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Date started: February 29 2020
Wendell Hostetler
National Balsa
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Hello Everyone,

I received my Pilot Laser kit two days before the country goes into lockdown. I am relieved that it arrived before the lockdown, it at least gives me something to do. Due to so many countries going into lockdown, I am still awaiting the delivery of my 3W 110i B2 CS that will go into the Laser. I am not that rushed though as I still need to buy the servo's and the Jeti Central Box 220, unfortunately, our local Jeti supplier has not yet received the new Central Box 220.

I will need to build a box for the engine canisters to lie in to prevent them from heating my fuel tanks and radio systems. I am planning to make the canister tunnel using thin sheets of carbon fibre that I will be making/laminating myself. I am quite disappointed in the fact that the kit doesn't come with the canister tunnel pre-installed as my Pilot RC Extra 300 kit did. I understand that many RC pilots do not install canisters these days and instead opt for the mufflers, so the canister tunnel is not something that many pilots require so installing it doesn't make sense for Pilot in a manufacturing sense.

Other than the receiver tray that has been cut full of holes and the aeroplane not having a canister tunnel I have no complaints about the kit. I guess that most pilots don't build as I do and they prefer the holes cut into the receiver tray to make the installation easier. If you don't mind installing the receiver and tying it down using some cable ties or double-sided tape this would not be a problem. The thing is I am a neat freak, so I need to install everything using screws, bolts and nuts. I probably spend way to much time on cable management but having everything mounted and ran neatly makes me feel better, proud of the model I built and makes troubleshooting a breeze.

As the build progresses, I will post some pictures and discuss what I am doing and why.
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I bought a 100cc (35%) Pilot Extra 300 many years ago. I think I bought the kit in 2010, after many years of waiting for other people to help me fix my DA100 that was badly damaged when I crashed my Hanger 9 Extra 260 I finally found someone who could repair the engine for me within a few days. I had kind of neglected the hobby a bit and started to get back into the hobby once I had the DA back. I finally completed the kit and had her in the air on 14 February 2020, 10 years after I bought the kit.

I had a JR radio system in the Extra and recently upgraded to the Jeti radio systems, thanks to the recent worldwide pandemic (Corona Virus) our country is in lock down so I haven't flown with the new Jeti Radio System. Once I have a few flights under the belt with the new radio system I will definitely post a review of what I think of the radio.

I can confirm that the 35% Pilot Extra 300 performs really well with the DA100 swinging a 25x12 Three Blade Biela Standard Prop. This is my first Pilot kit and I am really impressed with how easily the kit came together. Everything fits perfectly and there is plenty of space. I will share some pictures of the plane and the setup I have.

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Can someone tell me how to connect an Aura 8 stabilizer to a PowerBox Cockpit Competition SRS? I am using a JR 9503 Transmitter and three Spektrum Satelites on the PowerBox. I guess what I am really asking is: can this be connected through a single bus or will I need to plug the individual servos into the Aura 8?

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Test flight on the Blade 150 S with Microheli Co Ltd upgrades! This was one of the first flights on this bird (Pun intended) and immediately I loved how it performed! Plenty of power and rock solid response on the tail.
Enjoy the video!

MicroHeli Blade 150 S Ethan Ater (2 min 47 sec)

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If there are old model airplane parts you are interested in, ask me. I might have them. I'm selling quickly and when they are gone they are gone...

Thank you for reading.
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Details on the maiden of my electric version of the 104" Extra can be found on my blog here at RCGroups.
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Hey Jeti users, you should take a look at RC-Thoughts.com
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I am looking for a decent new/used canopy, main gear and cowl for an Aeroworks 35% Extra 260. Color scheme unimportant. The canopy is what I need most.
I would appreciate any leads.

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Figured I'd drop this video right here for you all to enjoy Happy to now be a proud Veloxity owner! This scheme shows up so well in the sky and the performance of this airplane is amazing. The characteristics of a balsa 3D plane with the durability of an EPP plane is something that everyone should have! Anyways, enjoy the video

Twisted Hobbys Veloxity Ethan Ater (4 min 7 sec)

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This will be > 60 fill when completed.