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Hi guys,

I need some HELP.

8 month ago I flew my new 3DHS 120cc extra. on the second day while flying the Airelons started to Violently turn right ( 45-90 degrees instantly). Everytime I corrected the plane the ailerons would do it again( every 1-2 seconds apart) since I'm experienced 3d pilot I managed to land even though it was a hand full as the wing almost clipped the ground repeatedly.
I haven't flew it since as I have other planes.

Today the same thing occurred while flying my 3DHS 120cc Slick. this plane has at least 15 gallons with no trouble. but at around the 6th flight ( after changing both batteries) I went up and the same thing started happening. violent right turns with no inputs. again I managed to land and started to investigate.

on the ground both planes acted normal. No loose wires even when I start the plane and move the wires around nothing happens. when I flew it again the plane started to violently turn right.

the setup on both are identical except the servos. which are
1. Spektrum power safe receiver AR 12120 DSMX
2. Spektrum telemetry Tm 1000
3. Ultra IBEC from Aero-tech
4. Dual battery for receiver
5. No loose wires that I found on either
6. servos on the extra are Savox 1270
7. servos on the SLICK are Futaba BLS 152

the only thing in common is the TX which is Spektrum DX18 GEN 1. but the first event with the EXTRA is 8 month ago and today the SLICK started the same thing. I have 120cc H9 BEAST with the same setup and Foamies with no problems.

my servos on the wings ( servos on each ailerons are matched using the TX.

this is now driving me crazy as I cannot figure out the problem.

I would appreciate any helps or feedback.
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I haven't done much with this build due to excessive overtime. For the past 6 months I have been getting only 1 to 2 days off a month. So I am just waiting for a break where I'm not too tired to build it. So here are some pictures of what I did before the overtime kicked in and put a stop to building the Edge 540. I added yellow covering to the leading edges and the bottom tips on the main wings and the stabilizers
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Here she is. Twisted Hobbys and Cody Wojcik have produced my new favorite Park flying sized foamy. It's a 43" wing and it's all EPP reinforced by carbon. It's a real fun kit to build. I am flying on 3S Pulse 2250 mAh 65 C Packs. Other than that, I'm getting real good power from the Twisted 100g 1050kv. Serious fun. Servos have been bulletproof. The flights here are from DAY 1 with this plane. So,I know this is one we will be talking about for quite a while as the highest performance foamy out there. Enjoy the vid.

Veloxity - The Time Has Come (5 min 11 sec)

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I just recently purchased a Revolver 70 and found that the right wing has an incidence defect from the manufacturer. The leading edge incidence alignment pin if lined up with the fuselage cut out shows a positive 2 degrees incidence and if I line up the back alignment pin with the cut out on the fuselage it registers 0 degrees incidence. With the wing forced fitted on the fuselage the right wing has a positive 1/2 degree incidence. The manufacturer has plotted in the wrong x / y axis for the laser cut out for the front locating pin. So I just got through modifying the front bore in the fuselage for the right wing. Now both wings are at 0 degrees incidence with the fuselage laying on its belly and fit smoothly into the fuselage. I am not sure if all Revolvers have this defect but I know if there is one there are others just like it.

I just glued in a 5/16 wood dowel into the original bore and relocated the bore as necessary to obtain 0 degrees incidence to match the left wing; which was okay from the start.

Installed the horizontal stabilizer today. There was a lot of slop in between the fuselage and the stabilizer so I had to add a 1\32 shim to the bottom of the fuselage in order to maintain 0 degrees incidence and lateral height. Here are some pictures.

Installed riser blocks for elevator servos, here are some pictures.

I've heard a lot of issues about weak landing gear Structure on this aircraft so I added a 3 inch by 3 1/4 sheet of .025 thick aluminum plate hopefully this is enough reinforcement to strengthen the main gear. If anyone thinks differently please let me know thanks. Here are some pictures of the reinforcement that was done I actually feel that I should have went further behind the gear about a 1/2 inch further .

Today I made some positive stop blocks for adjusting the pull pull rudder linkages. This prevents the servo horn from moving while tensioning the cables along with immobilizing the rudder during final installation. I measured from the ball link screws center to the forward bulkhead to get them equidistant while setting the positive stops. Doing the installation of pull pull systems like this is the best way to get everything correct. The positive stops are made out of 440 rods, threaded on both ends and 440 kwik links and basswood blocks 25mm Long X 15mm Wide X 10mm Thick. The rods are threaded just beyond the length of the basswood and the basswood blocks are threaded completely through the length of them, making them adjustable. I've attached some pictures of the positive stops.

I'm getting close to the home stretch on this build the receiver is installed and the servos are plugged in with the exception of the ailerons. I just have a few things that need to be adjusted on the cowl then it should be ready for balancing the CG and lateral balancing. Here are some updated photos of where the plane is at in the build. I did however modify the landing gear structure once again, and added another. 025 sheet of aluminum on the bottom to prevent the landing gear from rotating counterclockwise if in the event there is a rough landing.


CG Test For The Flight Pack
Suggested CG location 5 1/2" from leading edge at the fuselage.

This placed my flight pack in the location of the servos for the rudder and Elevators. So now I'm working on possibly mounting the pack to the canopy platform or adding the pilot figure and seeing how much this would change the location of the flight pack. So here are some more pictures.
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My engine was too heavy for this plane. Made it a challenge to fly but eventually got it right. Notice the engine was DEAD standard. Wing area was about 860 sq in.

Just when I was really starting to have fun, the left aileron went into flutter and departed the plane during a high speed pass.
I couldn't hold it level and it sank into the deck. Rats! Bent the crankshaft!

