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Posted by frankle951 | 08-21-2012 @ 11:02 AM | 20,262 Views
Well, just heard from Jim M., the club member that's rebuilding my right wing, he sent me a update on the wings, he did do some small repairs on the left wing to, here are the pics he sent me.
Posted by frankle951 | 08-01-2012 @ 11:59 AM | 15,327 Views
Well, early this year, back in march, about 7 of us went down to the Biggest swap meet on the east coast, in Perry, GA., 1100 table, my first time, I pickup a aeroworks 42% Yak-54, it needed some work, the right wing has damage, and missing the engine cowl, the rest is nice, I pickup other planes, but sold them, so this Yak-54, is going to be my next project, well called AeroWorks, and order a cowl last week, hope to see it this week, I place a ad, for a nice right wing for it, well, two guys got back with me, both have a set of wings and the right color scheme, waiting on pictures, from both guys, you can check out some pics, will show progress on this big bird