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Wow. What a year. I am sure it goes the same for any year-long commitment.... but I can't say it went exactly how I expected. However, I can for a fact say - it was a learning experience and a lot of fun!

While practicing for my last event of the year (Florence) I sheared my prop bolts and almost threw a blade or 2 of the prop. I dead-sticked after a hammerhead, landed and found this

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Needless to say, I am glad the extra load on the engine caused the dead-stick when it dd. If I would have been in a different stage of the sequence with lots of full throttle flight, I may have lost the blades, and possibly the tail, wing, or whater that prop might have hit. Anyway, after a night with emack the bolts were out, new prop drilled and all back together and ready for the contest... I hoped =\

Show up at Florence, and get the prop and spinner on and torqued at 95 in-lbs. Just before the pilots meeting I fired her up to make sure the engine was still ok and was not damaged with the prop issue the weekend before. All sounded good and we were ready to go.

Pops was all studied up on the new Intermediate sequence and ready to go. I had flown it on the sim 20 times or so and for real about 5. I had no aspirations of anything other than last place, I was there to get a feel for the new class and A LOT of flying upside down

1st flight was ok, except for my "rough" elements. For some reason, the 2 lowest K elements are my worst. The down loop with 1/2 roll at the bottom and the 90 degree roller. I flew a little sloppy, but not bad overall. On the down loop I tanked the roll and zero'd it and the roller was ok, but not great. However, no crash and that was my goal!! 2nd sequence was about the same, but a little better on the down loop. 3rd and 4th were much cleaner, as I was starting to settle down and get more comfortable.

Day 1 over, and I was in 4th for a little, and ended in 5th, just a few points back. Overall I was very happy!

Day 2, unknown. The unknown seemed to flow well (thanks committee) and it had no roller in it!! I flew it very well I thought. Pretty clean, no zeros, etc. When I got my card I did see a zero, but it was from a notorious "no auto-rotation" zero happy judge. It was a negative snap at the top of a loop. It "wiggled" when the snap stopped so I know it was good. Also, with my mix, if it doesn't snap, you will know it. I have to be burried in order for the "boosts" to activate. When I don't get "buried" it is a SLLLOOOWWW Barrel roll. This snapped nice so I am happy with it. Best flight of the contest!!

Flew wellthe last round of knows about like the 2nd and was very happy. Overall, I was happy with how I did and didn't feel like "I didn't belong" and will go into 2014 with expectations to do well!

My hopes of qualifying for Worlds fell short. Although I didn't get to put in the practice I knew I would need, I still did well and if the qualifier would have used a points based criteria like the shootout does, I most likely would have made it to Fresno. However, I would have never made the team. Just too many really really good sportsman pilots this year in the SW.

My goal for TAS would have been realized, I had enough points (I believe - I know they planned to change who got in and who didn't)...but the cancellation of the event took care of it With Worlds next year, there will be no TAS or Clover Creek and I will have to wait for 2015... but I will be ready! Hopefully in Advanced, but time will tell.

Looking back at the year as a whole, what I see, and what I hope future "IMAC newbies" will see is the change in my attitude and my expectations of what IMAC "is". In the beginning it was all about judging, and complaining and dealing with the boredom of spending 2 days to only get 25 minutes of engine run time. In the end, it was all about the comaraderie, the BS'ing, the helping others, and just being around what I love, planes, for 2 days. I got lots of quality time with the old man and in the end, thats what it's all about.

I hope those that followed this enjoyed it. It didn't go as planned, or have as many entries as I expected, but I think it helped me and I hope it can help someone in the future.... who is wondering.... "just what is this IMAC and what can I expect?"

Till next time...
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If you think like I do, testing mixes in the air before building muscle memory is risky when using a model that cost real money and time to assemble.

Consequently, I like to test unusual mixes in a flight simulator, where in flight mistakes are cheap. This way I am more accustomed to enabling and disabling the mixes at the proper time. I figure this reduces the probability of dumb thumbing a new model.

Here, I will describe one way to setup a mix on a DX18 for a split elevator roll mix, that you can test in Phoenix Flight simulator. It makes for some wicked fast rolls and blenders.