Despite what other think, I'm sure the engine can be significantly lightened.
Anybody else done this?
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I have a Ziroli F6F Hellcat with a single piece 95" wing span. It is just to hard to transport. Does anyone know how to convert, or has converted one to a 3 piece wing as the newer Ziroli F6F Hellcats, center section stays on the fuse, with a left and right wings. Please respond, or email me at [email protected]
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finally got it finished ready to maiden just need to find the time.

Gp123 for power and savox 1270 tg servos
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I would like to know how many other people have tried to deal with aerobeez. I have been trying to get parts from them & all I get are promises & lies, I don't know where else to get parts for their 90" extra. They don't even answer email or phone calls , This will not get & retain customers! I will sell this airplane if you want to take the chance with a product with no support, like aerobeez, beautiful plane,too bad no customer service. I will not buy from a company who neglects their customers needs. There are many of these companies who serve customers, STAND WITH ME TO STOP THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT BY UNCARING COMPANIES WHO ONLY WANT THE ORIGINAL BIG BUCKS< NOT JUST SMALL PARTS< THIS IS SAD FOR THE HOBBY AND ALL HOBBIESTS MICHAEL
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Finished building a classic Edge540 from Aeroworks. Powered by 3w100, PowerHD 1218th on ailerons, elevators, Hitec HS7980 on rudder. Powersafe 9100 with dual 3600mah LIFE batteries. 3D tested by 2 of our local 3d expert flyers, Logan and Kim3D.

Video here:
AEROWORKS EDGE540 (2 min 5 sec)

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I hope this finds a reader who remembers "bobsuruncle's" article " i design it you choose the plane. By way of reminder the readers decided on a Sbach 30CC size plane and bobsuruncle was going to put it in a PDF formant. Was that design ever finished and does anyone have a PDF they wouldn't mind sharing please?
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It's been a bit since the first Toys for Tots campaign and thought it would be nice to show the event again to the 'world'. This year will be my 4th year hosting. The 'Flight of Dreams' was named for the event couple of years ago and the organization of charity has changed a bit. I still give to the Marine Corp Reserve Toys for Tots, and have added the Rainbow Room of Wood County. If you have never heard of the Rainbow Room, here is a short version of what they do.

The Rainbow Room, a resource center for Child Protective Service caseworkers. Children who are abused and/or neglected usually come into care with little or no personal belongings. The Rainbow Room is stocked with all new items for children ranging in age from newborns to teenagers, such as clothing, shoes, baby formula, diapers, and personal hygiene items in order to help provide immediate needs of the children receiving services from CPS.

The proceeds are split between the two organizations.
The T.U.F.F. club has been the main pilot supporter of the event, but everyone is welcome to attend, chat, fly, drive what ever you have for remote control for a landing fee of an unopened toy or monetary donation. The public is invited to come by and see what we do, again for the same admission.
I'll be posting up some pictures as I did on the first year after the event. Hopefully the weather will give us a break from the rain.
Never in the wildest dream I would think this would go this long, but I enjoy to be able to 'give back' to the community I grew up in.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.

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Here more about 3D printer parts. This is a long arm servo for HXT900 and others 9g like Tower Pro.

Follows the .stl file:
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I really dont blog.... but what I will do is give you a link to my Web Site.

WARNING ... you may get LOST in it.

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Just completed the last SW district IMAC contest out at Las Vegas. I spent the entire year in the Sportsman bracket and it was an amazing experience. I saw my scores and skills consistently improve from beginning of the year to the last contest. I got to participate in the Tucson Aerobatic Shootout, competed against/with International Sportsman pilots and got to scribe next to legendary personalities in the Industry and Precision Aerobatic arena (Jerry H thank you!).

Along the way there were trials and tribulations that tested my resolve to be a better precision aerobatic RC Pilot... however, through the support of my wife and my team mates (Team Kaos), I achieved some amazing milestones in 2015. The foundation is set for the 2016 IMAC season!

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Well, yet again it's that time of year.

2015 has been fantastic for me. My first visit to Oshkosh, my first complete aircraft build finished (and flown). Numerous "once in a lifetime" views of the world from the air, 6 or 7 films (I even seem to have finally seem gotten to grips with Premier Elements at long last !)

Anyway, here it is - 150 flying hours shoe horned into 4 minutes

I really do hope you enjoy watching it

Time Flys 2015 - An Aviators Yearbook (4 min 17 sec)

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Got to put the first four flights on my new Aeroworks Yak 55 today. My first thoughts are that this plane is very fun! It tracks super clean lines and with a little more adjustments to the CG it will do some great 3D. I got some video of the last flight before we packed up tis afternoon.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Aeroworks 50cc Yak 55m (7 min 4 sec)

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Building my first giant scale and gas airplane !!!
I recently acquired a 72" yak 55 (thanks again Dave!!), it is going to be my first gas plane, I am so used to the ease of electrics that this has been a bit of a project, I still have yet to get my dle 35 idleing good. I just haven't had much time to get it tuned with a two year old running around, but I am excited when its ready for its maiden. I will update some pics soon.
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Huck It's Cold - Collin (5 min 33 sec)

Posted by Vapor Trails | 11-05-2015 @ 03:53 PM | 20,006 Views
Kewl Warbirds...

My gs P-47, vs a full scale F-16
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Have a giant stinger with Sachs 4.2 69 cc gas engine and a seagull ultimate biplane with a satio 125 and both planes have good servos in them .i have flown them many times and they fly great. For a short time price reduce .500 will get them both until November 13th .these planes are well worth this buyers must come and pic up .and yes ready to fly .....my contac num 4782301051