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Solar LED tube lamp
LinHai Zhongtian Electronics Appliance Co., Ltd founded in 2002, is an China Products Manufacturers and Products Suppliers which integrates R & D production and sales. The main business of the company is development and manufacture related to outdoor leisure, smart home, Products, automobile and motorcycle industries. Company adhering to the "Virtue, Innovation"purpose, with a sound management system, professional R& D capability, well-respected product quality, the fastest response service system and a real price, praised by users.
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Test flight on the Blade 150 S with Microheli Co Ltd upgrades! This was one of the first flights on this bird (Pun intended) and immediately I loved how it performed! Plenty of power and rock solid response on the tail.
Enjoy the video!

MicroHeli Blade 150 S Ethan Ater (2 min 47 sec)

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Iím Barbara. I live in Colorado. I have some interesting pieces and parts to sell That I hope you will be interested in. I also have a shop on eBay. My seller name is BarbaraZink. I have 100% positive feedback.

If there are old model airplane parts you are interested in, ask me. I might have them. I'm selling quickly and when they are gone they are gone...

Thank you for reading.
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Details on the maiden of my electric version of the 104" Extra can be found on my blog here at RCGroups.
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Hey Jeti users, you should take a look at RC-Thoughts.com
Posted by enniroc52 | 02-26-2020 @ 09:04 PM | 14,465 Views
I am looking for a decent new/used canopy, main gear and cowl for an Aeroworks 35% Extra 260. Color scheme unimportant. The canopy is what I need most.
I would appreciate any leads.

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Figured I'd drop this video right here for you all to enjoy Happy to now be a proud Veloxity owner! This scheme shows up so well in the sky and the performance of this airplane is amazing. The characteristics of a balsa 3D plane with the durability of an EPP plane is something that everyone should have! Anyways, enjoy the video

Twisted Hobbys Veloxity Ethan Ater (4 min 7 sec)

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Aluminum scaffolding tower
The company's processing equipment has machining centers, CNC lathes, automatic instrument vehicles, vertical vehicles, grinding machines, medium wire cutting, CNC shearing machines, CNC cutting machines and so on. At present, it involves the design and manufacture of electrical, gasification machinery, special clamping, processing, testing and other components; the design and processing of precision fixtures and non-standard gauges; the drawings and sample processing of precision components.
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The ePTFE air filter membrane

The company has a research and development institution, and Fixed scientific research and invention personnel are engaged in the research and development and testing of new products for a long time. The company has conducted technical cooperation with local universities and film material research institutions for many times to jointly research and develop new products in line with market demand and orientation. The company has applied for 12 patents, including 8 invention patents. Three patents have been authorized.
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"JULI (Shenyang Juli Engineering Co., Ltd.) is a professional China Portal Reclaimers Manufacturers and Portal Reclaimers Suppliers. our factory is located in Shenyang, the center city of Chinese heavy industry and capital city of Liaoning Province. At present, JULI has 66 employees who are assigned in different departments.
JULI has the independent import and export rights with the capability of designing and manufacturing of solid material handling system."
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This will be > 60 fill when completed.
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The new FAA proposal of registering flying sites and not allowing any new flying sites to be registered a year after the regulations take effect will kill the hobby over time.

I've posted my letter to the FAA's discussion site but only 10,000 or so have done the same. There are around 195,000 active AMA members and the deadline to post a response is March 2nd!!!

It takes as long to post a complaint to the FAA as it does to post to a thread here. With a 5% response rate by our active membership they will never listen. Even at 95% they may not, but how many times do people complain about government and never show up to vote!

Please take the time to help save our beloved hobby! If you do, I would appreciate a quick reply here that you did. Eric

AMA Response Template:

FAA comment site:
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I want to buy an outdoor heater so can you please tell me Indoor Freestanding Heaters or outdoor gas heaters which are better?
Posted by TexasFlyBoy | 01-21-2020 @ 02:07 PM | 14,894 Views
Anxious to fly this one again this spring.
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Industrial Vacuum
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