With the help of AndyKunz (Spektrum/RCG) and freechip (RCG), I was able to figure it out, after I wasn’t reading the manual carefully enough.

On the DX18:
1.  Setup an arco model.
2.  Configure it for dual elevators and dual ailerons.
3.  Set all your servos to 150%.
    a.  Servo setup => travel
          i.  THR 150/150
         ii.  RAL 150/150
        iii.  REL 150/150
         iv.  RUD 150/150
          v.  LAL 150/150
         vi.  LEL 150/150
4.  Reverse the left elevator servo in the DX18.
    a.  Travel => Reverse
        i.  LEL Reversed
5.  Add an aileron to split elevator roll mix
    a.  Mixing
    b.  P-Mix x 1 => AIL > LEL
    c.  Rate -100% / -100%
    d.  Switch F-Mode (or whatever switch you want it on)
6.  Assign LEL (left elevator) to AUX 2
    a.  System setup -> Yes -> Channel Assign
    b.  Aux2:  L Elevator
    c.  AUX4:  You can keep on L Elevator if you want.

Now that you’ve setup the DX18 per above, you will need to setup your radio in Phoenix flight simulator.

With the mix off on the DX18, and the radio switch off, but the cable plugged into the DX18, start up phoenix flight simulator.

Setting up Phoenix Flight simulator for dual aileron dual elevator.
 1.  System->your controls->spectrum->Spectrum  DX8
 2.  Select Edit  profile.  This will start using the DX8 model, 
     but rename it to Spektrum DX18 in the box labeled "Name of 
     Profile" to "Spektrum DX18".  Select the DETAILED box in 
     the upper right.  
 3.  Use  the slider to slide down to fixed wing.  
 4.  Select channel 7 (DX18's AUX2) for Left  elevator.  
 5.  Select Channel 6 (DX18's AUX1) for left  aileron.  
 6.  Make sure  left elevator and left aileron is not inverted.
 7.  Select finished.
 8.  Make sure  your mix is off, and calibrate phoenix to your 
     expanded range.
 9.  Select system->your  transmitter.
10.  Select Calibrate.
11.  Follow on  screen instructions (which may vary depending on 
     what other switches you’ve programmed.)
You’re good to go.

Go fly the Beast 100CC in Phoenix and watch how fast your rolls are with this new roll elevator mix.

There are other ways to accomplish this, e.g., especially with regard to reversing and reassigning channels, but if you follow this step by step you should be good to go.

The critical point in setting up a split elevator roll mix is succinctly described in the manual, but I found that it requires more thinking than I am accustomed to while reading manuals, and I was doing it wrong by starting with the AIL>REL mix.

Back mixing applies a mix to all related servos in a wing or tail type. For example, if you select 2 AIL, 2 FLAP in the aircraft type screen, a mix to one aileron channel affects both aileron servos.

The mix response depends on the aileron[, elevator or flap surface] [strike]channel[/strike] included in the mix. [edited by 7oneWo1f]

A Back Mix also enables you to use fewer mixes to achieve the desired response, for example, adding roll to a split elevator--Copied and edited from Spektrum DX18 manual[/url]
The reason for the channel reassign in step 6 is that Phoenix flight simulator doesn’t seem to be able to see the AUX4 channel, but it can see the AUX2 channel (Phoneix enumerates the DX18's AUX2 channel as "Channel 7"). If your flight simulator (or receiver) has an AUX4, there is no need to reassign the left elevator (LEL) in step 6.

Note also, when setting up a mix to a split dual elevator, do it before you reassign the left elevator channel. If you reassign the left elevator to AUX2 before programming the mix, it won't work. If you setup your mix wrong, restore AUX2 back to Aux2 and Aux 4 back to "L Eleavator" before editing the mix.

Regarding step 5, if you program an aileron stick to to right elevator mix, AIL>REL, you will get a pitch response on the elevators. On the other hand, it does an aileron stick to roll response on the split elevators if you did a AIL>LEL mix, as we did above.

This is clever firmware on Andy’s (or his tem’s) part in that it reduces the number of mixes necessary. However, I found it a bit confusing just reading the manual.

To recap: An AIL>REL mix will give you a pitch response on the split elevators, but AIL>LEL will give you a roll response on the split elevators.

