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Posted by rwedel | 03-21-2011 @ 08:29 AM | 15,038 Views
FROMECO releases the new Quad Current Meter.

The Quad Current Meter or QCM is a digital tool designed to make the installation of multiple servos on a single surface easier and more exact.

Currently when setting up multiple servos on a single surface, we use a current meter
as we do our adjustments to our linkages and then unplug and move to the next servo.

With the QCM, we now can adjust 1 to 4 servo linkages on a single surface at one time.

The QCM has 4 inputs “from receiver” and 4 outputs “to servos”, and will read the real time current of all channels being adjusted at the same time.

The QCM will retail for 54.00 and comes with (4) 6” extensions to connect your receiver to the QCM
and is about twice the size of our 8 Ball load tester and should be on the web site under products soon.
(503) 766-3261

Let us know what you think.
Here are a few pictures.