprints for a sport air 40. This was one of the best flying planes I ever had. I would like to scratch build one from the prints. Any help would be greatley appreciated.
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Ryan O'Connor is an adrenaline junky who has landed himself in the RC world. It all started for him one day, about twelve years ago. Ryan was surfing the web and stumbled across a flybarred RC helicopter website and his attention was peaked. He was so intrigued, he went and bought his first helicopter; from that moment on he was addicted. After ten years of flying helis, he decided to make the move to fixed wing. "Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some smack down on the deck (helicopters), but the gracefulness to all-out-crazy an airplane can do is just amazing." States Ryan.
Ryan flies at his home field in Wellington, Florida almost every day. When asked what his favorite part of flying is, Ryan replies with a simple "Not Crashing," followed by the real answer. "If I had to pick my favorite part of flying, it would be how awesome it is to see someone you helped learn to fly, make a successful flight on their own." As a father of two, one of which is learning to fly, and a very active member in the community, Ryan is always lending a hand and sharing his knowledge, and love, of the sport with anyone who asks.
For now Ryan is focused on IMAC, and his plans for the future are to compete in more competitions, and become a decent competitor from Sportsman all the way up to Advanced.
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Would anyone know any ways to keep from having planes problems. For one thing if I chush and I seen that my elevator pushrod is no longer on the plane when I walk over to get it. Sometimes I can't tell weather the pushrod came off cause of the hard hit into the ground or if the plane went down cause it came off while still in the air. Another time that I went down was either cause a not soo good receiver, ESC or a servo. I can't say why sometimes things happen so fast it hard to really tell what just really happen. None of this should be cause I'm flying over my skill lever of doing stuff too close to the ground. I might not be good enough to do all the I-mac or 3d flying stuff but I am good enough to hover do rolling cycles or knife edge passes and cycles.
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Picked up a nice semi built Q.Q. 120" (37.5%) yak. From what I have been told, it is one of 50 that Q.Q. made in this color scheme. The 1st owner did not finish, but added some functional louvers to cowl. I put a DA150 up front, HS7955 servos, techaero IBEC, and Spektrum 12ch rx. Need to find me some GIANT wheel pants. Yet to fly.
If anyone has ever seen or had one, I would love to hear from you?
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Hello Flying Giant Member From Songkhla,Thailand

My Extra330SC

Airplane : Pilot RC Extra330SC 73"
Engine : DLE-35RA
Receiver : Spektrum AR8000
Radio : Spektrum DX9
Servo Control Surface : Power HD 1218TH
Servo Throttle : HITEC HS-5665MH
Assemble By : POM_HATYAI
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A quick film of our annual "Pitts Artists" expedition. This year it was to Swansea.

There's 2 x S1-S, 1 X S1-T and Eagle and a Cub (The Cap 232 went Tec with brake issues).

Taken the weekend after our BMFA R/C nationals here in the England, there's a fairly "chilled" vibe for 3 mins 43 sec.

Hope you like it

The Pitts Artists do Wales 2015 (3 min 43 sec)

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FINALLY up and flying strong! Many thanks to Colton for finishing up the final hours; getting dialed in with the retracts, tuning and clunk issues, and other legwork he put into it!

It was fantastic and flew great! Going to fly this as much as possible till it gets too cold down here in Atlanta.... and it never gets too cold in Atlanta!

Stay tuned for more video and pics!

Powered by G-62 Ralph Cunningham
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Hello Everyone

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Hey guys, got a chance to try out what is now the best light system design for your high performance fixed wing machine. RC Flite Light has THE light kit to use since it has no ligths on the tail, no wires to run back there and it also has no drivers. You can run each wing off of a separate pack. Should one take a hit, ot go out for whatever reason, you still have one to use while bringing her around for a landing. I got one flight on my set so far and the night was cloudy and pitch-black. Here is some edited video of the flight. Hope you enjoy.
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my name is Mike and I have a Zenoah 62 good shape and a Ohio RC extra 260 I would like to get ride of. I have most of the wings built and the kit is complete just started flying other airplanes. will let both go or either for reasonable offer. Thank you
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Hello Every One

High Quality Gas Tank




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Here is a little video for our new-found friends in State College PA and for all the IMAC pilots really. The State College Remote Control Club is awesome and is now a great asset to the North-East IMAC Community. Now, this is a HUGE field. It's great to have the opportunity to fly with so many GA pilots and to see all the full scale planes coming and going during an event. We had a blast and can't wait until next year. A special thanks to Jon Guizar and all the SCRC Club members for hosting a first-class event. It's pleasure to fly with you all. Best contest in forever!!! Fair skies and calm breezes to you all. I hope you enjoy the vid that's a tribute to all of you!

SCRC IMAC 2015 WITH FREESTYLE (3 min 50 sec)

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Got a awesome photo my friends Aero-works extra 260 with Da120 with some flying giants markings.
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Where can I buy tail wheel control springs?