Similarly, if you do an ELE>RAL mix you will get a roll response on the ailerons with an elevator input, but if you do an ELE>LAL mix you will get a pitch response on the ailerons with elevator input.

By the way, this ELE>LAL mix at -100/-100 makes for some wicked high speed no altitude gain walls--but make sure your airframe can handle it.
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almost completed an easy tigre giant spitfire. using a first place 5.8 engine with a 26/10 prop any one out there familiar with this plane or put one together has been a real challange nose weight calls for 6 to 8 lbs. 110 inch wing span. i am pushing 80 and i call this my last hurrah. total plane weight will be approx 40 lbs. i am aware of all the info regarding easy tigre planes. but over all it is a decent plane. obviously had to use a lot of high torque servos. it is a sure money pit. which i should have shied away from oh well so be it. thanks Charlie
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Time Flys 2013 - An Aviators Yearbook (4 min 35 sec)

Just finished (slightly premature - but it's been raining for a week & I'm bored)

Hope you like it !
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I have a 32 pilot decathlon with a dle 55 in it, running a jtec pitts muffler in it now and want to put in a canister muffler, but need to know the header drop. Just wondering if anybody has this setup. Any help would be great.

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My EF 64" MXS: Ramblin' Wreck
Vinyl from Callie
Posted by JaseTheAce | 10-13-2013 @ 05:59 PM | 19,567 Views
I thought I would post some videos of my 88" Extreme Flight Edge on my blog. I absolutely love this airplane! It is powered by the DA-60 with an MTW Re2 pipe. It has a 32 oz. tank just for more flight time. I get anywhere between 12-16 minutes depending on how hard I want to fly. I am running Duralite 2600mah batteries in this airplane. It has Hitec 7955s for ailerons and elevators and a JR 8711HV for the rudder. For a receiver, I am using a JR R922X Powersafe Receiver. I have found that the Vess Stealth Series props are my favorite for my airplanes. I am running the 24B on my Edge. I would like to give a huge thanks to my parents and sponsors for the help and support! I hope you enjoy the videos Here is my link to my website: www.jasedussia.com

Jase Dussia 2013 King50 Winning Flight (Edited Version) (4 min 44 sec)

Jase Dussia wringing out the Extreme Flight RC 88'' Edge 540T (9 min 5 sec)

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Lockheed T33 & Yak 130 photos added to http://aeromodellingphotos.blogspot.co.uk/
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haven't been on FG in awhile, so heres a video of my newest plane, 3DHS 87" Extra 300 SHP
3DHobbyShop 87" Extra 300SHP (5 min 7 sec)

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new member checking in! Hello!
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Pictures by Norton
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Having fun at Wenatchee Huckfest Hit the pavement alittle harder then i wanted and stripped the rudder servo arm. Got it down in one piece though.

Wenatchee Huckfest 2013 - Geno (3 min 56 sec)

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My first VPP plane, the Javelin VPP.


Javelin VPP (0 min 36 sec)

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As you read this please take the time to reflect on what it means to be a good friend and to support him.

I just learned a good friend of ours here has just died in an aviation accident. His name has not been released publicly yet so I'll not at this time give it out either.

He loved flying models and his ultralight. He was one that was always there to help in anyway he could. He was a great individual with a real emphasis on individualism!

Take the time to appreciate your good friends, as you never know when will be the last time you will have to spend with them.
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Hello, any of you guys out there had any experiences with the DLE222 version 3. I have one in a 50% pitts, I have recently started it up and found it easy to start but on low throttle it struggles to run on 4 cylinders. When I advance the throttle you can hear one if not 2 cylinders firing trying to come online, generally I find the find the front left hand cylinder only warm and most times when I check the spark plug it is wet so it seems to be weak or season the front left hand cylinder until about 3rd throttle, have replaced spark plugs with NGK, checked the mixtures, synchronized the carburetors and I'm going to check the ignition boxes tonight but if I didn't know better i would swear its a vacuum leak somewhere. Also, if anyone out there has one up and running and tuned, where did needle settings end up please? If anyone has any ideas would be glad to hear from you.

Regards, Zz kev.
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When I try to put an add in swap shop, I get this message. How do I fix?