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Posted by Txmustanglyer | 12-04-2021 @ 06:42 PM | 21,011 Views
I will not be posting to forums on this. This blog will be my official build log.
It took some convincing from the wife to continue this after a number of trolling posts from very closed minded know it all on this forum.
I no longer care.
I will have a Zenoah G 62 spinning a 23.5 inch Vario Prop. After discussion with Christian Ramoser, directly, to get some clarification on max rpm for the prop, it is 6300 rpm UNLOADED, meaning, in flight. This actually makes the goal easier to attain. Props unload anywhere from 500 rpm to 1200 rpm in flight.
But, It will ground run one time in an attempt to get 6300 on the ground just to stick it right up the noses of the trolls in this forum.

I will, first, say that the engine I was told I bought is not what it was advertised. It is a Zenoah, but is not the later Zg62 as I was told. That's ok. Just means a little extra cost to get it there,. To that end, CH Ignition has been tasked with providing a complete CDI conversion for the engine. It includes a new flywheel, bracket, hall sensor, magnet, and ignition module. That arrives Monday.
Yesterday, another big step to the modification arrived. A Stinsel Reed valve conversion kit for the Zenoah G62. See pictures. It 1. Converts the engine to reed valve induction, requiring a reed valve port job to the cylinder intake port (Performance Unlimited will be doing that) and 2. allows clocking of the carb to get a straight shot to the throttle and choke linkage.