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Posted by pittsartist | 03-11-2014 @ 12:20 PM | 12,514 Views
Went flying on Sunday. Decided to try some "VNE" pulls to vertical for max number of rolls straight up.

Attempt no 3 and right at max speed (210) there's an almighty BANG as the Gopro on the top of the nosebowl departs and hits the canopy.

I'd checked it before I took off - no problems. It failed by the lugs on the casing snapping off - I think the combination of airspeed and propwash were just too much for it.

Luckily it bounced off the cabane struts on the way back to hitting the canopy. I think it missed the tail as there's no sign of any damage. Anyway, looks like it's time for a Hero 3+ and a rethink about how it's mounted.

It's in a field somewhere near Harby (Langar) in England somewhere. I bet if it ever gets found the video will be interesting.
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